Thursday, May 27

Tuesday, May 25

{paper+scissors=pretty little box}

hi there!
i've been wanting to share this with everyone for a while.  it was just a matter of me creating the pattern for it... but it's finally finished now!

i created a fun little box pattern {note- this was NOT all my idea... i had a little help from a pre exsisting box pattern} for all of you that love a quick and easy diy project.
all you need to do is open the link below, print out the patter, cut along the edges and fold on the dotted lines.  easy enough yes?
i scaled this down so you could print it out on a 8.5x11 piece of paper.  the one i made below is a bit bigger, so don't expect exact results:)
print this out on some pretty patterned paper, draw your own artwork, cover in paper scraps, fabric scraps, make lovely labels for what you'll put inside...
[ps- this works best on cardstock]

::here's a few shots of my finished product::

have fun!

Sunday, May 23

love it:: starbucks

i know about 99% of the population goes to starbucks and have probably seen these, but i just thought the new sleeves are too darn cute not to post.
i LOVE the illustrations and handwritten type fonts they used::

hope you all are having a lovely sunday!
come back and visit later this week... i'm planning on a diy post and, drumroll... my first giveaway!
don't miss a chance to win some fun {free} little treats:)

Friday, May 21

inspiration {garden}

happy friday!

lately i've been very inspired by gardens, especially gardens with rusty furniture, old wood, and lots of overgrown wildflowers. so i've decided i will be creating a party [mentioned here] based on inspiration from vintage gardens.  browsing for a photo to use in today's post was so great... except that i REALLY wanted to be sipping coffee or tea in one of the lovelies instead of looking at it on my computer screen:)  that's always the case when you're looking for inspiration though.

and of course there has to be a color palette.
i've chosen neutrals with of pop of pink... no party is complete without a touch of it:)

what do you think?
hope you all have a lovely weekend!

{garden via paper tissue}

Monday, May 17

[it's time]

how was everyones weekend?
i had one full of dreaming... dreaming of not coming back to work today... ha!
well, i came back, but i'm still dreaming.

i'm not sure what came over me, but i feel like i'm ready to start breaking into event planning and designing. it's originally what i wanted to do, and why i started my etsy shop. but i think after starting my shop and blog, i was a bit consumed by it. who says you can't do both though right?  it's all about time management! {especially when you already work 8 hours a day}
so, i know a girl just can't pop out of no where and expect people to let her design their event, this is why i've decided i need to start hosting mini faux events, like for myself and a photographer {prob my sis at this point as i don't have a lot of spare change to pay someone}, and build a "portfolio".
i can't dive in as i need some stability in my life {aka:: a paycheck} and this is how i plan to test the waters:)

now, my question for you lovely creative readers out there... what would you like to see? i'll definitely be sharing everything along the way, so tell me YOUR ideas.  if you were planning a party, wedding, or whatever, what inspiration would you give me to plan your event? if you had a second shot to plan your wedding, what would you want?  what theme's do you love and would love even more to see that come to life as a party?
i'd love love LOVE to hear what you like and incorporate that into what i'm doing.
can't wait!
xo L

[picture via bash eco events]

Wednesday, May 12

... hello+feature ...

hi! i'm just stopping in for a quick hello and update...
hope some of you got to check out new things in the shop.  i've been working hard to get things listed this week and will have some more up tonight and tomorrow.

I'm being featured over at Green Pickles today!  Go check it out! {please:)} She's even doing a fun little giveaway with some garland i will be listing soon as well.  {thanks aimee!}

umm... so i went to the grocery store hungry after work, NEVER a good idea.  and i have like a major sweet tooth lately.  SO, i decided to buy both a tub of ice cream and a pack of starbursts.  i know it's not horrible or the end of the world. but i NEVER do that! if i eat candy i try to limit myself to a few pieces... i already ate the whole pack:)  i think it's because ryans gone.  he's traveling for work, so i guess i'm just trying to make it a little better with ice cream, haha:)

oh ya, the photo scavenger hunt! i didn't forget, i just think the sharing might be a little postponed.  if you still want to share your photos, send them to me!  i'd love to see them.

how's everyone's week going?  good i hope... we're halfway there!  keep checking in, i'm going to have a giveaway soon too in honor of all the new products i've been working on and stocking the shop up with!
ya! my first giveaway!

hope this post wasn't too all over the place for you gals... felt like i need to check in though:)
have a wonderful wednesday!

