Thursday, July 29

a fabulously thrifty thursday

hi there and happy thursday!
so i heard this morning on the radio that people are in their worst mood out of the whole week on thursday... which i find interesting because i think i am in my 2nd to happiest mood on thursdays {with fridays coming in first of course}. i guess people are just fed up by thursday? don't know, but i'm here to share one of my fave weekend treats that i don't mind preparing often as it is so affordable:)

yummy white wine spritzer/sangria {call it what you want, but it's pretty much a wine cooler:)}
this little recipe will stretch your bottle of wine from 4 glasses to like 15! and the best part is, since it's all mixed up with other flavors, you don't have to splurge on the good stuff.

so, you start with a bottle of white, i'd recommend pinot grigio {stay away from chard, you want something sweeter}, pour this in your fanciest pitcher

slice up an apple {thin}, add it in

 slice up a lime... add

cut a bunch of grapes in half and pop those in

oranges... slice... add

now, for the finishing touch, add some 7-up or gingerale.  i usually use a 2 to 1 ratio here... {less soda, wink wink}

lightly stir, pop in the fridge for a few hours and serve!

there you go, a perfect drink for entertaining some girlfriends on a summer afternoon... coming in under $7 {total estimate... if you buy a $4 bottle of wine:)}
try it and let me know what you think!

{wine (bardot in blue), apple, lemon, grapes, oranges, 7-upsangria}

Tuesday, July 27

+ tips for your next bash +

hi there, happy tuesday!
i came across some great and affordable ideas you can use at your next party... most with supplies you probably already have around the house!

{an adorable wagon for drinks}

{a bucket and simple tray as a table... i know where you can find a gorgeous tray just like that!}

{colander over a glass bowl keeps melting ice out of your ice bowl}

{fun shells to house salt and pepper}

all these ideas are great to add a little something to your next summer bash
[images via msn]


Thursday, July 22

{a fabulously thrifty thursday}

[mini love notes!]
today i'm sharing a fun little download with you.  so basically this is free if you have a printer, a piece of white paper and some scissors!


of course they don't need to be love notes... they can be thank you's, have a good day, anything you want!

so first you'll print out this::

then flip it over and print this on the back side, it will be the outside of the envelopes::
{or just print the first sheet on the back of a pretty piece of patterned paper!}

cut them out...

fold them up, stick some double sided tape where needed, and add little note cards to each.
i used kraft paper scraps i had left over from a custom order and cut them to the following sizes::
bunting envelope- 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"
yellow flower envelope- 2 1/8" x 1 5/8"
graph envelope- 2 3/8" x 1 3/4"
pink envelope- 2" x 2"
ferris wheel envelope- 1 1/2" x 1"

now find fun places to tuck them away, like i did in my bf's wallet:)

this is a great way to brighten someones day w/ a surprise note... and it's practically free!
{ferris wheel, pink, and yellow flower art is from the blah, blah, blahg}
this gal is so generous with the beautiful downloads she creates and offers on her blog
{graph paper art is from pugly pixel}
again, another lovely lady that has tons of super fun things for you to download, check out her free digital washi tape strips!
{bunting art was cropped from a print found on indie fixx via their "feed your soul: the free art project" downloads}

+ oh, and if anyone has issues downloading these, let me know! i'm pretty new to linking to downloads and am hoping i'm doing it correctly, thank you:) +
hope everyone has fun with these!
have a lovely friday... and sorry for the lateness today, jeez... got stuck at work, like really late, at least for me:) {boo}
can't wait for the weekend!

Wednesday, July 21

[format...filter...merge...and center]

blah! i've seriously been staring at spreadsheets all day! i needed some pretties to get my brain off of numbers and copying and pasting.  hostess with the mostess to the rescue... it's been too long since i last visited, but that only meant i had plenty of adorable parties to drool over. and since i'm in summer brunch mode, this shabby chic baby shower totally caught my eye with all the great colors and outdoor ideas.

i'm completely obsessed with birdcages right now.  luckily these are pretty abundant at garage sales and so easy to make modern with a can of paint!

great way to beautify some old chairs you might have! use ribbon, or even cut strips of left over fabric.

and my favorite party, the succulents mixed with roses... LOVE!
{all images via hostess with the mostess}

if you sat at a computer all day, hope this helped brighten up your day a bit too:)
see you all tomorrow for a fabulously thrifty thursday!

