Friday, June 25

-bun lovin-

so long lovely ladies
in exactly 24 hours i will be on a plane {hopefully with mimosa in hand} on my way to some peace, relaxation and sun...
before i leave i wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend and share this fabulous photo from the sartorialist
i only hope to look this chic in mexico:)

love the hair and bow... perfect
have an amazing weekend!

Thursday, June 24

... watercolor crush ...

happy almost friday!  or maybe for some of you it already is... lucky
i just adore this wave of watercolor trends i've seen... so i couldn't help myself from browsing through etsy to find some of my own.  well, i came across katep's shop and fell in love with all of her gorgeous prints and paintings.  i love that she mixes printing, painting and cut paper on some of these {and it doesn't hurt that majority of her pieces have pink backgrounds... my fave}


{all images via katep's shop}

and as usual, i want all of them...
i think i might treat myself to the paper bag head screen print, tomorrow is pay day after all:)

Tuesday, June 22

[ cabo... here i come ]

hello my dears... who's ready for summer?
i know i sure am, unfortunately, corporate companies don't really like to give you a 3 month vacation {even though we all totally deserve it}. so instead ryan and i will be jetting off to the lovely cabo san lucas for about a week!  woo hoo!
this trip was super last minute, like we just booked our flights on friday... and we're leaving saturday.  so i'm kind of bummed i didn't have lots of prep time for fun beach outfits.  my plan is to make a quick f21 trip at some point this week and pull out some fabric to sew up some fun scarves and headbands {because we all know those are life savers around the pool!}
i'm hoping to have a suitcase full of patterns, prints and comfy breezy pieces to enjoy the sun and margaritas in:)


hopefully i have time to put together some looks like this...







and my headband inspiration... when i saw this on the satc previews, i was determined to have something similar for my next vaca...

have a great tuesday lovelies

Monday, June 21

{a business card you'll actually keep}

hi there
how was everyones weekend?
i don't know why i am still thinking about this... isn't this usually one of the first things you do when you're trying to start a business? create business cards?
when i was a kid, my girlfriends and i would start a new "club" or "business" at least once a month. we had a sticker collecting club... bracelet selling business... oh, and the bff club. and you know what the first thing we'd do was?  make business cards.  it was always my favorite part, having pretty little cards with your name on them that you get to design.
i think i've just been waiting for the perfect design to hit me or something... or maybe it's with all of these beautiful inspiration images i found, i'm just intimidated!
i am LOVING all of these::



i love all of the illustrations and that they look like a tiny piece of art.  i know that if i came across a card like this, it definitely wouldn't be going in the trash {which i'll admit, a lot of biz cards do}
i want something that people remember and don't what to throw away!
so here's one of my many attempts at that...
what do you think?

a little mock up i did until i can fully commit to get these printed! after finding all of the other images above and getting even more inspired, i'm starting to think the flags would look better if i could do a fun hand drawing... kind of like the illustrations on the other cards.
i'd love to hear your ideas and feedback!


Thursday, June 17

it's here!

i finally received my copy of instyle!  it was a LONG 24 hours since monday morning... when my mom got to see the new july issue in the waiting room at the doctors office.  i never knew subscriptions went out before the magazines hit stores! i googled every word and phrase i could think of to try and get a glimpse of it... i even thought about asking my mom to go back and "borrow" the mag:)  thank god it arrived in the mail the next day after work {and after yet another long day of google searches}.

so here it is!  my lime green chevron tray... love love love the photograph and can't wait to try those cocktails:)
i can't stop looking at it.  i can't even look through the rest of the magazine yet.
if you want to take a closer look, just go pick up ms. diaz at your local store!

and get excited... tomorrows friday:)

Monday, June 14

[diy hostess gift]

it's saturday morning, we're going to have dinner at a friends house... and i'm stumped.  what should i bring the hostess?  usually i fall to the standard bottle of wine.
but i just spotted this::

how adorable??? and so easy... make a quick run through a fast food joint for a few sodas {and get your carrier} pick up some terra cotta pots, a few gorgeous flowers (or switch these out w/ herbs for the hostess that cooks!} and voila.  your friends will have something that lasts longer than that headache they got from the wine you brought. haha...

