Friday, October 30

Show and Tell...

Boo! No I'm not in trying to scare you because it's Halloween (ha, I know... that was lame), I'm saying boo because I had a whole fun little layout to show you guys my hostess outfit... but I can't figure out how to post it without being blurry!!! Annoying! So I guess this will have to do:)

I bought this a few weeks ago with no itention of wearing it on Halloween, but it works perfect, right? Since we're not dressing up, it's a good compromise between being costumey and... um, how would you say it, normal party hostess wear???
Then I found this skirt buried beneath the mound of laundry that we had to put away last night... I'm thinking it has purple so it's sort of festive!

These are just a staple with any outfit...

Add some comfy black pumps to cook and serve in:)

Now, this piece... I only want it, I don't actually own it. How darling would it look with the rest of the outfit though!? I have something similar in the closet, I guess that'll do.
ps- wish I owned those arms as well

And there you have it, my Halloween hostess ensemble! Anyone else hosting a little fete this Saturday?
Hopefully I won't get too caught up in hostess mode and I'll actually take some pics to share next week!
Have a fabulous friday ladies!

Happy Halloweeny! Almost...

Had to share this, it's hilarious...
Everyone have a safe and super fun Halloween!

Image via made by girl.


Tuesday, October 27

Picture Perfect

All I read all over Etsy is PHOTOGRAPHY IS EVERYTHING... so all I do all day is click on my Etsy shop and critique my photos. It's settled, i'm taking new ones. I like them, but I like other peoples SO much better!
Anyways, I've been thinking of creative ways to showcase my items. It's hard because you want to keep all of your pictures consistent... so you have to be able to recreate your backdrop every time you want to shoot your product. Grrrr! That's a lot of work, these shops have it down though.

Blackboard backdrop used in oh my deer's shop.

Fabric and doily backdrop used in oh hello friend's shop.

White plank backdrop used in nice package's shop.

Hope the weather is better by this weekend... it's been cloudy. Cloudy=bad pics
I'd love to hear any tips or tricks you have, please share!

Monday, October 26

Fabulous Vintage Inspired Shower

This adorable baby shower was featured on My Sweet & Saucy. I love all of the indoor furniture that they used outdoors. My fave is the dresser used for the candy buffet... what a great idea! All of the mismatched vintage touches are such an easy way to give your party a personal touch. Also great for any budget friendly event you are planning!

I've been dying to try something similar to this. Using burlap, muslin, (I've even heard of people using painting tarps) you can create a sun shade for your party by just attaching the corners of the fabric with rope or twine to 4 points in your yard.

Adorable stir sticks!!!



Thursday, October 22

Some fabulous finds...

Hello there, hope everyone has been having a great week... we're almost there! Just a few more hours until it's my second favorite day of the week, Friday! Yes:) I think I've found my new favorite blog. EVERY time I head over there to do a little reading, I am so inspired. Here are a few things that I can across this week via Creature Comforts.

These lovelies are from a shop called cox and cox, an adorable shop filled with fun stuff for your house, entertainment, or for giving! You can read more about them in this post.

This gorgeous necklace is from dejarnette (a sponsor on Ez's blog). I think I'm in love... can you not see this with a plain white tee, skinnies, and an amazing pair of booties (uh, that's what I call boots that are short... probably not the technical term)? I can picture it now:)

And these straws... I need them for my next party. Almost too cute to use.

Of course something from Ez's shop too. I mean, you can't have a blog this inspiring and not do anything with all of that creativity right? I've been working on a garland similar to this for E's party I blogged about here. Can't wait to share it! You can find this garland at Nice Package.

Be sure to stop by creature comforts, there's so much more to enjoy!

Tuesday, October 20

Some Etsy Love

I finally took the "Handmade Pledge" today, so I thought in honor of that, I'd share some of the random loveliness I found on Etsy!

I'm seriously considering purchasing this for my kitchen...

Creative Jewelry Display

Mini teapot ring... what a great gift idea!

