Friday, August 29

august in pictures + goals // life

this month was cray you guys. when pulling together all of the pictures for the wrap up i couldn't believe all this happened in just 30 days. i'm usually not one to jam pack my schedule with events, travel and work… but it was fun. i can confidently say that i'm ready for a little slow down now. ya. i'm boring, so what;) here's what happened this past month and read on for a few goals for september!

flowers for camp / packing for palm springs / wine-ing with my girls at the viceroy / mimosa car at #campmixalot / felt craft day in ps / cucumber margs by the pool / craft cocktails at bar in ps / lunch group shot / more cocktails (ps. sharon and i will be sharing our pics and thoughts on #campmixalot in the next few weeks!)

best cheese plate. ever. / dinner table set up / morning berries / cute little tote from friends / quotes in the office / cozy morning / peek at callig for an osbp shoot / sign from caitlins shower / yummy boozy dessert

on the desk / sunflower arrangement / orders / custom sign for a client / city table numbers / mini arrangement / night of arranging and a glass of wine / favor bags + escort cards for minted / spanish table numbers

lunch get up and prints / view from lunch in san clemente / best quote. ever. / signature cocktail signs for clients / have new way to drink cocktails / cheese plate at home / bar cart and entertaining essentials / what i use for entertaining / mini arrangement for the office / cutest tote from the atelier / old calligraphy work i couldn't get rid of / styling inspiration for the long weekend

so, september, here's what you can expect:
1. try more new stuff. ryan and i are always making lists of places it would be cool to try… but when it comes down to it, we always go with our favorites and usuals.
2. finally, finally, finally get my branding/packaging nailed down. did you know i haven't had business cards for a couple of months? ya, so every order and project that goes out has nothing. not good! i might even spend the long weekend finalizing a logo refresh. maybe.
3. start the collaborations back up! i loved working with a few of my favorite girls. its fun to meet new people (even if just via email and social media) and try to blend your styles for a collaboration. 

that is all.
what are your goals for september?

Thursday, August 28

cocktail upgrade // recipe

you guys want to know how to spruce up your cocktails this weekend without getting out the drill to open up coconuts? the mini watermelon. over the past year or so, i've developed a liking for the occasional watermelon cocktail, and then it came to me, why don't i serve them inside it's home?

the easiest way to the perfect end of summer cocktail for your friends this weekend is just a bottle of champagne away.

 cut into the top to create your opening.

scoop out a glass of the fruit. and muddle.

strain the juice back into the watermelon and top with a healthy serving of champagne for a sweet bubbly drink. now who wants to come over? :)

[ champagne care of one hope wine. check em out! ]

Wednesday, August 27

late summer style // on the table

one of my favorite things to do for our parties is the styling. actually, i love doing it every day, every where around the house, whenever i can. and one trick i always use to make things simple, is start with one statement piece. so for a quick styling session and to offer a few pieces of inspiration for your weekend plans, i updated our antler from a wintery accessory to something that will work through the end of summer to fall. it was a festive shade of gold, so i sprayed it with white primer (i like the matte finish), wrapped with yarn and voila!

i always go to black and white to keep things simple and the focus on the statement piece. add a pop of fun in your flatware. top your plates with fresh flowers. grab some fancy mismatched glasses and you are set.


and don't forget some green! the same tip i shared here for the bar cart rolls right on over to the table. work with what you've got in the yard!

these white candles are always in stock in our house too. they stay lit outside and are so inexpensive… you could fill every nook at your bash with them.

what are your favorite quick tricks for styling or setting the table?

Monday, August 25

6 last minute entertaining essentials // simple entertaining

the holiday weekend is approaching quickly, so i figured it would be fun to share quick tips and projects for simple entertaining! the most important of them being… what to always have on hand for last minute guests. we all have those saturdays. when plans come together last minute and before you know it you have to play hostess. there are 6 things that we always have around that should get you through a gathering in a pinch.

1. always have a few basic mixers. fruit juice, club soda and pellegrino mix well with almost everything.

2. easy snacks that can be kept (unopened) for long periods of time like mixed nuts.
3. herbs spice up any cocktail and make for a great garnish. they're super inexpensive to buy on your weekly grocery trips and can be used for cooking if you don't end up entertaining with them.

4. cocktail napkins spruce up your bar cart by adding a little color and pattern and also work well for both cocktails and your snacks. i make mine from inexpensive cotton fabric… maybe i should share the simple diy for those?
5. basic glasses that can be used for multiple cocktails. i think that we've finally strayed from forcing specific cocktails into specific glasses… get creative and serve your creations in what you want! champagne coupes are great for many drinks, and i always have a mix of thrift finds that add interest to the bar cart.

6. this may sound like a strange one, but keep something alive and green either on your patio or in your yard. we have a giant green bush with long fluffy branches that i always go to for a quick pop at the dinner table, in the kitchen, or wherever we are entertaining. it's not always in your timeframe to get to the store and create an arrangement, green branches add a lot, in a few seconds, and are free.

so what do you all keep stocked for those unexpected gatherings? would love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments!

Thursday, August 21

escort card treat bags // wedding diy

stop by the minted blog, julep, today to see my post on how you can easily make these treat bags turned escort cards for your event or wedding!

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