Monday, May 10

[ blue right? ]

so here are the before's of my new desk project i mentioned last week...
i think i'm leaning towards the blue, what do you think?

hope you have a fabulous monday!

Friday, May 7

+the weekend+

it's friday, which means i'm extremely UNfocused... i can barely pay attention long enough to write this:)
various things i've done today include filing my nails, picking dog hair off of my black tee, using the restroom about 3 times already (too much info?), chewing lots of gum (a new flavor, watermelon sprin, yum), thinking of what i should have for lunch, and next on the list is calling my mom. productive huh?
i've also successfully gotten all of the pink and blue paint off of my nails from last night. why do i have paint (not polish, paint) on my hands you ask, well let me tell you:) Ryan has a building that he works/plays out if {lots of car stuff, tools, etc}, and i get to do whatever i want to the inside office area! so, we decided i should make it a little office and studio area so when he's there working, i can be too. anyways, a friend of ours gave us an old dining table for free [score] that i can use as my desk. it needs a major face lift though. so i took some paint i had over there last night to test it out. i took pictures to share with you girls, but totally forgot to upload them. will share them this weekend, promise:) i tried a light pink, with a coral tone to it, and a mellowed out version of tiffany blue. i think i like the blue... i'm thinking the pink my look to little girls room? well, you'll see when i share. i'm super excited about decorating this space though! i will definitely be showing before and afters.
as for the rest of my friday evening + weekend, here's what i plan on doing::

what i'm hoping for is finding a great pair of chairs for the yard... in metal.  Niko (aka destructo as Ryan likes to call him), one of our dogs, decided to eat the last wicker chairs i had.  so now i have a lovely table, and no chairs to enjoy the sunset.  wish me luck:)

Thursday, May 6

i {heart} stripes

hi there
i l-o-v-e stripes so much i'll be introducing a few new items to my shop that incorporate them!
until then, i thought i'd share some fun items from etsy








only 8 more hours of work until the weekend!
[mine officially starts at about 5pm on friday]
got anything fun planned?
i know one thing i'll be doing... finishing up my scavenger hunt! of course procrastination mode kicked in and i waited until the last minute, why?  i don't know.  this is something fun! it's bad when you procrastinate even for fun stuff.  anyone participating and getting some fun pictures?

Wednesday, May 5

[mini cactus garden]

i know this is for kids... but i kind of want one

once again, another greay diy from an altoid can:)

Tuesday, May 4

[the best $9 i've spent in a while]

in my search for flats to embellish...
i found these, ordered both, and at an amazing price, $9!!!
the striped are canvas and the yellow fake leather
adorable right?  i can't wait to get them and add some fun stuff to make them even cuter:)


{shop update}

here's a little sneak peak for ya!
i'm really excited for this one because i have a ton of new product i'll be adding to a fabulous fete.
new candy buffet signs, mini cake stands, fun garland, hand painted table runners and my chevron trays in new colors.

have a lovely tuesday!

Monday, May 3

[book shelf, not just for books]

hello lovelies!
how was your weekend?  did you do anything fun?

i ran my half marathon yesterday and finished in under 2 hours (my goal), yay!  and worked on more stuff for my etsy shop update.  i'll share a little sneak peak and give more details tomorrow:)

i've been bitten by the decorating bug...
when i first moved in with Ryan, i was a crazy decorating fool, we basically re-decorated his bachelor pad in a matter of a few months.  i haven't done anything in a while... like at least 6 months.  my dining table still has wintery colored settings... i need to update!
i saw this adorable idea today over at sweet paul.
i'm loving these book shelfs... a shelf made out of a book, not an actual book shelf:)

have a fabulous monday
see you tomorrow w/ more on my shop update!