Saturday, December 4

:: diy with the perfect pear ::

HI EVERYONE, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Lauren or The Perfect Pear. And I LOVE Christmas. I'm sure you do to, because really, who doesn't?! Here's a VERY cute DIY for the holiday season that is sure to warm your heart! :) Lets Begin

You'll Need: Jars (with no engraving, just clear), some cute Christmas Figures, GLITTER!, a hot glue gun and some water.

1: First thing to do is to add your glitter to the jar, I prefer white because its snowy! Go sparse on the glitter guys, you dont want a blizzard in your globe!

2: Next you want to glue your figures down, on your jar lid, make sure you can still put the lid back on, when gluing the people down!

3: Now add water to your jar and put your lid on!

4: Flip it over, give it a shake and Voila! there you go, how easy was that?! too easy.



p.s. thanks so much to the Lovely Lauren V., for allowing me to be a part of this! i cant even tell you how much fun I had making these! 
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  1. Ohh, such a cute idea, can't wait to try this myself! :)

  2. OOOOHHHH!!! I want one!!! Finally something to o with all those jars I seem to hoard.

  3. i've seen these before in shops but never knew how it was done. thanks for this tutorial, perfect instructions! ♥

    pea ess: awesome apple edit!


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