:: cupcake print :: via oh so beautiful paper and yeehaw's shop

:: jewelry stand :: via whomadeit's shop

:: mini teapot ring:: via lostatseashop

I know that this helped kick off my xmas shopping early, hope I helped you gals find some fun stuff too!



Thursday, October 15

I've Been Attacked, ya!

Sneak attacked by Etsy-ers... Etsy-ians, whatever:)
Basically, it's a way to support sellers on Etsy that have had few, or no sales (me). You can read all about it here on The Handmade Movement.
I'm loving this right now! I've made my first 2 sales, woo hoo!
Until tomorrow...

Sneak Peak for E's Party!

Hello! Today I thought I'd share a party that I am working on. A friend of mine wanted to have a 6 month celebration for her new baby girl. We thought it would be the perfect situation for me to test drive the new biz idea! We decided to go ahead with a grey and yellow color scheme for her evening dessert party. Here is some of my inspiration!

I will definitely be giving E and her guests a yummy dessert/candy buffet to snack on. This lovely display is by Details Event and Party Rental.

We will definitely be incorporating some fabulous rock candy lollipops! This pic also via Details.

I'm loving these place settings. We've already purchased some clear plates that I will be adding a personal/coordinating touch to. I'll be sure to show the before and after! This chic table setting comes from design 2 decor.

All parties need a fabulous invite to set the tone. And these note cards are perfect, Made by Girl.

No table is ever complete without flowers. And I'm in luck, there are SO many beautiful options i'm going to have to choose from for the yellow arrangements. Loving all the different heights and containers that were used in this setting. I'm not into matchy matchy, so I think we will be going in this direction shown on fine flowers.

Poms over the dessert buffet? Check!
You can find them here in PomLove's shop.

E wants to serve coffee and tea at her bash. I'm planning (if time permits of course) on visiting multiple vintage shops and have a collection of mismatched tea cups at the beverage table. Very "Alice in Wonderland"... not the theme of this party, but one of my favorites:)
Yellow cups available here, silver/white availabe here.

I cannot wait to share the final product! Check back as I'll be sharing various projects and shopping trips. Enjoy!

Monday, October 12

Hello lover...

Let me start by saying that I'm obsessed with SJP. I LOVE her hair, LOVE her clothes, and most of all... LOVE her shoes. And who wouldn't want these AMAZING shoes...

Fortunately you can have them, under the thousand dollars they might possibly cost. Just read this tutorial by Jennifer at Hope Studios.

Next mission:: finding some affordable shoes to alter into my own Louboutins...

If any one makes these beauties, please share!


The Secret is in the Sauce

Hello! Happy Monday morning... if there is such a thing:)
I came across a great website last night that I think any one who has a blog and hasn't seen it, should check out, The Secret is in the Sauce.
Basically it's a blog that helps you reach more readers and offers support for bloggers. It is SUCH a great idea and i'm super excited to have found it and participate!
You can read all of the details here.

Friday, October 9

Gorgeous in Gold

Hey friends, happy Friday!
Many of you that know me, probably know that I'm obsessed with spray painting stuff... it's my new thing. I love it because it's such a great way to make something old... new, make something ugly... pretty, or make something cheap... look expensive:)
So today when I saw this post on small stump + studio choo, I fell in love. I'm not really sure what they plan to do with the gold rope, but this is SUCH a great idea for a holiday banner or garland! You'll see something like that at my holiday party I'm sure... and the gold branches, LOVE! I did something similar last year, but in silver. What a great update for those!
I'm inspired... hope you are too::

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


Wednesday, October 7

Open for Business!

So i've finally started to fill up my Etsy shop with all the fun little party supplies I have left over from the craft fair I attended last weekend.
I've started with my convo boxes. I created them with the purpose in mind being dinner parties. So each little box has a question in it... stuff like "If you had the choice of any fabulously impractical car, what would it be?". You could set a box at each place setting, then have all of your guests go around the table and answer their question.
They are great conversation starters and ice breakers if you have guests that just met.
There are many more fun things I have to list so keep an eye out!
Here are a few pictures of my faves::

Hope you'll pop over and take a look!