Tuesday, July 20

[summer party inspiration]

hi! i'm sure there are lots of you out there preparing for a summer party, so here is some of my inspiration that has helped me design a dessert table for my moms bash this weekend!

the color scheme i'm going with is orange, lime green and brown, with a few pops here and there.
ps- since macaroons are very time consuming and frustrating {i've heard} i make "faux cookie macaroons"!  bake mini cookies {you can buy pre-made sugar cookie dough at the grocery store and add a few drops of food coloring} slap some frosting in the middle and voila! you have yourself a gorgeous dessert w/out the stress:)
i'll be sure to share a few photos next week, until then... does anyone else have any fun parties planned for the summer?


  1. i love the birds and those heels!!

  2. I love it all! I love parties! Fun and Colors! you have a great blog.

  3. I feel the same way about macarons. I'm terrible at making them but just love how they look!


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