{you can check it out here and here for full directions}
have an amazing monday!

Friday, June 11

+ it's friday and we have a winner! +

And the winner of the mini party kit is...

comment #2!
{Claire of Heart Handmade}

congrats claire!  hope this helps a little with your party planning:)
thanks so much for all of your entries.  i enjoyed reading what all of you would have made to put on your cupcake stand, and i think i might even be asking some of you for your recipies they all sounded so good:)
there were also a few bdays and weddings mentioned, so happy bday and congrats to those of you who have a special occasion approaching!
hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Wednesday, June 9

i {heart} cobalt blue

lately i've been loving cobalt blue... it's a fun update to navy for the summer.
today i was strolling through target with my iced coffee, yum {sometimes starbucks is half of the reason i go to target:)} and [this] cobalt blue, beaded bag caught my eye.  It didn't take much convincing to toss that baby right into my shopping cart.
now i can't stop, so here are some lovely finds from etsy... the only hard part is deciding which one of these will be in a box and on the way to my house on pay day!





what's your fave color for the summer?

+ only 2 more days to enter the giveaway, don't forget! +


Monday, June 7

a celebration...

how was everyones weekend? anyone do anything fun?

ryan and i had a little celebration on saturday night...
we celebrated something i'm still a little in shock about, something that doesn't seem real yet, but will be in about 2 weeks.  I wanted to wait and share the big news when it was out, but i just can't wait because i wanted to show you all the cupcakes i made:)
I was contacted a few months back by InStyle (the mag) and asked to send in a few of my trays as they were considering featuring them in a summer issue.  Well, just wednesday i got the AMAZING news that my lime green chevron tray was shot and will be included in a story for their next issue!!!
Crazy right?  I still can't believe it... my little etsy shop being feautred.
So this called for a celebration, of course!
We had a few close pals over for cupcakes and champs!

{chocolate and yellow cake and champagne cupcakes!  all of course displayed on a tray... the reason we had these yummy treats}

{quick and easy table decor... a few roses from the yard in a watering can}

{some garland i made... and garland i've been meaning to list in my etsy shop, ha:) does anyone else have that problem?  make stuff and think it's too cute to give up?}

hope everyone had a fabulous weekend as well

Wednesday, June 2


it's time for my first giveaway...
i put together a fun mini party kit!
you will win all of the following

+ mini red cupcake stand sold in my etsy shop +
+ 8 red and white striped paper straws +
+ 8 blue and white striped cupcake flags +
+ 8 favor bags +
+ 1 super cute kraft paper and bakers twine garland +

all you have to do is provide a few cupcakes, drinks, invite over a few friends, and you can have yourself a lovely little party:)


to enter ::
[1] be a follower
[2] leave a comment telling me what kind of cupcake you're gonna put on that stand:)
[3] re-blog this for a 2nd entry (remember to leave a separate comment!)

good luck!
i will pick a winner on friday, june the 11th

Tuesday, June 1

-june calendar download-

hope everyone had an amazing long weekend {if you were lucky to have yesterday off}
i thought we could kick off june with a fun little calendar.  my goal is to get organized this month... it's always easier to start at the beginning of something, like a the beginning of a month or a week.  and we're at the beginning of both today! {i know, technically it's tuesday, but with yesterday off it feels like monday}
i've been waiting for a chance to do something with all of the great clip art i got over at pugly pixel. go spend a little time over there. i know you'll find tons of great inspiration and lovely {free} clip art!

just click on the link below, download the pdf, print, and plan:)
there's a line for each day
an area for notes
and i'm going to use the little doily area to attach inspiring photos!
hope you enjoy!