Thursday, August 27

Woo hoo! Finally Friday!

Hello Dolls, I wanted to say 2 things quickly before I start what will probably seeem like the longest day EVER (since i'm flying out tonight, yay!).
Good luck to my mom... she'll be in surgery this afternoon for her shoulder.
And also wanted give Andrea a big fat hug (via my blog since I don't see her often) She lost someone close to her... I know it's hard, so I wanted to let her know i'm here for her:)

I'll leave you with this::

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.
-Anne Frank

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, August 26

I'm off...

Finally, a little getaway for me and the bf. I'm so excited, not just because I get to do some of my most favorite things (eat, drink, shop, lounge), but because I get to spend some quality time with my love:) We've both been so busy with our 9 to 5's and other side projects on top of that, I feel like we haven't had a second to really (uninterupted by blackberry) catch up on life.

The fabulous vegas sign here, and an amazing image capturing a glimpse of the night life::

Ooh sassy can be found here, and a pic of how glamorous I would like to look here::

My signature glass of chard here and sin sign here::

These pictures get me even more excited to visit las vegas... the lights, the pretty little dresses I finally get to wear (because where else is it acceptable to wear a dress that combines sparkles, velvet, and feathers? Yes, I have one, and am totally wearing it), and the posh lounge's we will get hang in.
So I hope the few readers I do have (I think I have) don't give up on me. I'm not back until Tuesday night. Who know's, maybe I'll come across something super interesting i'll have to share while i'm there.

Tuesday, August 25

Entertaining... al fresco

Living in Southern California, you come to love spending most of your time outdoors as there is SO much to do here that involves being outside. Luckily, I've met someone who enjoys it as much as I do and together we have discovered so many amazing places to wine and dine al fresco (my bf, duh). And as we do this often... I have found so much inspiration in outdoor decorating. I haven't yet taken pictures of my fave spots here at home, but I did find some images that inspired me just as well.

al fresco collage

1. This is one necessary piece I believe any fabulous entertainer must have in her outdoor eating area, a chandelier of course:) There are so many ways you can incorporate them into your space. Hang one from a tree and light small tealights, wire one into your outdoor cabana (if you're lucky enough to have one), or just hang a few mini chandeliers with a small candle from an overhang or patio cover.

via notebook: magazine

2. Wrought iron is ALWAYS an outdoor DO. It will patina up nicely and is very parisian chic:) And don't underestimate the power of fruit, as a centerpiece that is. Throw a few lemons in a plain glass bowl and voila! Centerpiece!

via notebook: magazine

3. Two of my favorites in one image, fresh flowers and a chandelier... lovely.

via Martha Stewart

4. Ok, maybe it's just me, but i'm obsessed with birdcages right now. Wouldn't these be adorable hanging from a tree in your yard with a candle burning? I think so...

via notebook: magazine

Hope you enjoy and take some inspiration for your own yard!

PS- be careful with all the candle suggestions, especially around trees... in the summer... when everything is dry... and easily catches on fire. (I should take my own advise, our house has become known as a "fire hazard" at times due to my candle obsession)


Monday, August 24

Book for Bloggers

Hello! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend... and a better Tuesday morning than I did. You know when you wake up, don't want to do your hair, can't think of anything to wear, and would much rather stay home and do something... well, except work? I had one of those that was followed by losing my sunglasses (that were sitting on the dresser the whole time), not knowing where my keys were (in my purse where they should've been... and the only place I didn't look), then of course topping it all off with Starbucks spillage in the car. I guess it's been worse... these are just not ways I like to begin a Tuesday. Anyway, things are looking up. I finally finished what I needed to paint for my 2 new party "kits". So i'm one step closer to listing them for sale (YAY!!!) and actually going into business. I think I need to find a better word than "kit" though, that doesn't sound fabulous at all. How about collection? That's fancy... er.

Moving on to what this post is really supposed to be about. I was catching up on my blog reading last night and saw this post over at Design Lovely. I NEED this book. It looks like it's filled with a ton of inspiration along with great tips that would be extremely helpful to new bloggers... like me:)

Please also vist Tara's blog which is super cute.

Buy it here!


Thursday, August 20

Maison Michel Please...

4 months until Christmas, 7 until my bday... if anyone needs a gift idea, here ya go.
Not only are the pieces that are featured in these images beautiful, the photography for the FA09 look book is amazing as well, all shot by Karl Lagerfeld.
Next project- figuring out how to duplicate something equally as stylish as these gems below.

