Friday, April 17

8 tips to inspire fitness in a busy schedule

when i quit my job to make a fabulous fete my full time thing, there were a few things i thought would be way, way different. you think you'll have so much more time to fit little things in like a workout. and sure, at first i did… but as business picked up i found it harder and harder. i quickly realized if i didn't have a plan, it just wasn't happening. so i have some tips that'll apply if you're running a biz like me, crazy busy planning a wedding (which i was also doing while trying to switch from part time to full time here!), or just have jam packed days in general.

this is the biggest one, and i'm sure you've all heard it before. but lay out your clothes the night before. it's one less step you have to dread when you wake up. and i know if i pick mine out the night before, it takes about 60 seconds. if i have to do it in the morning, it could easily take over 5 minutes! so i know i can hit snooze one more time if they are ready to go;)

do it in the morning. you have no excuses if you are waking up with the intention of working out. we all know how life, errands, and work becomes an easy excuse later in the day. and all you have to do is wake up a half hour earlier to get a quick one in! some of my favorites while trying to cut time are running stairs at a local park or a quick 3 miles from our front door. both are usually about 30 minutes and i'm done for the day.

not a morning person? figure out what time of the day you are least productive. mine is always around 2-3pm. take that time that you would be procrastinating anyways and fit it in then.

enlist your friends to keep you accountable. 3 days a week i meet with a few girls to run. if i didn't have them counting on me to be there, it would probably happen more like 3 times a month. 

make it fun! when my girl friends and i are on a run on a pretty trail, we love to document it. i don't remember why or how it started, but at least once a week we get a picture of us all running in a cool spot. it sounds silly, but now we have tons of pictures to look back on, you can see some here.

reward yourself. my favorite since i like to get my workout in, in the morning is coffee. i always take at least a half hour, have a cup of coffee and scroll through instagram or pinterest! i don't always do this if i haven't worked out as i wake up later and feel guilty for wasting time… so it's something to look forward to!

mix it up. don't get bored with the same old thing everyday. i love trail runs, bootcamp and stair workouts. there's never enough time to fit them all in so i know i'll never be tired of the same thing.

and last, maybe most important;) cute workout clothes can add a little inspiration to get out there and do something. i'm always looking for cute stuff that i can run errands in or get coffee in afterwards. it's true that when you like what you have on, it can give your confidence a boost! i just tried out some goodies from cozy orange that are making my mornings a little more fun. i love all of the subtle details and color they've added to my mostly black drawer.

what are your tips for fitting workouts in?

cozy orange has also given me a code to share with you to get you started!
use code COZYISFABULOUS to get 20% off your order through May 11th. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 16

see you there?

there's so much going on in the next week! i thought i would share it in a quick post in case anyone is local and available to come take a quick class or check out my latest work (and shop shop shop because it's at west elm)… but read on.

tonight and tomorrow are your last chances to sign up for my watercolor calligraphy workshop! this one is going to be at wayfare hq in costa mesa on saturday morning, get the details and register here.

next up (sunday), i'll be over at west elm at a little wedding party they are throwing with green wedding shoes! i'll be doing some live calligraphy as well as displaying my new pieces above! if you're getting hitched, you should definitely attend.. there's lots of other great vendors, get the details here.

and finally next saturday i'll be back over at great over good teaching modern pointed pen calligraphy! check out the details here, would love to see you there;)

Wednesday, April 15

cinco de mayo margarita kit // favors

between running a business, early morning workouts and just generally begin exhausted, i'd say that partying on a weekday doesn't happen very often for us. and by partying i mean wearing something other than yoga pants, with other humans, potentially having more than one glass of wine. so, cinco de mayo isn't always something we celebrate. i will say though, i am totally ok with pretending those weekday holidays are on the weekend and celebrating accordingly… just so i don't miss out on all the fun. i've started thinking ahead (obviously with this and this post from earlier this week) and toying around with cinco de mayo party ideas i'd love to use if we end up having a few friends over.

one of my favorite things to plan for a party is the favors. you can get so creative and really infuse your theme here. and since my go-to cocktail is the margarita, any time of year, that is where my head instantly went for a cinco de mayo party favor! here's how to easily whip up a few of them if you are hosting a fun dinner party or gathering!

obviously, you need your main ingredients and mini bottles are perfect for not breaking the bank but surprising your friends. i filled my favor boxes with patron, grand marnier, a lime, a tiny vial of salt and 2 more with marg mix/triple sec and oj. i could have sworn i've shared my favorite margarita recipe with you before but i couldn't find it! i guess that means i'll have to take one for the team, work this weekend and shoot that for you;)

i grabbed these adorable tin boxes from michaels and added in fun calligraphy cocktail stirrers (will be in the shop soon) and packed everything up to place at each setting.

you could even tuck in your own recipe for guests to take home.
check back next week because now i have to share mine!

ps. if you're looking for more inspiration, i am participating in clinton kelly's celebrate cinco de mayo challenge, you can see all of the projects here!

Tuesday, April 14

appetizer and cocktail tray // diy

it must have been growing up with my grandpa having an entire wood working set up in his garage, i don't know, but i love making (simple) things with wood. probably a totally strange obsession, but when the outcome is cool entertaining goodies, i'm okay with it. last weekend i tried my hand at making a super simple tray for appys or cocktails.. or shots;) i love it and can't wait to style it a million times for parties and displaying things around the house.

i found this plank with a small frame at michaels (i think it was meant to hang on a wall as a sign, it had all the hooks on the back, no biggie to leave them), rope, white paint, gorilla glue, two small wood pieces to use as feet, and a drill.

i started by drilling a hole with this pointy bit (sorry guys, i have no idea what the technical name is, i found it in our garage) and drilled a hole the same size as the rope.

string the rope through and tie a knot to secure the handles and the length you like (tip: since the hole is the same size, it might be hard to get the rope through, use a piece of tape to wrap the edges and make that a bit easier).

use the gorilla glue to glue down the "feet" of the tray as well as secure the knots so the don't unravel or slip down. you will need to add the feet since once you tie the knots in the rope, the tray will not sit flat… any piece of wood will work here as long as its thicker than your knot, but smaller than the width of the tray.

once those pieces have dried, from the rope on the bottom of your tray, apply a coast of paint and you are finished!

add tequila and serve.

Monday, April 13

simple spring inspired table setting // on the table

i've taken up this hobby… of writing on everything. no piece of fruit is safe;) with cinco de mayo, and just spring/summer entertaining in general approaching, i've had some simpler and brighter ideas on my mind. i decided to turn a summer staple into a pop of color for a neutral tabletop.

always keep a stock of metallic sharpies, they're perfect for making anything a piece of custom party decor.

blush, blue and touches of white and natural wood finishes paired well with the pop of lime green. i added in a few vines and glassware to round it out and tie it in with the table. i've been gravitating toward this color palette… blush and a pop. i think it will make it's appearance in my home and around here much more this season!

what are your have color combos for setting your table in spring?

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