Thursday, April 29

i {heart} ballet

i've seen fun little ballet flats floating around the internet and have debated getting some.
but, as usual, the diy part of me tells me to stop, and well, do it myself

these are doable right?
{picture via the swelle life}

Tuesday, April 27

[time to put the beanies away]

Hi there... how's your tues going everyone?
today i thought i'd share a mini spring/summer "goal" of mine... to wear more hats!
i LOVE wearing them.  even if i'm not having a bad hair day:)  they always add a little extra fun to any outfit {oh, and make getting ready in the morning go way faster due to the fact i have to do nothing with my hair}
what made me think of this out of the blue?  well, i was super obsessed with beanies this winter, and am still trying pulling them off here at the end of april.  i wore one yesterday and it was SO hot!  it's not like freezing raining weather here anymore, so when it's 75 outside, a wool beanie is NOT the best choice.  trust me on this one and don't try it.  so i thought to myself, lauren, you need some cute summer hats that won't cause you to overheat.
hopefully i look as chic as these ladies in the process::

[from here]

[from here]

[from here]

[from here]

[from here]

i found one at target the other day that was super cute... mint green with a black and white striped trim, but then i thought if i bought it, i'd probably see about 6 other people walking around with it on next weekend.  so i passed.
do you know of any good places to find a cute hat... that everyone won't have:)

How are your scavenger hunts going?  I made a change to the date below... first it was Friday, then i selfishly changed it because i just wanted some more time to do it:)  then i changed it again today because i figured it made more sense to have a deadline of a monday than a friday {because weekends are perfect for pictures}.  plus, i'm a procrastinator, so the more time the better, haha:)

Friday, April 23

[ on the hunt ]

see below:)

who's up for a photo scavenger hung?
i came across a new blog, r's adventure, and she came up with this awesome idea... how fun right?
well it made me want to have one too!
i've been wanting to use my camera more, but always have a hard time figuring out what to take pictures of.  this is the perfect opportunity to focus on a few things and get creative with the shots.
so break out your camera's ladies, here's the list!

1. a collection
2. candy
3. an object you use daily
4. something in your favorite color
5. self portrait
6. the number 3
7. your favorite spot {home, neighborhood, whereever}
8. breakfast {hopefully it's not candy:)}
9. someone/thing you love
10. a handwritten message

i can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
here's how we'll do it... if you want to participate, just send me your pictures {via email} to share with everyone here.  if you only do a few, that's totally fine, send me what you want!
please also let me know how you want your pic linked back {blog, flickr, etc}
i'll shoot for next friday Monday the 10th to have everything wrapped up and ready to share?  sound good?
have fun and have a lovely weekend!
guess you need my email!

Thursday, April 22

i {heart} marshmallows

lately i've been a marshmallow fiend and i don't know why
it might have something to do with the smores i had last weekend... SO good:)
i saw this picture over at simplesong today and it made me want to go home and make some homemade marshmallows and hot chocolate!  [the weather stinks right now so this would be perfect]

how adorable right?  and do i spy a chocolate marshmallow? yum!  i've never had one before...




now don't you want to make some?
here's a yummy recipe::
>martha stewart marshmallow recipe<

my only issue with making anything sweet is that i always have WAY more than i intend to eat... like why isn't there a recipe out there for 2 cookies, i don't need 2 dozen.  so anyways, i've always loved this idea of making smore kits.  these are SO adorable.




have you ever made marshmallows? i really want to try this weekend!
see you tomorrow, friday, yay!


Wednesday, April 21

... beautiful blogger award ...

hello lovelies...
i've been a total procrastinator about something... this beautiful blogger award!

thank you thank you to ink and ivy and lilac and lace!!!
so now i have to share 7 interesting facts about myself... ready?
{1} my whole life i've HATED running, then...  i ran my first half marathon last year and am running my second next weekend!  not sure what happened, but i'm in love:)
{2} i have a new found obsession with spray painting things... my favorite thing to do is wake up at like 6am on a saturday, hit the garage sales and then spray paint everything i buy.
{3} i feel that there is an unwritten rule you must drink mimosa's on sunday mornings
{4} i haven't put our laundry away in probably 3-4 weeks... we're living out of the laundry basket (bad i know, i swear i'm working on that tonight)
{5} i love office supplies and get a little excited at staples... or just grabbing a pen in our supply cabinet here at work:)
{6} am secretly jealous of people who listen to music that is not on the radio.  i am lacking in that department... i have no idea how people find such cool new stuff... i think i'm just impatient and can't sit and listen to anything on the internet or itunes
{7} i really don't like talking on the phone and am extremely grateful for text messages and email

:: beautiful blogs ::

ok, now off to NOT procrastinate and work on some new things for my shop!

