Tuesday, September 29

Exciting News and Free Stuff!!!

So I have some exciting news (well... kind of). I'm participating in my first Craft Fair, woo hoo! I'm super excited because I will finally get some feedback on lots of things that I have been working on for my party kits. Unfortunately, I only get to sell my "handmade" items, so I can't sell full on party kits. But I think this will be a great opportunity for people to buy a few cute things for their own parties and hopefully visit my shops for more!
This has also given me a HUGE shove to get going and finish my many many projects. I will be filling up my Etsy shop along with listing a few kits in my (yet to be set up) Ebay store. I'm sure the bf is also very happy that all of my crafty stuff will be packed up as well:)
If anyone is in or around Orange County... COME. It's at the Laguna Niguel Parks and Recreation Center.

And... since I LOVE free stuff, I thought I would share these super cute gift tags I found at iDiY.

Happy Printing:)

Friday, September 25

Happy Friday

LOVE this site, Pretty Good... she always has amazing pics that are so inspiring.
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, September 24

Might be why they call me Martha...

For no good reason at all, I decided to cook some cupcakes last Friday. Aren't they adorable?

And no, it wasn't anyones birthday. I've been working on a few things for my party kits (dessert picks included) and thought this was the perfect opportunity to take some pictures. I like the end result and think the pic is definitely worthy of being used for my Etsy listing... when I DO finally get to that.



Tuesday, September 22

Decorating for Fall

Hello! Summer flew by and now it's time to break out the fall decor. When you think of fall, orange, brown and green come to mind, right? Unfortunately, those have never been the most inspiring colors for me, so what usually happens is I completely ignore fall decorating and go straight into Christmas. Not this year... luckily I came across a fabulous new blog called The Party Dress and was introduced to the white pumpkin. Of course I've seen them, but now I'm super excited to decorate with them! I think I'm going to paint mine with stripes and different patterns in black. Combine with some rustic accessories and you have yourself a lovely fall display!

Happy Fall Decorating:)

Wednesday, September 16

Not just plain old scotch...

Tape that is. I had to share my latest purchase because I think it's so darn cute.
Check it out... happy tape:)

I know you are thinking... what the heck am I going to do with all this tape? Well, look at these adorable invites from Mer Mag::

Cute right? All she did was cut triangles, stick them on and sew a stitch across the top! Check it out here. Don't miss out on the party pics that these were for either.

Anyone else have any fun projects using tape?


Tuesday, September 15

A Fabulous DIY Necklace

Big jewelry is definitely in right now, so here's a little do-it-yourself project to get you up to date. Apparently Martha Stewart has a "Craft of the Day" feature on her website... why didn't I know about this? Anyways, they supply the pattern and you supply the materials to make this lovely piece pictured below. This one is a super cute every day piece. All you have to do is change out the beads and you can bring this from a day piece of jewelry to a glamorous necklace to wear out at night... easy!

I love DIY projects, I think i'm definitely going to give this one a try... i'll be sure to share that with everyone when I do. Just click below for step by step instructions! Let me know how it goes...


Wednesday, September 9

I'm obsessed with...

Dessert Tables! I think i'm completely behind on this trend... but I still want to share how fabulous I think they are...
First one was created by Amy Atlas an event planner who specializes in dessert tables.

I love these colors and the way small party favors have been displayed on the branches used in the centerpiece.
Not exactly a dessert table... but very cute display for a champagne bar, one of my personal favorites at parties. This one by the always crafty, Martha.

The streamers are a great idea for any buffet style set up. You can use it for a brunch buffet, a bar set up, or even an appetizer table set up for a party.
And yet another from Martha, this one coming from an actual wedding featured on her website.

Dessert tables are a glamourous touch to any event and something I plan on featuring much more while working on my future party collections.
Hope you enjoyed and are inspired to have a dessert table (or even a champagne bar) at your next party!

Friday, September 4

Get on with it already

This is what I have staring me in the eyes every time I look at my phone... I set it as part of the background on there to remind me to GET ON WITH IT ALREADY.
Let me explain- I get really close to finishing a project, then I procrastinate like crazy (wait, is procrastinate a verb? Oh well... i'm using it) and don't do the last few things I have to do to finish a project (be it a party collection or piece of apparel). And then I find inspiring posts or articles about women that have these great businesses and love every day that they go to work. I want to love going to work!
So this is it, I have a perfect opportunity to do something. I have a long weekend w/ (almost) no plans. I'm making a promise (to myself of course) to work, work, work the weekend away... well, at least some of the weekend. You can't work all weekend:)
Anyways, here is what I had in my inbox this morning that made me write this post. The lovely ladies of Studio Choo wrote a guest post for d*s. I'm so jealous of how they spend their day... and look at these amazing photos! Wouldn't you be happy working around beautiful flowers and ribbon everyday? Lucky!

Hope this inspired any of you out there that are little procrastinators yourself:) If not, i'm just glad I got to share these pretty pictures via their post!

Have an amazing long weekend!


Thursday, September 3

Something no girl should go without::

Footzyrolls, the rollable shoe. They are fabulous little flats when unrolled, but will fit into a small clutch when rolled! I can't believe that this hasn't been thought of until now. I can't believe I didn't come up with it. No, instead i've just suffered through many many years of pain... now I don't have to! And right now they offer the perfect colors, gold, silver and black. I think these can go with any outfit.
They even come with a little drawstring pouch so after you wear them the don't get the inside of your clutch or bag dirty... perfect! Now that I mentioned how perfectly all of these colors can go with every outfit, I might just have to get them all:) At $25 a pair, it's hard to resist. You can find them here. Enjoy being comfy... finally!

Wednesday, September 2

Let it rain...

Only so I can use on of these adorable umbrellas. This was a display at one of the hotels we visited while in Vegas. Still catching up on the many things that piled up over my long weekend... sleep included. I promise to have something a bit more interesting for you all tomorrow:) Have a lovely rest of your Wednesday!