Thursday, February 25

pretty picks for friday

hello gals...
i'm off to the snow for the weekend, yay!
a few pretty things i'll leave you with


what does everyone else have planned for the weekend?

Tuesday, February 23

3 lovelies

Hello Ladies!
Hope everyones week is going fabulously... i'm taking a little break from laundry {snore} to post.
I found something fun on red velvet girls.  They did a post called 5 things.  And since there are 4 different girls that contribute to the blog (oh, and they also have their own which are SO cute) they each did their own.  Basically there are 5 questions and they have to list 5 things for those questions... example, 5 things you did yesterday.

As you may know, i LOVE lists, not sure why, it's one of my small obsessions {can obsessions be small???}.  AND i thought it might be fun to share a little more about me.  I post a lot about things i like, things that inspire me, etc.  But not a lot just about me... maybe you will find it interesting, maybe you won't, but i think it'll be a fun little post once in a while and i'd love to have all of you join in and answer the questions as well!  I have a small following now but would really enjoy getting to know my audience better!
So, here we go:)  oh ya, i think i'm gonna call mine 3 things, not 5... i'd like to take inspiration from their post, not copy it!

3 things i'm looking forward to::
my bday next month!  i have so many ideas {see my inspiration here}, so i'm not sure if i'm looking forward to preparing more or actually celebrating:), making lots and lots of fabric flowers i found a tutorial on, and a clean house, ha.  but this actually involves work by me, this might take a while

3 things i wish i had someone else doing for me right now:)
cooking me dinner, folding my laundry, and climbing up in the attic to get my ski gear down for a trip this weekend

3 things i enjoyed today::
spending time with my sis, smelling my vday flowers that are still going strong!, and sleeping in a little late {late to work though, oops}

Have a lovely wednesday
Can't wait to hear what you enjoyed, want a butler to do, or are looking forward to!

Monday, February 22

i heart this

We all have our sources of inspiration, but i REALLY want this to be my daily source.  I saw this tour of via oh joy.  She was lucky enough to visit.
Can you imagine having of these amazing ribbons, feathers, rhinestones (i could go on) around you every day?  No wonder has some of the most fabulous accessories you can find.

get inspired!

Thursday, February 18

:: old school ::

some of my favorite things right now are typewriters, typewriter font, pretty much anything to do with typewriters... so when i saw this, i had to share

this is actually an origami project i saw on eat drink chic
amy, of eat drink chic, and her fiance made these for their engagement party invitations!  such a unique and fun idea.

exactly what i'd want next to my typewriter... sunlight and fresh flowers:)
{via imgfave}

lovely picture via {pj taylor photo}

fabulous inspiration
{via susannaht}

Enjoy, have a fabulous friday and weekend!!!
pssst... check out the sale too:)

Tuesday, February 16

coffee and krispies

it's the bf's bday tomorrow... he has a lot of surprises in store this week!  i'm REALLY bad with keeping surprises.  these past few weeks have been painful.

tomorrow will start out with a little breakfast in bed {lucky} which will include his fave... rice krispies.  yes, they're even his favorite breakfast food, i think he would eat them for every meal if he could.
then lots of fun presents from his fabulous gf:)
followed by a lovely sunset dinner... oceanside {luckily i get to enjoy this too}
then his surprise party friday!  it's killing me!
{don't worry, he doesn't read this... or anything "girly/crafty"}
oh, did i forget the surprise ski trip his friends have planned for him?  or the wine tasting he's being taken to on saturday... um, at the ritz?
he's a lucky guy this year, but totally deserves it all.

wish me luck keeping these secrets, ha:)

Thursday, February 11

... come and get it ...

Hello ladies!  We're almost to the weekend!
How about celebrating with a little shopping?  I mentioned last week I had some samples to get rid of, and here they are!  All brand new, never been worn.  I've listed lots of details below, but please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email asking any questions.  This stuff is priced great so hurry and scoop it up before it's gone:)
All you have to do is shoot me an email telling me what you'd like and we will handle the rest through paypal.
Shipping for each item is a $4 flat rate for anywhere in the US.  Contact me for shipping international.  And if you'd like multiple items, just let me know and we can calculate it out depending on what you get.
There are also MANY more pictures here on my flickr, so check them out!
I will be updating quantities occasionally as well.
shop away...
khaki mini