Tuesday, April 20

[-back on track-]

I've been feeling like the days are draging and the nights are flying by.  I'm not enjoying that one bit!  I sit at my desk all day making mental lists of all of the projects i'm going to work on... then by the time laundry is in, picking up after ryan and i and the dogs, and dinner is on the stove, it's late!  so i give up, plop on the couch, try to catch up on a few blogs, get sucked into whatever is on tv and fall asleep.  sound familiar?  i hope not:)
anyways, i know that i'm ALWAYS saying that i need to get out of this rut.  and this time i actually have a plan!  sort of:)
i stumbled across a lovely idea at pugly pixel.  she made this adorable notebook... and her goal was to not buy any new supplies, LOVE IT!  i know i'm not the only one who has loads and loads of things we can use at home.  plus, doesn't using things you already have just give what you're working on so much more character?  i think so...


{all images via pugly pixel}

here's MY plan. i love katrina's idea so much that i'm going to follow her lead and construct a similar journal/notebook dealy. but i'm also going to make this my calendar day planner. now, i haven't put TOO much thought yet into how i am going to go about the calendar part, but i will be sure to share my version! i'm hoping that having my calendar, notes, and inspiration all in one place will keep me motivated... seeing things that are inspirational should push me to stay on track and follow my to-do list and calendar!

i can't wait, i'm super excited about this and that i only have to spend a few bucks on a notebook! everything else is free:)

how do you ladies stay on track and motivated?

Monday, April 19

monday... wish it was sunday

So... i have a bad case of the mondays today...
i thought i'd visit some of my favorite places for a little pick me up:)

I had a fun weekend of working on lots of new product for my etsy shop, lots of sugar splurges (ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!) and a few trips to the beach.
what did you do?

Wednesday, April 14

[date night]

so ryan and i used to have date night about once a month. this was usually a night that we planned something out of the ordinary to do just with each other... you know, not the normal night out to dinner. but between holidays, birthdays, and work, we haven't done this is SO long.
i was hoping that the weather would be decent this weekend so we could take a little bike ride and have a picnic!

do you have date night with someone speical?  i'd love to here fun and creative ideas that you have for quality time with loved ones:)


Tuesday, April 13 terra cotta pot display...

yay! my first diy project!
super simple, but i love making these and they're great for displaying/storing pretty supplies.
all you need is

1. terra cotta pot
2. terra cotta tray
3. glue gun
4. your favorite color paint

use your hot glue gun to apply to the bottom of the pot

stick them together {told you this was really simple}

and start painting!  i just used plain old acrylic craft paint

then you can...

[ps- i use these as cupcake stands too!]

[blog it forward]

Hello Lovelies!
Welcome to my blog it forward day!  Thanks so much for stopping in to take a little peek at what i find inspirational.
Oh my goodness, i could seriously go on for days and days with a list of things that inspire me, because, well, just about everything beautiful inspires me.  I used to have this screwy  mentality that nothing could be beautiful unless it cost lots of money.  But then... i grew up and opened my eyes and started to see that there is so much more that is lovely, and it all doesn't have to come from tiffanys or pottery barn:)
So most of my inspiration that i will share with you is about the feeling it gives me, not just having that thing in the picture.

{outdoor celebrations}
... entertaining outdoor gives me a warm cozy feeling inside:) i think mostly because it reminds me of family and friends, sitting around talking, eating, and enjoying their company. when i create things for parties, i want people to imagine themselves using it in a setting like this ...

... obviously anything that has something to do with entertaining inspires me, and i think that cupcakes are the standard celebration dessert! everything is more fun when there are cupcakes ...
{mini things}
... really not sure why i like things that are mini, but i do, and they make me happy ...

... everyone loves receiving something gorgeous in the mail, these inspire me to take a few extra mintues and package my items just as lovely to bring a little fun to a customers day ...

i hope that what inspires me brought you all a bit of inspiration as well!
next stop over and tell Andrea hi over at her blog!