Friday, May 21

inspiration {garden}

happy friday!

lately i've been very inspired by gardens, especially gardens with rusty furniture, old wood, and lots of overgrown wildflowers. so i've decided i will be creating a party [mentioned here] based on inspiration from vintage gardens.  browsing for a photo to use in today's post was so great... except that i REALLY wanted to be sipping coffee or tea in one of the lovelies instead of looking at it on my computer screen:)  that's always the case when you're looking for inspiration though.

and of course there has to be a color palette.
i've chosen neutrals with of pop of pink... no party is complete without a touch of it:)

what do you think?
hope you all have a lovely weekend!

{garden via paper tissue}


  1. I think the color scheme looks great!

  2. The color palette is beautiful! Great job :)!!

  3. What a beautiful combination of colors! I love your plan to create your own parties. It's so hard to find the time when you work a full-time job (I struggle with this issue too). I wish you the best of luck... and I'll definitely be following to see where you go with this.


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