All via michel-paris


Wednesday, August 19

Office Supplies made Gorgeous!

All thanks to Kerri at cute.little.disaster. She is working on a project to make 60 rings out of different materials. I stumbled upon her adorable paper clip ring and had to share... hopefully I can control my urge to raid the supply closet at work tomorrow and make myself a lovely little ring, just kidding... kind of:)
ps- look for the big ring made of an eraser. a little more elaborate, but also SUPER cute!


Tuesday, August 18

What's Cookin Good Lookin?

I went from my most elaborate meal being an egg sandwich (cooking an egg in the pan, toasting some bread...) to growing my own herbs for meals! Amazing transformation right? So as I was snipping some basil from my new little garden I planted a few weeks ago, I found some inspiration in the color. I thought I'd put together a grouping of lovely items from Etsy. But first, the inspiration... my basil:)


A lovely little gem that I'm TOTALLY getting once I decide which color::

green ring
found here at laralewis' shop

Very cool print::

green print
available here at stilleto height's shop

Comfy sweater::

green sweater
you can get your own here at replicca's shop

And last but not least, a reason to take a day trip down the coast (in a train of course)::

green train case
grab it here while you can at get ready, set, go's shop!


Thursday, August 13

Chic Weekend Wear

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has something fun planned. I thought I'd pull together a few looks that I wouldn't mind being in this weekend! Enjoy:)

Saturday shopping trip w/ some flat gladiator sandals.

For a night out of sushi and drinks with the bf?

And to top it off, a long comfy dress to have mimosas and brunch on Sunday morning... yum!
All via Style Sightings.
Have an amazing weekend!

Tuesday, August 11

I want a Chalkboard

Don't tell the bf... he thinks I already have enough projects and want to do too much to the house, BUT, I want a chalkboard! How cute are these? Wouldn't they be perfect hanging by the front door to leave little notes for yourself or significant other?

via Design*Sponge, and you can learn to make your own here!

via Design*Sponge... and just plain cute.

And one you can buy, here on Etsy.


Monday, August 10

Monday Inspiration

Hello, happy Monday! Love this picture... taken by the up and coming photographer, Caitlyn, my sis:) She's only in high school and is taking amazing photos like this. You can check more out here.

Doesn't this remind you of a perfect Saturday morning taking a stroll or sipping on some coffee in the yard? At least that's what it reminds me of... or where it makes me want to be (i know, it's only Monday and i'm thinking of Saturday). Hopefully it adds a little sunshine to your day as well.


Thursday, August 6

Vintage Love

One of my biggest inspirations while decorating and designing has been anything vintage. I love the colors and femininity of everything. Lace, feathers, pearls, flowers... what girl wouldn't love being around things like that every day? I came across this amazing inspiration board today posted by Paige Anderson, guest blogger on design*sponge. Click here to see the rest of her posts!
And cheer up... tomorrow's Friday!!!


Tuesday, August 4

Introduction to the fam

Almost Wendesday... ya!
I was thinking... once I start to acquire readers, they'll want to get to know me, right? SO, I thought I should start introducing the "kids". I won't include them all in one post (that would be WAY too long). I'll make it more like 1 per week.
Meet Portia. She's my lovely little chihuahua. My mom adopted her about 2 years ago... but I see her a lot, so she's still mine;) (reason, if you're wondering. i don't want her to stay outside all day while i'm workin away at the day job, so with my mom, she gets to sleep in a cushy bed with air conditioning)
Here she is lounging at the Lake.


And another, soaking up some sun in the sand.


Get used to seeing this lovely lady, she likes photo shoots, ha:)

Monday, August 3

Monday Inspiration

A little party inspiration...
These are small sneak peaks into my direction for my first 2 party packages!




Hello and welcome to my first post! I'm so excited to finally have a place to share all of my ideas, inspiration, likes, dislikes and anything else I feel like with readers that have similar interests. A Fabulous Fete will include all of the above along with my journey to becoming a small business owner.

My latest discovery has been my passion for party planning... hence the new company... and blog. As I get further into setting all aspects of the business up and decide where I will be listing my party packages, I will go further into detail on what A Fabulous Fete is all about!

I hope that you enjoy everything I have to share:)