Thursday, January 28

friday faves

This post totally didn't start out having anything to do with valentines day... but somehow, as you can see, it definitely ended up that way. I must have vday on the brain:)
Since it's friday, thought i'd do a little round up of some lovely things I found this week::
i'm thinking this would be super cute for the bf?
{via cori kindred on etsy}
think i might make these for my girlfriends on vday!

the always inspiring martha...
{via her site here}

adorable envelopes
{via the gilded bee's shop on etsy}

just a lovely photo found on flickr

{andrea c.}

would love to hear your vday inspirations, projects and plans:)


Wednesday, January 27

:: block printing ::

I've been obsessing over this very pocket friendly DIY idea for block printing ever since I saw it on high-heeled foot in the door. All you need is a piece of foam {for carving/cutting your design} and a piece of wood for your base... so simple! I love the inconsistent look that you get with block prints. It give pieces a vintage or one of a kind look. Below are a few great ideas I found while browsing for block print inspiration.

{via ninaglaser's shop on etsy}

{via robinette handmade on flickr}

{found via high-heeled foot in the door, available at west elm}

How does this translate into "my world"? I was thinking about creating garland with muslin flags and block printed hearts to decorate the house for vday? That would be my practice project... I would love to instroduce a few to my etsy shop!

Has anyone else tried this method? How did that work out? Wondering if I should follow any of your tips:)


Monday, January 25

... the mondays ...

{via flickr:: claudia.susana}
we all have them... now here's my attempt to make them better:)
I love love love when I see ladies making lists on their blogs, and I see it a lot. They range from things they love, to things they need to do, to things that inspire them. And that inspired me.
I started thinking last night, what if each Monday I made a list of things I want to accomplish this week... I think it would give me the push to actually MEET the goals that i've set AND inspire me to do more than just have a glass of wine and watch seinfeld when i get home:)
So here it goes!
1... finish 1 new project for my etsy shop
2... comment on at least 1 blog a day
3... stop getting involved in other's drama
4... get organized at my day job so i'm less stressed when i come home
I'm starting slow and we'll see what happens. And as always i'd love to hear your "goals" for the week/month/year! Hopefully #2 will help get more readers here to participate:)

Monday, January 18

:: girls night ::

Hello, and happy monday... thought that I'd share some of the pictures from our girls night last Friday. We were going for a girly vintage vibe which I think was achieved w/ the dusty pink accessories mixed with some fun white glasses and bowls.
I had so much fun planning and preparing for our girls night and am so in love with all of the decorations I found I've kept tons of it out! I mean, it is getting close to valentines day, that's a good enough excuse right? At least that's what I'll tell the bf:) Not sure he'll be too fond of all the pink when he gets home!

girls night 13

girls night 15

girls night 16

girls night 9

girls night 12

girls night 8

girls night 4

girls night 5

girls night 2

girls night 1

Hope you all have a lovely week!


Monday, January 11

:: friday night inspiration ::

I thought today I'd share a little inspiration I put together.
Unfortunately the bf is out of town for too many days (9)... sad face. BUT since he is out, a girlfriend and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a girls night! A little good came from the lonely week and a half I'll be spending without him. Fortunately this has kept my mind busy.
I'm sure all of you creative guys and gals can relate when I say that I am a visual person. So when planning a party I cannot simply write a list... I need pictures and inspiration to remind me the feeling and atmosphere I want to create for an event. With that said, here are a few pages I created from tear sheets and a few print outs from blogs, internet, etc... I've found this to be the best way for me to sort info and inspiration and the best way to KEEP me inspired while planning.

Love these ideas from pottery barn::
... silverware housed in glass jars ...
... decor set upon stacked vintage books...

:: mini champagne ::
... we plan on removing the labels and making our own custom labels ...

:: doilies as decor ::

... white, white, white! ...

... adorable calligraphy and a great idea for a name card, or these could even be set next to your food and drink to label them ...

:: um, no brainer... macaroons ::

- another shot of the mini champs -

... and also a clever and cute way to label your food and drink, chalkboards! the great thing about these are you can use them over and over for all of your different gatherings ...

I can't wait to share actual shots of our girls night friday!

Hope you all have a fabulous week:)


Thursday, January 7

... coffee break ...

I've been working on some new designs and colors for the trays I have in my Etsy shop. I just had to share this picture... it reminds me of relaxing with a nice cup of coffee on a cool spring morning:) Of course, I would need someone to serve it to me on this lovely... what do you think? Liking the red? It would even be great for the 4th or July! I can picture it now with a few glasses of champagne and a bowl of blueberries. Hmmm... maybe I'll have to reshoot these!

Looking forward to tomorrow, Friday!


Monday, January 4

- happy new year -

After a long... LONG break, I'm back!
I got a little caught up in the holidays and work got a bit hectic. Unfortunately all of that made me lose focus on everything from my blog to my etsy shop. With a little vacay and rest I'm ready to dive back in.
Over my xmas break I received a ton of amazing feedback for things in my Etsy shop and lots of requests for custom orders! So now my house smells of paint (yuck I know) due to the many trays that are drying in the kitchen:) I love it though! I love doing something creative after a long break! And one good thing about getting a fresh start with the new year is all the projects I am inspired to complete. With a little rest came a big kick in the butt to do all the things I've been WANTING to do for the past few months.
My goal for 2010 is to motivate myself... and not come home to the couch, the tv, and a nice glass of wine. Well... maybe a nice glass of wine, but definitely not the tv and couch! Instead I plan to focus on planning the parties that I've been dreaming up and filling up my Etsy shop with lots of new goodies! Bye bye procrastination! I'd love to hear what all of your goals or resolutions for 2010 are!

One thing I am super excited about this year is my new calendar!

Somehow I'd never been to or heard of Paper Source... I know! A co-worker told me about it and said I was crazy for not knowing about it. It's like a creative person's/crafter's heaven, seriously. I think I spent at least an hour wandering around the little shop in South Coast. My sister had to drag me out:) Moving on, this calendar has a massive page of art for each month. After the month is over, rip off the sheet, turn it over and start to cut and fold along the guidelines for fun projects! Each month you can make things like notecards, pillow boxes, bookmarks... etc. One side is blank and one side has beatiful art! I almost just want to cut it all apart now and make everything! That would ruin the fun though. Only 27 more days to go, woo hoo!

I hope you all had a lovely break and maybe enjoyed a little "recharge" for the new year!