Thursday, September 30

- a fabulously thrifty thursday :: fall garland diy -

tomorrow is october 1st... even if the weather doesn't say so and the calendar said it weeks ago, tomorrow is when i really consider it fall. so i wanted to share an easy way to fall-ify your home!
quick and easy fall garland tutorial:

gather some leaves, real or fake... i would have loved to use real leaves, but, nature hasn't graced our yard with these pretties yet, and i figure this will last until thanksgiving:)
the only other supplies you'll need are thread, a needle, and some scissors

measure where you plan on hanging this, but your thread to length and start sewing
from the back side of the leave thread the needle up then back through. this will keep the leaves nice and flat when you hang

pull your thread almost to the end and tie a quick knot to keep the first leaf on

i set my leaves up so i got a "random"effect {yep, i understand by doing this it isn't random, but you get my point}

continue sewing on each leaf just like you did the first
i only tied up my first and last leaves so i could adjust the ones in between by sliding them where needed once hung
within a few minutes, you are ready for fall!

this cost a DOLLAR, yes a $1, a buck
a small bag of faux leaves at the craft store {michaels} cost $1 and i had the thread and other tools needed
2 more garlands will be joining this one in the next few days...
a mini flag garland made w/ washi tape
and a dried wheat garland similar to the one mentioned here

i guess this weekend calls for a trip into the super fun attic to find the dried wheat, although it might just be easier to go buy some:)

{xo, l}

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slowly but surely i am incorporating this into my routine.
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Wednesday, September 29

[ art a day ]

i mentioned art a day on monday. and ya, i procrastinated and didn't try it until today. i'm not an artist, not even close. i would call myself more of a doodle-er. so don't ever expect to see amazing works of art that take hours and hours. this is less of "art" for me and more of a way to be creative with different materials and maybe sketch a little while i'm at it.  so i called this one "party"... with washi tape bunting, a pretty pink streamer and confetti, i think that name is perfectly fitting:)

does anyone else have a sketchbook or keep a collection similar to this?
if not, i really suggest doing something similar.. i can already tell this is going to be a good thing to get creativity flowing and also keep ideas in one place for future projects!

{xo, l}

Tuesday, September 28

{ sitting in a tree at hitched }

i don't think you could put any more of my favorite things into a table setting...
these are a few pictures i took of the table set by sitting in a tree events at the hitched event last week.
love the pink, the teal, the chevron, the gold horses, and how they incorporated yarn, everything is so creative and fun!

um, how adorable are these horses! spray paint is so much fun and can transform anything into the perfect piece for your occasion {okay ALMOST anything}. and check out the little button necklace the horse on the glass was dressed in, love!

yarn ball chandelier? yes please...

and another great touch, their handpainted chevron rug. i love this idea for a fun way to add some detail to your next dinner party. take a drop cloth {available at any hardware store} and paint with a design that will compliment your table setting. fairly simple and cheap! add a clear coat on the top to clean off dirt from shoes.
and ya, those gorgeous chairs ARE wrapped in yarn.

i wish there were more occasions that i could set a fun table like this! i have a lot of built up inspiration from hitched, but no where to really use it... yet:)  for now i'll just have to stick to playing with our dining room table, that is used more as a storage space than an actual place to eat!
can't wait to share more from the hitched event! i have a lot more photo editing to do though... pictures taken in the dark w/ flash just never come out that well!

{xo, l}

Monday, September 27

. cake, diy, and a kitty .

hello, how was everyones weekend?
i enjoyed mine... a little work and a little relaxation. here are a few things i enjoyed over mine::
i captured baby louis and he sat with me in his bed while i baked my cake! he even posed for a few shots:)
+ apparently a few friends are confused why i call him louie but write it louis... like louis vuitton people! you got it right? +

a super duper easy way to quickly whip up a flower arrangement::
i took a few old cans of beans, emptied them out, rinsed and took the labels off {don't worry they didn't go to waste... our pups had a little treat in their dinner that night and i'm gonna make hummus with the other can!}
then i wrapped a few strands of yarn to create a little stripe pattern, tossed in some carnations, and had a cute little arrangement!

and the pride and joy of my weekend... my mini holiday layer cake! i am seriously proud of this. i totally expected it to tip over or crumble into pieces.
it took some time {because you have to bake each layer individually} but was pretty simple otherwise.
oh, and i'm not a crazy lady that likes to celebrate christmas all year round. there was actually a purpose to this cake. i was working on my ad for this online mag and thought this would be a great addition, even though i ended up not choosing the photo with the cake cut...
i'm considering a halloween version next month and can't wait to bake another one of these when it actually is christmas!

i'm actually glad it's monday. i'm one of those people that likes to wait until the "beginning" of a period of time to start something... so with today being the beginning of the week, i've decided i'm starting fresh and doing the following::
[ follow her lead a do "art a day" ]
[ stop mindlessly snacking, and keep track of it ]
[ ryan and i spent about 3 hours finally sorting and putting laundry away, i am NOT letting it get out of control again! ]

i think 3 is a good number:) i'll start here and see how this week goes.

