Monday, October 20

bedroom update with crane & canopy // home

our house has been a long long work in progress. usually this is how it goes, we get inspired one weekend to start a project, get it halfway by sunday, and then leave it to sit and cause anxiety (at least for me) every time you walk by it. sound familiar? well, recently i took a vow (in my head) to start completing those projects around the house that would make me begin to feel like our home is complete and no longer a "work in progress". i teamed up with crane & canopy to base a little update, or let's face it, actual first time completion, of our bedroom on one of their bedding sets. our room had been outfitted in darker rustic pieces which made it feel exactly that, dark. so i went straight to the fluffy white bedding at crane & canopy that was perfect for adding a light, airy, modern touch to our furniture. i debated sharing these… but i knew it would make the after that much better. here are some befores of our dark mess. since it was never finished, i never had any motivation to keep it clean or organized…

scary. this project was also a final push to print out some of our favorite photos from our wedding and honeymoon. i am crazy about how they all look put together. i even felt like i may had gone overboard with the pictures… but i really couldn't pick so i put them all up. i added in the chorus from the processional at our wedding and then 2 fun quotes. i thought that would break up the photos and finally allow me to put some of my hand lettering up in our house! so, with those 2 main focuses, new bright bedding and our photos, here is how i restyled our bedroom. we've spent way more time in it than we ever did before i did this update… so i can safely say it was a success. 

this white pintuck set made me like our bed again! i really do love a big contrast when designing, decorating, etc. so the rustic and manly leather made the feminine bright white bedding pop. did i mention this is insanely comfy? it is.

i'm still on the fence about our nightstands. there is definitely no updating them. but i have to convince ryan on the perfect set before these are allowed to leave… so instead of replacing them, i added new lamps, mirrors and styled trays candles and plants on each of them. the letters were from our wedding and the frame on his side is a little letter/poem i wrote for him our first christmas. so i definitely wanted to keep these things meaningful and not clutter the space. 

i updated our shelves with the new pictures, souvenirs from our honeymoon and other vacations and added a super fun hook for outfit planning! i love the fluffy greenery too, so hopefully i'll be able to replace some long lasting branches in there every once in a while. the green always adds a little life to a room.

i quickly painted some watercolor quotes to place in a few frames.

in a few places around the room i tried to incorporate some fun jewelry storage. as soon as it goes in a drawer, i forget about it. so leaving it out and displaying it ensures i get full use out of my favorite pieces! plus it doubles as decor.
i also went for a mix of gold and silver. i never do this, unless its with jewelry, but there was such a large mix of colors and textures in our room already, i fell like it worked… and now it's easy because you don't have to worry about getting a specific finish.

white drapes made THE biggest difference. i think this is the second biggest contributor to brightening up our space.

basic and simple storage used sparingly is such an amazing addition to a room. i love that i can use this shelf to display my favorite pairs of shoes, clutches, and it holds all of our tv stuff that is not so pretty. having cool shoes in the same shelf kind of takes the emphasis off of the electronics! i also use lots of wicker baskets to store sandals or things that don't need to be seen.

plenty of storage for jewelry is on top of our dresser, dressed up with my favorite voluspa candles, collected trays, and a touch of flowers or foliage. i do have a drawer of jewelry, but the most sparkly and everyday stuff stays out because it either looks great or needs to be available to grab quickly.

i hope to finally use our comfy chaise to actually relax rather than use it for clothing storage. i look forward to spending lazy mornings here.

without the inspiration from crane & canopy, this would have never happened! i'm so thankful to finally have a place to relax that isn't the couch. do you guys feel like that in your bedroom? or is it simply a place to sleep and get ready for work?

[ product was gifted via crane & canopy in exchange for my thoughts on the brand. all opinions and ideas are my own. ]

Thursday, October 16

spook up your space for halloween // entertaining style

one thing is becoming clearer as i get older and value my money more. i don't like spending money on super theme-tastic items. for example, cobwebs, fake rates, pumpkin bowls, etc. things i know i am only going to use once a year. i like to dig a little deeper and find items that, when paired with another item in specific colors, creates that same feeling you get as hanging plastic bats around the house. i'm not hating on halloween decor, it's fun for parties and stuff… but i don't want to put it away november first! so here are some of my picks for giving you and your space a halloween vibe while not going overboard. plus they'll look great for the rest of 2014, and most likely 2015.

what do you guys think? love going all out or would you rather invest in a few pieces that could be restyled for the months to come?

Wednesday, October 15

calligraphy halloween invitation // printable

if you haven't started planning your halloween bash, now is the perfect time! customize and print these guys out to hand out to your friends before the work week is over. i created the simple greeting in black watercolor and added in one of my favorite sans serif fonts, sweet sans.

if you have the font or want to purchase, you can download the version with the info already typed out for you, you will just have to change the rsvp. if not, download the "plain" version below and it will just be the "boo" watercolor art at the top. pick a simple font and add in your own details. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14

succulent filled coffin planter // diy

one of my favorite things about succulents (besides them being hard to kill) is that you can put them in pretty much anything. when i found this little kraft coffin, i knew right away that was what i was going to put in it. these mini arrangements would be a perfect addition to your halloween party dinner table, at  a small snack table or bar, or placed anywhere in your home for a little pop of green.

start by painting your kraft box (like this one here) black, or the color of your choice.

line the bottom of the box with wax paper. i applied a small about of glue around the edges on the inside of the box to keep the paper in place.

fill with your succulents. i added some small black rocks on top of the dirt and tucked in some moss.

ours is now adding a spooky touch to the coffee table!

Monday, October 13

halloween head vase // diy

i like halloween. i don't love it. we don't get crazy with our costumes or the decor, and i really hate that i have to have a bag of chocolate in my house that i can't eat and have to give away for free. i do like to add some creepy details around the house though. no cobwebs or spiders, those are gross. i did find some cool pieces at the craft store though that i wanted to give a little halloween touch. the first up today, this styrofoam head form. i'm assuming it's for displaying hats, headbands, that sort of thing. but i wanted to turn it into a creepy halloween vase!

you'll need a styrofoam head like this, spray paint, a small glass vase or bottle, and a sharp tool (screwdrivers work great)

use your sharp tool or screwdriver to carve a circle the size of your vase and dig out a hole that it will fit in tightly. once it is deep enough insert the vase.

spray your head black. it takes 2-3 coats as the paint will soak in more in some areas.

then grab some flowers and foliage and create your arrangement in your new spooky vase!

it makes the perfect piece to add to your bar.

how are you guys decorating for halloween?

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