Tuesday, March 30

{a bunch of mush}

To be completely honest, i don't like mushrooms, i think they're gross (both taste and look)... but these guys are ADORABLE.  I saw this first image below last week and have not been able to get them off my mind.  I had to sort through some mushrooms that just made me sick (to look at), but I think i have some winners here!  How much do you want that cake stand?  Love...


I can't decide... I need something mushy for my kitchen:)
Have you gals had a mini crush on anything lately?

Monday, March 29

:: the pics ::

finally... pictures from my bday:)

{entrance to the garage and a little sampling of goodies made by my good friend linds}

{the photo booth area}

{shot of the striped fabric i painted for a week!!! and my attempt to class up the garage with a chandelier, which by the was is still in there and hanging over the cars:)}

{more polaroids!}


{just because i thought he was funny... and he was only a few bucks at target}

{me and my sis {the photog)}

i wish everyone could have been there to see it in person, so different even though the pictures are awesome!  oh, and you would've loved to play limbo under my heart garland which i hung just high enough so that my 5'4" self could walk under it... to bad all of our friends are like way taller:)  oh well, it looked pretty!
have a fabulous monday!
- ps, all photos were taken by caitlyn -

Thursday, March 25

I can't help but notice all of the self portraits floating around on my fave blogs, websites, etc.  And it made me think... i have a blog, i have a shop... why don't i have some nice/fun pictures to represent myself with?
SO, i asked my sister this morning to help me out this weekend {since she takes some pretty amazing photos}.  Ever since that text, i would say my productive-ness has gone down about, um... 80 percent?  All i can think about are fun set ups and pretty places we can go take them!
Here's one {my fave}
a tea party!!!
I mean obviously with the movie alice in wonderland coming out, there's been an explosion in the popularity of things like this... but i can truly say that i've been an alice fan since the first time i watched the VIDEO:)
so here's my plan... set up a mini tea party for some pics, do you love?

this is truly what my tea party would look like, but i'll class it up for some pictures:)

What about you guys.  Have you ever done a "photo shoot" just for yourself?  It's kind of intimidating... i think that's why i need some props... to make me more comfortable:)
Tomorrows Friday, get excited!

Tuesday, March 23

hello hello
it's good to be back {even though i was only "away" from here for a few days}
you know how it's always super fun and exciting to go on a vacay, but you're still really glad to come home and sleep in your own bed?  that's kind of how i'm feeling... i had a blast planning and hosting my bday, but i'm glad it's over:)  it stressed me out and i felt like i had no time to focus on my blog... my indie biz class {which i'm SO behind on}... and creating fun new stuff.
oh ya, and i'm still cleaning up... blah

anyways, i saw this eco-friendly diy project over at a beautiful mess and fell in love.
1... because it basically costs NOTHING
and 2... because i am obsessed w/ kraft paper, or anything that resembles it:)
who wouldn't be happy to receive a package in the mail that looks like this???

i'm so excited to try it out!
i already know i have 2 packages i will be sending out in the next few days, so i plan on trying this out...
you girls want to see the end product?
hope my customers don't mind me wrapping their goods in trader joe's bags, ha:)

ps... i'll definitely be sharing my party pics soon!  hold please:)

Monday, March 15

garland happy

happy happy monday:)
please excuse the lack of posts that you might see this week... i am a busy lady cutting out lots of hearts to make garland for my party saturday!

this is my inspiration... to have a garland canopy for my party, of course on a much smaller scale.  i'm not sure how many hearts i can possibly cut out in the next few days though, my fingers are already cramping...

have a lovely week!

Friday, March 12

{crochet away}

Hi and HAPPY friday!!!
I'm so glad it's friday... it's been a looong week with work and i am SO ready to hit the road and do what i want for 2 days:)
i've been seeing crochet and knit products all over the blog world and internet and i'm in LOVE!  so yesterday i went to my local craft store, grabbed a pretty pink, umm, needle that you crochet with {not sure what they're called... yet} and of course 4 different colors of yarn.  i was going in for one, but they were just SO pretty... i know you understand:)
then i watched a few tutorials last night and am ready the crochet my weekend away!
here are some pretties i found that inspire me to learn::

do you like to knit or crochet?
what do you like to make?  please share! i'd love to see:)
have a beautiful weekend

Tuesday, March 9

...pen pal love...

I'm so excited!  A group of girls in the indie biz class i'm taking decided to sign up for pen pals!  I don't even think i did this when i was a kid... i can't wait to send pretty letters in pretty pretty packages:)
i've also been thinking... i've seen a lot of ladies do fun exchanges.  and i really want to do that!  have any of you ever participated in one?
i think this is basically how it would work:
you sign up {duh:)} and are paired up
you talk to your partner and find out their likes/dislikes, hobbies, etc.
then... voila, exchange!
So do you girls know of any you can sign up for... or even better, interested in starting one?

Monday, March 8

{just pretty}

happy monday...

how was everyones weekend?
i got so much fun stuff for my bday i can't wait to share!
2 things i think i'll be sharing with everyone... the new polaroid instax mini {i've been wanting this ever since i found out how hard it was to get the old polaroid film} and the lifestyle letterpress!
i'm sure there will be lots of creating w/ these new guys:)

Wednesday, March 3

:: bday inspiration ::

soooo, it's my bday saturday!
i'm having the party in 2 weeks... saturday just came way too quick and i want to have time to plan a fabulous bash, it's my 25th after all:)
i've had lots and lots of ideas floating through my head for a while and i finally sat down to put it on paper, or, um... screen:)  visual boards always help me so much, otherwise i get overwhelmed with all of my ideas and forget or just don't execute because i'm stressed.  hopefully this helps make my party extra special this year!  i'm super excited, i plan on doing a little garage sale shopping for cool extras i can paint pretty colors.



what do you guys think?  have any ideas you'd like to add?
happy hump day, only 2 days left to the weekend!

Monday, March 1

cupcake heaven

too cute...
a traveling cupcake trailer?
it's like an ice cream truck, but better, way, way better


pearls and bows and owls oh my!

came across the most adorable blog today, with the most specific posts i've ever seen!  for owl lovers:)  i never knew how much owl stuff was out there that is SO cute.
stop by my owl barn, check out the great finds, and enter to win this lovely bracelet!

hope everyone is enjoying their monday:)