{xo, l}

Friday, September 24

helloooo weekend

happy friday everyone... any fun, big, creative plans for yourself this weekend?
mine didn't start off so great, but it's okay. i've moved past the fact that i had a cute little {and very comfy by the way} striped dress on this morning with a great necklace i found at an estate sale for a buck, and my fave ankle boots... but managed to ruin it all before i even turned the first corner on my street. i was actually very close to being on time for work, had a yummy cup of coffee, and took {what i think is} a fun friday photo for my blog post. 

[yep, first outfit...]

moments later i managed to spill coffee in not one, but three large places on my dress. ya, i know, i shouldn't have had that gigantic cup of coffee w/ no cover on it in the car. i like to live dangerously i guess.
anyways, moving on. i have some super fun things planned this weekend...
i will be working with lots of glitter

making a cake like this but in red and green

and putting on a mini photoshoot in my backyard with these things.

hopefully kitty will come out of his hiding place and socialize this weekend. oh, and ryan actually ended up finding his super secret hiding spot... there is a hole underneath our bathroom cabinets that leads to some hollow empty space underneath the cabinets that only little kitties can fit into.  that hole has now been blocked, and kitty has a new collar with a bell so we can find him:)
ps- can't wait to share photos from hitched last night! despite the 2 hours of solid traffic we sat in to get there, i had a great time and left with a ton of ideas and inspiration for more parties!
have a lovely weekend!

{xo, l}

Wednesday, September 22

{a fabulously thrifty thursday - easy peasy stuffed peppers}

simple, thrifty, and yummy... my kind of meal. i made this for ryan and i last night and it turned out even better than i had hoped. the great thing about this recipe too is that you can customize it to your favorite ingredient.

[image via womans day]

so obviously you'll need some peppers! i used red, green and yellow... but we liked the red and yellow best
for the filling i used:
lean ground beef (you could sub in any type of meat)
1 can of drained pinto beans (or you could use black beans)
half of an onion
3 garlic cloves
cumin and pepper to taste (because i just really hate measuring... actually, i hate washing the measuring spoons)

so you can see how you can throw in pretty much any ingredients here. i'd definitely toss some rice in there next time to mix it up:)

brown your meat, add in the garlic and onion and cook until onion is a little soft, then mix in the rest of your ingredients to combine
cut the tops off of each pepper (or half em like the picture above), remove seeds, then use a spoon to clean them out
fill each pepper to the top with your filling and place them in a baking dish. i used a small square dish and fit about 5 peppers. make sure to fill the dish so that the peppers stay upright while cooking.
cover your dish with foil and pop in the oven for 40 minutes... once cooked, pull out of the oven and sprinkle a little cheese on top. place them bake in the oven for another 10 minutes.
voila, a yummy dinner in under an hour... for about 10 bucks

tip: if you end up with extra and save for lunch the next day, don't put it in a tupperware and try and eat it with a plastic fork... it's impossible (trust me). this meal is better left on a plate with a metal fork and knife:)

{xo, l}

[ ordinary moments ]

think of the things you do every day... brush your teeth, drink your coffee, put your shoes on... these are the moments that have been beautifully illustrated in melanie bilenker jewelry. i love that such a simple thing has been made into fabulous piece of art and jewelry. here are a few of my favorites::

you can check out all of her work here. be sure to look at the material that is used to create the images and let me know what you think of it... i'd love to see one of these in person.
{all images via melanie bilenker jewelry, found on emma carroll etc}

{xo, l}

Tuesday, September 21

... where would you hide?

if you were a kitten?

[image via sofies-verden]

my plan was to share a million adorable photos of my new kitten tonight... but i can't find him {and nope, that's not him up there}... yes, i'm serious. and seriously bummed. apparently it's normal for kittens to hide when they are put into a new home, like for DAYS! the bf and i have both spent hours and hours looking for little baby louis tonight with no luck. now it's time to hit the sack, and i'm hoping 1 of the treats i've left out for him has tricked him out of his hiding spot by morning.
so where would you hide if you were a scared little kitten in a new home? i'm honestly looking for suggestions because i feel like i've looked in every nook and cranny pretty much tearing my house apart in the process.

{ xo, l }

Monday, September 20

- it's monday... make something -

it's monday, and i needed a little pick me up, so i decided to take a break and browse flickr for some inspiring images. i came across annaleahart on flickr and had to share a few of her lovely projects with you!
i've been wanting to make a little embroidery hoop display in our house and was so excited when i saw her tutorial::

{visit her blog for full directions}

and these are just too darn cute {and simple} not to try

{click here for tutorial}

what would you make with these little roses?

