Wednesday, October 29

ghost cocktail stirrers // diy

i'm not hosting a party this year, but i will definitely be handing these off to my friend who is. these stirrers are the perfect way to halloween-ify any simple cocktail. and since they take just a few minutes to make, you have plenty of time no matter how big your party is.

supplies: bamboo skewers, styrofoam balls, cheesecloth and white thread.

1. stick the pointy end of the skewer into the styrofoam ball

2. cut a piece of the cheesecloth, fold 2 or 3 times, center and drape over the ball

3. tie your thread around the bottom of the ball and you're done!

the cutest right? i was thinking of ways you could use these as drink markers too. you can add little letter charms from the jewelry section of the craft store, dye your cheesecloth different colors, or go subtle and use different color string to tie around the "neck" of the ghost.
shorter glasses? no problem. use scissors or wire cutters to trim the bottom to size.

and if you need some cocktail ideas to use these in, i shared a pumpkin tequila toddy yesterday, a coconut kahlua cocktail last week, or browse through the archives here!

Tuesday, October 28

hot pumpkin tequila toddy // cocktails

mention anything that involves pumpkin, in fall, i'm in. and i'll be honest, i've never tried a hot toddy. i was a little scared when i saw that the recipe i was about to try had both pumpkin and tequila (they don't seem to be a pair). but i figured if it was a suggested cocktail recipe, it had to be good. i needed to step out of my vodka and wine box too, try something new! now, i can't wait to warm up a pot of this as many times as possible this fall and winter. it might be an alternative to our traditional mulled wine even! 

i love cocktails, during the colder months, that you can keep simmering throughout a party. why i love mulled wine. i'm sure there are plenty out there, but i'm here to say, this one is a go. try it at your halloween bash this weekend!

·         ½ part DeKuyper® Mixologist Collection Ginger (i replaced this with real ginger!)
·         6 parts apple cider
·         ½ part real pumpkin puree
·         2 cinnamon sticks
·         ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
·         Small lemon sliced into wheels
·         Whipped cream for garnish (optional)
·         Dash of fresh ground nutmeg

combine all ingredients except the whipped cream and heat just until steam rises then lower heat to keep warm. to serve, ladle into mugs. you can top with whipped cream and dust with fresh ground nutmeg or garnish with a cinnamon stick and lemon slice as i did here.

so yummy and the perfect flavor for fall.

what are your favorite fall cocktails?

[ recipe and tequila ℅ coyne pr and sauza ]

Monday, October 27

easy halloween favors // diy

as an adult, i am kind of bummed when halloween rolls around and i don't get to do the trick-or-treating. i can always go out and buy a big bag of candy, but that's not the same. so give your pals something sweet to take home from your parties this weekend and make up for the fact that the kids get most of the fun out of this holiday. these take just a few minutes!

the party store had the perfect selection of black candy, so i picked up some of that, some kraft boxes, and cheesecloth to wrap up the candy. place long pieces of cheesecloth inside the boxes, fill with candy and wrap with a little chain, twine and black feathers.

perfect for last minute favors if you were still searching for a favor idea!

Thursday, October 23

coconut kahlua cocktail // recipes

what i wanted to say was, are you ready for the easiest/best cocktail ever? but it's prob not the easiest… i'm sure that goes to some 2 ingredient recipe out there. this one is pretty close though (and most like tastier). 4 ingredients. all the same amount. read on. then go to the store and buy all the ingredients right away.

you'll need coconut water, vanilla almond milk, kahlua and coconut vodka.

one shot of each over ice. and drink.

this one is a rich and yummy mixture for all of your fall parties. light a pumpkin spice candle and you're set!

Wednesday, October 22

flower bar favors // weddings + parties

i wouldn't say it works for every occasion. but a little diy added to your event can be a fun activity for your guests. i mean, just look at candy bars, people love that. they get to make their own little mix and take it home to enjoy. so i was thinking, what do i like to take home from weddings and events? flowers! everyone is always trying to sneak off with the centerpieces at weddings. so why not give them a chance to make their own mini bouquet as a favor?

this would be the perfect size for a little girls night or party at home. i bought 2 bouquets of flowers and some greenery, placed in a few vases and set out on one of my favorite tables.

to bundle the flowers, cut some newspaper squares and leave out a spool of twine.

it's always great to give your guests an example so you aren't having to explain anything. so prep a mini bouquet and leave out for guests to follow. start with your greenery in the back and layer your flowers in the front.

pull in the corners of the paper and tie, that's it!

would your friends and family enjoy this for an event?
do you guys ever set up diy's or simple activities at your get togethers? i'd love to hear your ideas!

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