Monday, February 1

wish i were here

first, where do i get these balloons, second this is what i wish i was doing on my monday.
Remember these?  I think I did pretty good for my first week...
1... finish 1 new project for my etsy shop  {semi check... I started the block printing process, didn't exactly finish a project though.  I'll share the results in a post later this week though!}

2... comment on at least 1 blog a day {yay! did really good with this one... check!}

3... stop getting involved in other's drama {CHECK!!!}

4... get organized at my day job so i'm less stressed when i come home {still working on this one but did make some good progress, i'll consider this a check}
Moving on, i'll need a few new ones to work with.
I'd love to be more green a grab a few of these for grocery shopping (be green AND cute?  double bonus), and continue on goal #1... run at LEAST twice this week and not stuff my face when I get home from work:)

One last thing.  I believe i've mentioned before that a friend and I have been working on our own line of clothing.  Well, we got a little ambitious in the beginning, started buying up a bunch of samples... then changed our mind about the direction we wanted to take with our line (of course).  So now we have a ton of samples we'd like some fashionable ladies to take off of our hands before we release the new styles!  I will be putting up some pictures here on the blog along with details, price, etc.  There will also be a link to the set on flickr which will show the garments in detail... if someone is interested, they can contact me via email or the blog and we'll handle the transaction through paypal, easy... has anyone ever done this before on their blog?  Hopefully I'll have these up this week!

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. kudos on a really good looking blog. i have to run right now but have followed to make sure i can find you again when i find some browsing time.

  2. Good job on the goals! I would love to see the clothes! My goal is to make a dress I am willing to wear in public this spring! Oh, and I love mimosas, too, just make mine 'grand'!

  3. Popped in from SITS to say hi! It sounds like you're doing great on your goals!

  4. thanks for all the support on the goals ladies! makes me want to meet them even more when someone is checking in:)


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