{ xo, l }

Friday, September 17

... hitched ...

i'll be heading to hitched next week and i'm so excited about it. it'll be my first time attending an event that is for the field i actually want to work in! hitched will showcase a long list of well known local companies that cater to the wedding industry. i'll be able to check out the work of many of the great event planners and designers i follow on-line, in person... now, i'm not planning a wedding or an event just yet, but i'm hoping to come out of this with a great deal of inspiration and resources to get me on my way to planning fabulous events:)
hitched is being held at the smogshoppe. an amazing {green} location in la. this place combines a mix of old and new that i just can't stop looking at... their use of succulents is gorgeous... and the fact that about 90% of the materials they used to build this place are reclaimed is pretty darn impressive. i really can't wait to see it for myself.

[all pictures via smogshoppe website]

you can click here to see all of the great people attending and showcasing their goods.
i'm not at all sure how these types of things go, but hopefully i'll be able to share a few shots with you afterwards:)
have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, September 15

[ decorating for fall ]

everyone's doing it... talking about fall decor already! i almost feel late in the game and it's mid september and still 80 degrees outside. i usually break out my far pretties when october rolls around, which actually isn't that fall away, this year is flying by! so here are some of my favorite things to do and use for fall decor, because 1. they're easily available at any craft or grocery store, 2. they're all very affordable, and 3. they're SO easy to implement into your home decor or table settings!

{wheat garland via 100 layer cake }

{ dried wheat and corn filled apothecary jars via remodelaholic }


{ great centerpiece w/ simple pumpkins via happy mundane }

{ pretty pears and pinecones via hooked on houses }

{ painted pumpkins via martha stewart }

{ bowls of balls of plush yarn via country living }

seriously simple right? i think my absolute favorite are the painted pumpkins... but of course, martha is a genious.
have you girls started decorating yet? do you have any more fun ideas for fall decor?

Tuesday, September 14

i've been doing a lot more flickr browsing lately. it used to be a place i could store and organize my photos... but just recently i've actually taken full advantage of finding amazing new people, blogs, and shops! i'm hooked and i can't believe it took me this long {ya ya, i know you're rolling your eyes right about now because i ignored the greatest part of being part of flickr}. only bad part? this is now another lovely distraction that could potentially eat up hours of my week... oh well:)
here are a few shots from one of my new faves, bonjour hello. these are just simple and beautiful, and i want to eat up that yummy cake.

take a little visit and check it out, you'll enjoy i promise.
do you ladies have any inspiring contacts on flickr you want to share? link to them here, i'd love to see:)

Monday, September 13

:: a quick hello ::

hi there ladies, how was everyones weekend?
mine was relaxing, FINALLY. we started off our weekend with this sweetness

isn't that sunset gorgeous? just one of the reasons on my long list of why i will NEVER leave this place! anyways... we enjoyed some good wine and cheese with a few friends, watched the sunset and had some amazing food at a local restaurant.
saturday was spent working on some new projects i've been thinking about putting in the shop for a while... meaning i might have a little update soon, hooray!
and sunday... more good food by the beach {ya, i was stuffed by last night, but it was all worth it}
so it seems crazy... but this week i'm actually starting to brainstorm/sample product for the holidays... holidays! and it's only september. i've come up with some fun new variations of things that i already offer. has anyone else with an etsy shop {or any shop} started thinking of, or actually work on holiday pieces?
hope everyone had a great monday... enjoy the rest of your week:)

Friday, September 10

- enjoy your weekend -

it's friday, the cold weather is coming, and pumpkin spice latte's are back...

{beautiful photo by spiffariffic}

all that makes for a good day:)
have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, September 9

{a faulously thrifty thursday... pretty little napkin rings}

does anyone need a quick and easy update for your dinner table?
head to your local grocery store, pick up some shower curtain rings, and read below to turn those into pretty accessories for your table instead of boring ones for your bathroom...


+ shower curtain rings (plain plastic)... any color will work
+ about 7 feet of yarn, or you can use some old fabric cut into strips (basically anything you can wrap around the ring)
+ fabric scraps (i used some left over muslin) cut into little petal shapes (10) shown above
+ 1 small strip of kraft paper (or use a grocery bag)
+ scissors, glue gun, stamps or sharpie

> tie your yarn in a knot around your ring <

> start wrapping until... <

> it looks like this. you can tie the ends together and cut off the excess <

> take your scrap fabric petals, fold, and hot glue them like the image above <

> start glueing each petal to form a flower <

> 5 petals should complete 1 full flower <

> make 2... put a final dot of glue in the middle of one, and glue the other on top <

> then glue your completed flower to your yarn wrapped ring... put it on top of where you tied your final knot to hide it <

> time to stamp or write a little place card <

> stamp your guests names (or even fun little sayings!), cut to size <

> add a small dot of glue to the end of your kraft paper and stick underneath the flower <

> tada! fun napkin rings for your table! <

enjoy! and if anyone makes variations of these, please share, i'd love to see!