Sunday, May 23

love it:: starbucks

i know about 99% of the population goes to starbucks and have probably seen these, but i just thought the new sleeves are too darn cute not to post.
i LOVE the illustrations and handwritten type fonts they used::

hope you all are having a lovely sunday!
come back and visit later this week... i'm planning on a diy post and, drumroll... my first giveaway!
don't miss a chance to win some fun {free} little treats:)


  1. I know! I have a felt java jacket that I always carry around with me so that I don't have to take one of these if I don't have my travel mug. But I had to pick one of these up because they're just so darn cute!

  2. I don't go to starbucks and haven't seen it. They are a adorable!

  3. i must absolutely go now!!! they are so cute!!!!!


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