Tuesday, August 31

mini mid-week vaca

hello! first things first... i made it on the front page of etsy yesterday, yay! you can click here to see.  unfortunately i missed it though.
so, i'm really excited about a mini vaca i planned for ryan and i. we're heading down to sand diego tomorrow and going to the "dive-in" at the pearl! we'll be watching juno out by the pool while snacking and sipping on drinks, such a clever person that came up with the dive in:) and since i've never actually spent any time in san diego {yes, i've lived an hour away my entire life} we'll be playing tourist the next day eating, shopping and hopefully getting some fun pictures of the city.
isn't this hotel great? total vintage vibe which i'm loving!

hopefully i'll be sharing some of our fun little trip with you on friday!

Monday, August 30

[ some succulent love ]

some succulent center pieces, bouquets and favors i'm in love with...


this is something i've never actually tried but would love to incorporate into my next dinner party. i'm also a big fan of being able to use things i purchase for parties... AFTER the one day you purchase it for.  and you can do exactly that with succulents. just add to the growing collection of plants around the house that i repeatedly  forget to water:)

and the winnner is...

congrats melissa!!!  you've won 8 adorable little place card holders and a set of handmade notes... has picked you:)

thanks to all of those that entered!

Friday, August 27

{best dessert ever}

what beats a freshly baked cookie with ice cream in the middle? nothing...

[images via martha stewart]
to reward myself for all the long nights i've spent preparing for this show on sunday, i plan on whipping up a batch of these .
- ps, aren't those pink striped napkins under the plate adorable? -
have a lovely weekend

Thursday, August 26

- good stuff -

hello, so sorry for being absent this week... i'm getting ready for a show on sunday, which most of you can probably understand, is taking up ALL of my time that is not spent at my day job!  i've had these images saved, waiting to be shared... so here's some prettiness for your thursday!
i spent hours browsing through jessie's site admiring all of the gorgeous handmade accessories for your wedding, party or home










{all pictures via jessie chorley}

now... back to work.
don't forget to enter the giveaway. i'm picking a winner monday!

Tuesday, August 24

i'd rather be...

digging into my second half of this right now
check out the rest of the lovely styling done here at maria's site
(images via iammav, found over at hooray}

Monday, August 23

under seventy five

so since i missed a fabulously thrifty thursday last week, i'm giving it to you a few days late on monday!
would you believe me if i told you i brought home every single pair of shoes shown here for under 75 bucks? ya okay... i went a little shoe crazy last week, but it was so worth it! i'm already ready for fall with 2 new pairs of amazing boots...

ladies, you must visit off broadway shoes and ross asap... both pairs of boots came from ross totaling at about $34 and the other 2 pairs of heels were from off broadway... $13 for one and $25 for the other!
don't forget to check your clearance aisle:) that's wear i found my lovely new heels.
happy shopping!
happy monday! how was your weekend?
i wanted to stop in and show you what's happening over at hello!self...

me! emily asked me to do a fun interview over on her blog...
check it out if you have a sec
and don't forget to enter the giveaway! remember you have until next monday!

Friday, August 20

a mini cottage

you all know how obsessed i am over mini things... so when i started seeing little craft rooms, offices, dining rooms {you name it} that were stand alone structures, built in peoples backyards, i was in love! i've been seeing them around blog land and found this one a few days ago in the new urban outfitters catalog.  mini house on the water? heaven!

have an amazing weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 19

{ giveaway update }

happy thursday ladies!
i'm here to let you know i've updated the giveaway with a few more details and some nicer images for you to view!

so CLICK HERE and enter!
or just scroll down:)
i'll be back with a late post for a fabulously thrifty thursday...

Wednesday, August 18

{craft fair... part two}

I've been shopping around this week for more items to use at the show i'll be attending next weekend.  If i had enough space {and muscle} i would love to incorporate something like this... such a creative way to display items!

beautiful, yes?
don't forget to enter the giveaway... i'll be posting more pics this week, promise!

Tuesday, August 17

- i want a makeover like this -

i've always had a struggle figuring out exactly what i want my branding to say about me, or what i want it to look like in the first place... and it costs some major money to have someone work with you on that kind of thing. so when i make it big {wink} i'm hiring this team make my company look like a million bucks... isn't this branding gorgeous! i love that this package gives of a sense of playfullness while staying very sophisticated.  can i just get A envelope to put some papers in a carry around with me everywhere? love!!!

one day... it's good to have goals:)
i know there's some small business owners popping in here sometimes. any pointers on how you successfully branded your company? i've had so many ideas over the past year, but it seems that i fall out of love with them very quickly. how do you create something that'll last?
would love to hear from you about this!

{found via simplesong, all images via graphic-exchange}


Sunday, August 15

[ giveaway ]


hey there!
so... as promised, here are the pictures. much better yes? i think so:)

so again, you will receive 8 of these lovely little place card holders with 3 sets of cards to use with them {24 total}

write a message for your guests, your guests name... or you can even use these for labeling a buffet!

along with your placecard holders, you'll get a set of 20 thank you notes!
now i realize, not all of you will actually ever want to use, or need a thank you note:) SO i've decided to change it up a bit and let the winner decide exactly what they want... you can have "thank you" cards, "notes" cards, or i'll put your name on these for customized note cards.
{oh ya, and as i was working with these, i realized that the stamp lettering is WAY more cute than the letterpress version... hope you think so too:)}

and since i was a little slacker getting these photos up for you, i'm going to extend the giveaway until MONDAY THE 30TH!
good luck again!

--- original post ---
hi! sorry for the delay... i was housesitting over the weekend and did not have access to the internet to put up any info for the giveaway! so i'm popping in quickly to put up a few photos, during the week i will share more images.
here's what you'll get if you are the lucky winner::

{8 place card holders along with a set of replacement cards you can use with the holders}

these little guys are fun terra cotta pots filled with pretty moss and include an adorable pin for your place cards!
and since you'll need to thank everyone for attending your dinner party... you'll need thank you cards right?

{a set of 20 letterpress thank you notes}

these little notes have handmade ruffles attached at the bottom of each card

everyone can enter twice::
1. comment here and let me know why you enjoy visiting a fabulous fete
2. blog about the giveaway and leave a second comment

good luck! you have until monday the 23rd!
see you later this week with more detailed photos...