Friday, January 30

a fresh flower table runner // diy

i'm all about fresh flowers (or plants, branches, cacti, whatever!) at your table for an event. well, okay, even for your every day table tops. and i wanted a way to quickly create a fresh flower runner for a special occasion. stop by julep and see how i made this one. it seriously only took me a few minutes!

so what is your one entertaining essential to always have on the table?

Thursday, January 29

#killingit // instagram faves

usually around this time of year, i walk around stores and get a little sick over the horrible (ok not all but most) decor sitting on the shelves for valentines day. but then i hop on insta for a little inspiration from some of my faves. and everything is right again;) these ladies are getting in right for vday.

- from top left to right -

@waitingonmartha shares some stunning dark red peonies // @mija_mija wearing the perfect pairing, a tee + something lace

@houseofharper sharing all you need for to start of good day (bonus points if this all arrives to you in bed) // @maryumi shares the most perfect paintings for a vday greeting

@citysage inspiring my vday morning worthy breakfast // @amanda100lc styles the perfect spread

can my valentines day just look like all of this rolled into one perfectly pink day?

who are your faves on instagram at the moment?

Wednesday, January 28

farm to table french // entertaining

i took french for 3 years in high school… but we know how that goes. i can barely remember how to say 'hello, my name is'. so i was pretty excited to see this book land in my mailbox. while i don't know when i'll be on a plane back to paris again, i know it is in my future and preparing is crucial;)

the book teaches quick phrases that would help you navigate a market, a restaurant, and even how to complain about your food… je voudrais parler au patron (i would like to speak to the owner!). it includes a few recipes to create authentic dishes and my favorite, a large section on cocktails. i'm excited to try out some of the beer cocktails and mix up a few of my own now.

this book was perfect for relaxing on a friday night with a glass of rose and is definitely a conversation starter for dinner parties. it's super easy to just pick up and open it up to a page, read for a sec and learn something new. so leave it out at your next get together and see what your friends learn!

*book ℅ ulysses press for review

Monday, January 26

a moody candlelit table for four // tabletop 001

it's still january, i'm hanging on tight… where did this month go? i told myself there were a few new series i wanted to start here and stay serious about. sharing an inspirational tabletop monthly was one of them, so here is round one! in january, i tend to learn towards dark neutrals. and one thing i absolutely must have on every table is a few candles. i mixed two of my favorite things and created a table focused around just that.

a set of 15-20 cylinders with black candles created a dinner party worthy centerpiece on top of a pastel linen table runner.

with the one color i used being super girly, i wanted to keep the other pieces a bit more edgy and quirky. i splatter painted some plain white chargers with black paint, embellished matte black plates with a chalk pen and fun, indulgent things you might say at dinner, and prepared a little welcome tray for guests in long faux slate containers.

what to do with wilting roses? chop off the stem and use them for one night sans water. since these were on their last leg, they open up beautifully and laid nice and flat on the table. once those were scattered i tucked in some random vines to complete the look.

trays were filled with single servings of appetizers. bread, salad and a mini bottle of champagne to start off the night.

a simple palette of black and white with a pop of pink kept the table cohesive and the focus on the gorgeous light coming from the huge cluster of candles. i love using this color scheme and switching out the pop. and don't think you have to match all of the pinks up perfectly. it looks great when you use different shades but still pulled together and thought out.

what is your favorite part of this tabletop? what is inspiring your table decor this month?

*post in partnership with quick candles

Friday, January 23

our tropical winter vacay // travel

well, i forgot to share these last month after we got back from our annual hawaii trip. and i know it's snowing, raining and cold in most places, so here's some peeks at our trip to help you warm up;) happy friday!

welcome arrangement at our hotel.

the best mai tais in maui at castaway cafe. ask for barry.

our other fave bar to walk to. on the beach outside of the royal lahaina. (go for happy hour!)

crazy dolphin swarm on our last night. there were at least 50-60 with us as we headed out!

when you don't want to pay for drinks all day at the pool...

we started each morning with a run (to starbucks) and picked up flowers on the way back.

and when it's not appropriate to drink mai tais, you have mimosas (castaway cafe)

our secret spot. the best spot for swimming with the turtles.

have a good weekend!