:: khaki mini ::
mini skirt with bubble shape
2 antique brass snaps at top for closure
small slit in back of bottom band
{see flickr for more pictures and detail}
5 sm/6 med/7 lrg available

blue striped scarf

:: blue striped scarf ::
stripes are sheer and satin
2 different ways to wear are shown here
5 available

oversized brown sweater

:: oversized brown sweater ::
short puff sleeves
large pockets that continue down from collar
2 sm/1 med/l lrg available

white tunic

:: white tunic tank with bow ::
white gauzy cotton tank, lined
green grossgrain trim all around bottom edge
green grossgrain bow at top with swarovski crystal in center
1 sm/3 med/4 lrg available

white tunic

:: white tunic w/out bow ::
this tank only has the trim on bottom, no bow
tank shown in outfit above, only white tank is for sale
2 med/2 lrg available

purple tie sweater

:: purple tie front sweater ::
heathered purple color
ties in front for closure, see flickr for more ways to wear
strip down back is crochet and sheer
bat wing sleeve, see flickr
sweater shown in outfit above, only purple sweater is for sale
6 sm/6 med/6 lrg available

mustard vest

:: mustard vest w/ royal blue bow belt ::
front closure is with hook and eye
belt is ruched blue grossgrain with half a bow on each side (can be taken off, just tacked on at front)
vest is shown in outfit above, only yellow vest is for sale
2 sm/5 med/1 lrg
$12 {w/ NO belt}
3 lrg

brown tie sleeve tee

:: brown short sleeve tee ::
heather brown color
rolled hem on bottom, ribbed neck, tie up sleeves
1 sm/1 lrg available
{white version also available}
1 sm/2 med

ivory racerback dress

:: ivory racer back dress ::
sheer cotton material w/ that gathers on front
{you can see the back on flicker}
3 sm/4 med/3 lrg available
dress with mesh trim

:: ivory racerback dress with mesh trim ::
same dress as you see above with mesh trim around armholes
1 small with black trim
1 med/1 lrg with brown trim
1 large with grey trim (not shown)

grey coat

:: grey coat w/ heart buttons ::
3 button coat with crystal brown heart buttons on front and back
puff 3/4 sleeves
2 sm/1 med/1 lrg

 Any questions at all let me know!  And have a fabulous weekend... Happy Vday!

Tuesday, February 9

how quickly i became a hypocrite

Yes, yesterday i guess i did say that i'm not a big "reader"... i do like my pretty pictures:)  But this article caught my eye, kept my attention for about an hour, made me mad, made me happy, but most of all opened my eyes to an important issue in the handmade community.  As many of us bloggers are part of the handmade and crafting community, it is something i think we should all take a few minutes out of our day to check out... and maybe participate in.  enjoy...

Monday, February 8

i know i'm not the only one

{ via .elsie*cake. }

Question for ya...
is it bad that deep down i really only enjoy blogs with lots of pretty pictures?

Thursday, February 4

block printing extravaganza... kind of

My progress...

look at this hunk of wood, i cut it myself, with a saw:)  impressed?

the "shape" i cut out that vaguely resembled a heart {gonna practice my scissor skills}

testing on an old tee... i love it!

another size i made because i was on a role:)
Now, I did notice a little hiccup with using the foam.  You can see there are lines where the paint gets brushed on {i was using one of those cheapy foam brushes}.  I believe this issue would be easily solved by using a roller typically used for block printing right?
Either way I LOVE the results!  There's no doubt I need a little practice with the cutting, but foam is cheap!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend (those of you joining me in orange county, lets not get the rain get us down:) and I hope to have our mini sale up by Monday for you to check out!

Wednesday, February 3

la porte rose

well of course i had to title this in french... don't tell me pink doors don't remind you of paris, or at least europe?
oh, i want one of these so bad, but as many pink things i've asked for (including painting the brick wall in our back yard pink) the bf shoots these ideas down... quick... doesn't even need to think about it.  maybe i'll have a pink door to the entrance of my parisian vacation home, someday:)

{via robin746}

{via liozzi}

{via elkost}

until then i will just stare daily at this blog post and wish.
hope everyones week is going fabulously so far!

Tuesday, February 2

... no words ...

just so darn cute i'm gonna have to buy this...

and then it'll sit on my desk and i'll never use it because they're too cute.
{via lemontree77's shop on etsy}

Monday, February 1

wish i were here

first, where do i get these balloons, second this is what i wish i was doing on my monday.
Remember these?  I think I did pretty good for my first week...
1... finish 1 new project for my etsy shop  {semi check... I started the block printing process, didn't exactly finish a project though.  I'll share the results in a post later this week though!}

2... comment on at least 1 blog a day {yay! did really good with this one... check!}

3... stop getting involved in other's drama {CHECK!!!}

4... get organized at my day job so i'm less stressed when i come home {still working on this one but did make some good progress, i'll consider this a check}
Moving on, i'll need a few new ones to work with.
I'd love to be more green a grab a few of these for grocery shopping (be green AND cute?  double bonus), and continue on goal #1... run at LEAST twice this week and not stuff my face when I get home from work:)

One last thing.  I believe i've mentioned before that a friend and I have been working on our own line of clothing.  Well, we got a little ambitious in the beginning, started buying up a bunch of samples... then changed our mind about the direction we wanted to take with our line (of course).  So now we have a ton of samples we'd like some fashionable ladies to take off of our hands before we release the new styles!  I will be putting up some pictures here on the blog along with details, price, etc.  There will also be a link to the set on flickr which will show the garments in detail... if someone is interested, they can contact me via email or the blog and we'll handle the transaction through paypal, easy... has anyone ever done this before on their blog?  Hopefully I'll have these up this week!

Hope you all have a great week!