Wednesday, July 23

new product! // the shop

new product is here! i've added lots of new goods to the shop you are going to want to spruce up your dinner tables and parties this summer! This is just a peek at my favorites, you can see everything here.

[ wood and glass vase caddy above. perfect for a mix of flatware, flowers, and finger foods! ]

[ zinc stir sticks for your summer signature cocktails ]

let me know what you guys think of all the new product! and if you have any suggestions for items you want to see in the shop, i'd love to hear!

Tuesday, July 22

wedding program printable // guest post

i know when planning my wedding, anything i could diy to save a few bucks was on the table for consideration (and usually delegated to friends on a craft night!). so i thought i would share a simple way for you to easily print and assemble your own wedding programs. i created a quote cover in watercolor that you can print to get started. full tutorial and printable is over on the minted blog!

Monday, July 21

weekend snapshot // travel

i know. it's been sort of quiet around here. for good reason though… lots of cool wedding calligraphy has been happening along with lots of cool travel. so here's a quick update on half of that:) will share some recent work soon!
our latest adventure was up to monterey this weekend with a 3 day road trip back down the coast. i had never been and was amazed by how gorgeous everything was along the way. obviously my favorite stop was big sur (already planning our trip back!), have you guys ever been? the drive was a tiny bit scary, but the views made up for it.

a few of my favorite pictures from our little road trip

enjoying sunsets on the sand dunes in monterey

wine tasting in paso robles

doggies like wine too… they made themselves at home at donati family vineyard

peaceful morning coffee at our campsite.

roadside mimosas (for me… don't worry). we stopped here in big sur on the side of the road for lunch. not sure any restaurant will ever beat it.

sunset on the dunes. there were SO many dolphins here. i have some awesome video i need to share!

hope you all enjoyed your weekend! and if you've been to big sur i'd love to hear what you did as well as any recommendations for when we go back!

Wednesday, July 16

ceramic vase // 3 ways

new goods are going into the shop daily, and i feel like there are so many different ways to use them, i wouldn't ever be able to style and show that on the site… but that doesn't mean it can't happen occasionally here! i want to share ideas beyond how they are simple styled in the shop. i hope you enjoy and maybe even get a few ideas on how to restyle items in your own home from a party to your desk!

this little guy was just added to the shop this week (check him out here!). he's been all over the house, but here are a few of my faves.

organize your stationery that you like to have handy. perfect for your desk or the kitchen for quick notes.

filled with treats for a get together.

or, with a few simple blooms to spruce up the dinner table.

how would you style him?

i'll be sending out an update soon with details on new items, so don't forget to sign up for the newsletter!

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Tuesday, July 15

update // peek into my trip to mexico

if you follow along on instagram, then you know by now i took a quick trip down to mexico at the end of last week. i'm back and have about 500 pictures to narrow down into just a few posts to share with you. i thought in the meantime i'd put up some of my favorites from my phone though… and not any i already shared elsewhere, promise;)
i'll get more into the details on where i went, why i went, what i did, and why you need to get your butt down there too.. later. for now, here's a peek!

more to come in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

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