Thursday, May 6

i {heart} stripes

hi there
i l-o-v-e stripes so much i'll be introducing a few new items to my shop that incorporate them!
until then, i thought i'd share some fun items from etsy








only 8 more hours of work until the weekend!
[mine officially starts at about 5pm on friday]
got anything fun planned?
i know one thing i'll be doing... finishing up my scavenger hunt! of course procrastination mode kicked in and i waited until the last minute, why?  i don't know.  this is something fun! it's bad when you procrastinate even for fun stuff.  anyone participating and getting some fun pictures?


  1. I love stripes--especially black and white! The bag with the bow is super cute! I plan to take some photos this weekend too. I am a total slacker. I have had the photo scavenger hunt in the back of my mind all week, yet I haven't taken a single shot! eek

  2. I went through this phase where absolutely every shirt I owned was striped. It was a little out of control. I do adore that striped purse! What a lovely list.

  3. Ahhh - someone else with the love of stripes!!!!!!! yesssss. I when shopping at a goodwill type store today and when I went to the dressing room.....96% of the clothes that I had picked up.....were stripes. Love your stripe collection....must check it out.

  4. So many cute things! Thank you for your sweet comment over on ML today, I am going to try to follow suit and wear some dresses!

  5. Oooh I'm loving all the stripes too! Stripes look good pretty much everywhere!!


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