Tuesday, July 20

[summer party inspiration]

hi! i'm sure there are lots of you out there preparing for a summer party, so here is some of my inspiration that has helped me design a dessert table for my moms bash this weekend!

the color scheme i'm going with is orange, lime green and brown, with a few pops here and there.
ps- since macaroons are very time consuming and frustrating {i've heard} i make "faux cookie macaroons"!  bake mini cookies {you can buy pre-made sugar cookie dough at the grocery store and add a few drops of food coloring} slap some frosting in the middle and voila! you have yourself a gorgeous dessert w/out the stress:)
i'll be sure to share a few photos next week, until then... does anyone else have any fun parties planned for the summer?

Monday, July 19

[a fabulous fete update!]

hello, how was everyones weekend?
mine was fairly productive, i had some frames i've been wanting to work on and list in my shop... i love how they turned out! i kind of want to keep them all...

so my moms having a little bash for her high school friends on saturday and is letting me have complete control over the dessert table! {my specialty... sugar:)} i can't wait and have some fun ideas. i'll share some inspiration with you this week that maybe you can use for your next summer party!

Thursday, July 15

:: a fabulously thrifty thursday ::

hello and happy thursday
i love a good deal, a cheap and easy diy project, a simple and friendly on the wallet recipe, etc., etc...
so i thought why not share all this fun stuff with you ladies by starting a weekly feature, appropriately named, a fabulously thrifty thursday!
my first diy project is a fun little coffee sleeve i've been wanting to make forever!  It's super inexpensive and easy to put together... plus, most of you probably already have this stuff floating around in your house.

- you'll need 2 pieces of felt in your fave colors {these were only 25 cents, score!}
- a cardboard sleeve from your local coffee shop {which means you have to go get a yummy drink, bummer... or you can just "borrow" one like i did}
the rest you probably already have!
- thread
- scissors
- pen
- needle
- some sort of embellishment for the center {i used a sequin}

trace... simple


cut 5 circles starting with the biggest and working your way down to a smaller circle {to create a flower}

stack em and stitch them all together

attach your embellishment in the center

attach to the "sleeve"
{i placed mine off to the side}

ta da! now you're green and chic!

please excuse the lovely glass i had to demonstrate on... the coffee cup i was saving for pictures ended up in the trash {the one time the bf actually throws something away...}
hope you have fun making your own!

Wednesday, July 14

{hello summer}

it's so freaking hot here!
all i want to do is drink lots of lemonade... yum

i'm thinking i might try this version and save a few calories... because honestly that is the only reason i don't drink this stuff all day long:)
do you guys have any good flavored recipes?  i'd love to mix up a batch of that as well! maybe rasberry...

Tuesday, July 13

[it's been too long]

i've been thinking... i went through spring and didn't have ONE brunch! so not like me.  i'll find just about any reason to host a brunch.  and spring is the perfect excuse right?
oh well, not to worry, summers is here to bring me lots of sun filled weekends perfect for mimosas, pancakes and lovely little decorations.

i'm a washi tape LOVER, and miss melinda has a lovely little shop filled with yards and yards of fun garland made of that stuff just waiting to hang around my house.


pretty mismatched vintage dishes for the guests? yes please

um, ya... there will definitely be some stripes somewhere

i know you don't usually make cakes for brunch... but i totally would just to use one of these beauties!  hmmm... how about cupcake bunting?

i'd be wearing something similar to this

how adorable? i love love love glass coke bottles!

duh, pancakes!

and, oh my, fresh, homemade popsicles... i've been dying to try all the yummy recipes i've seen in magazines for the summer.

some homeade chocolates for guests to take home as a favor?

oh, and they'd need these lovely little boxes to be packed in.

any tips for convincing the bf to have yet another get together? i need all the help i can get:)