Thursday, February 4

block printing extravaganza... kind of

My progress...

look at this hunk of wood, i cut it myself, with a saw:)  impressed?

the "shape" i cut out that vaguely resembled a heart {gonna practice my scissor skills}

testing on an old tee... i love it!

another size i made because i was on a role:)
Now, I did notice a little hiccup with using the foam.  You can see there are lines where the paint gets brushed on {i was using one of those cheapy foam brushes}.  I believe this issue would be easily solved by using a roller typically used for block printing right?
Either way I LOVE the results!  There's no doubt I need a little practice with the cutting, but foam is cheap!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend (those of you joining me in orange county, lets not get the rain get us down:) and I hope to have our mini sale up by Monday for you to check out!


  1. Just loved this post... coming from SITS. Random, but are you going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore?

  2. Unfortunately... no:( kind of far for me, but i'd would definitely love to attend something like that in the future, and in ca:)

  3. OOO how fun...I've always wanted to try making my own block prints...


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