Thursday, October 28

::: going for the gold :::

I have a crush... on gold

and i can't wait for december because i'm going gold this year!
i'm using little pops in my halloween decor this weekend (including spray painting pumpkins gold for place settings!) and can't wait to use more of it for the holidays.
i bet i sound a little crazy talking about the holidays already, but when compared to when i started christmas shopping (september), doesn't seem so crazy anymore:)

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Friday, October 22

. . . things i'm considering . . .

hey there, happy friday everyone! as usual i'm so happy it's here...
i know i've been a slacker this past week, it must be the weather {ya, i'm blaming EVERYTHING on it this week, so while i'm at it i'll include my lack of blogging}. so in an effort to make up for that {even if just a little} i thought i'd end the week with some of my favorite finds. things that i really really want packaged in a box, in a mail truck, on their merry way, with my name on top:)

just adore this pinboard by bliss in a teacup. love the fabric. love the styling. love that you barely even have to put anything on it because it can stand alone as a piece of art.

gorgeous. simple. fantastic necklace that screams fall. again, from the fab bliss in a teacup.

this has been on my wishlist for some time now... who knows, i probably shared it with you before too and just forgot, but didn't feel like scanning my own blog to make sure:) even so... if i did, it deserves a second round yes? trust me, i have piles of crap i could easily store in this beauty by sevenbc

why i don't have a mini purse yet? i don't know... i mean, it's basically an essential for garage saleing right? but no, instead i try to balance my coffee in one had, wallet and keys in the other, and dig through boxes trying to find treasures. yes, i need this

imagine all the fun things you could put in this guys mouth. i think it would be a really funny ashtray (if i smoked... which i don't, or hung out with people that did... which i don't). can't you just see him with a smoke hanging out the side of his mouth? hilarious. you can get him at high street market. unless i do first:)

enjoy your weekend!
{xo, l}

Wednesday, October 20

{ halloween menu part one }

i know everyone is so curious about what i'm making for my guests at our halloween dinner right? thought so... so here's as far as i've gotten. the recipe i am currently obsessing over... garlic fries

i know yum.
luckily most of our friends are already married, so no one should care that the first course of the night will give them bad breath for the remainder of it. maybe i'll hand out favor boxes with gum and breath mints:)
click here if you want a fantastic recipe
[disclaimer- i've never actually made this, it just SOUNDS fantastic at this point... i'll let you know]

now ideally we all like to serve our homemade fries in these adorable little fry holders from crate and barrel. but my goal for this halloween shindig is to NOT spend 4 weeks worth of pay. so instead...

i'm opting out for some easy, but just as cute paper cones like these beauties!

we all know fries are greasy and would just make those adorable candy corn and spider papers look like mush. so i'll probably stick to something equally chic, slightly cheaper, and line it with wax paper.

now hopefully i can come up with an appetizer, entree, dessert and cocktail before the 29th!

{xo, l}

Thursday, October 14

{a fabulously thrifty thursday - chanel lunch sack}

wow... now this is one paper bag i'd carry my lunch to work in. i've always wanted my very own quilted chanel bag.

[image via jak & jil]

it's been a jam packed week and i haven't had more than 5 free minutes to myself... so i promise when the birthday dinner/helping friends with designing flyers/dinner date with bf's dad/thanksgiving hawaii trip planning- madness dies down, i will show you how to make a pretty little crocheted bracelet!
in the mean time, go pack your lunch for tomorrow in one of these chic sacks.

{xo, l}

- guest book perfection -

browsing through images from another gorgeous wedding on la partie events blog, i came across a wonderful idea for a guest book::

{pictures via lapartieevents}

instax mini polaroids inserted to an adorable mini envelope and accompanied by a note from each of your guests? perfection. not only is this a fun thing for your guests to do (rather than just sigining a book) but after all of the wedding madness has come to an end, you get to display these in whatever creative way you can come up with... how fun would they all be lined up in a giant frame?
see the rest of the wedding here.

{xo, l}

Wednesday, October 13

{halloweeny inspo + a bday wish + blog love}

it's settled...
i'm having a halloween party, or more of a dinner party. we have a few party pooper friends {that i adore of course} that seriously won't come to a party if they have to dress up. so this usually works out for everyone. i let everyone know they don't have to dress "up" but can dress "festive"... this also means i get to wear a crazy fun outfit {if it weren't for the looks i'd get, it would be something i'd want to wear on a normal day}, glue on some fun fake lashes, and put something big and beautiful on my head, like a hat... or something with feathers and rhinestones:)
i already have a fall theme going on in the house, and would really hate to have to take it all down and replace it with halloweeny stuff... i found this image though which pretty much solves my problem! kinda half fall half halloween, right? i love it. i almost have all the goods to create this look which is a plus.
pumpkins+gourds+black+glass+labeled jugs and bottles with mysterious liquids {aka booze}=fabulous dinner party!

[image via country living]

what do you think of this take on halloween decor?

ps- happy birthday sista! she can buy lottery tickets now:)

we look like twins... i know
{i bet she'll be super excited to see that i chose a great pic of her:)}

pss- jenny asked me to be part of her wonderful wednesday feature! you can check it out here... and don't stop there because she has SO many great things over there if you are as obsessed with parties as we are!

{xo, l}

Thursday, October 7

- babs blog challenge -

i know, i'm suppposed to have something cheap for you today... but let me be honest, i really did have a project planned, which i totally intend on sharing before the week is over, but i forgot to do it. i know right? how do i forget something, when i do it every week? i don't know... i was being productive though when i forgot. i was cleaning out the trash can i call an office {it was bad people, i think ryan went in there and almost twisted his ankle}. anyways, i promise to have a thrifty little project for you, it's a cute bracelet tutorial that's perfect for fall and winter!
i also entered a challenge over at the babs blog! it's a design challenge... i'm sure i have some stiff competition... people that are probably actually interior designers, but i thought it sounded fun and wanted to give it a shot anyways. rules were simple. you start with this::

and add add add until you think you have a fabulous board for decorating a room.
here's what i came up with::

[paper background and tape strips via pugly pixel paper buffet]

do you like? i'd enjoy this in my living room... heck, i might even use this board when i redo my living room one day:)
wish me luck!

{xo, l}

Wednesday, October 6

. . . a fabulous fete update . . .

a few fun little items i added to my shop yestserday! i know... it's only 2, but i have many more colors and patterns i'll be adding soon. check it out here!

{xo, l}

Tuesday, October 5

[ cold and grey ]

that's exactly what today was... cold and grey. and i didn't mind one bit. armed with some yummy coffee and a warm sweatshirt, i enjoyed listening and watching the rain from behind the window. i admit, if i was out and about, today would have not been so great:)
anyways... it inspired me to pick some of my favorite things that are... grey!

don't these just remind you of a rainy day... but in a good way?

{xo, l}

Monday, October 4

- fall table display -

want to see what i did this weekend? scroll... down...

what i considered to be a rustic version of the "bow" napkin. i folded a square and tied a piece of jute twine around the center to create the bow shape. then picked a few good looking leaves from a bush out front!

some dried wheat in a bottle, a vine-ey twig-ey pumpkin and of course a candle for a simple centerpiece

then i added my flag garland i mentioned i was going to make in this post

there are a few other touches around the house... but the dining room was my favorite. the best part? i did it all with things i already had! i love when you dig through closets and find things you forgot about!
what did you do this weekend?

today was the first time i think i've ever been happy it rained... i'm so sick of the hot weather! this cold rainy day was a great change. i'm looking forward to another one tomorrow, but this time i'll be grabbing a pumpking spice latte and enjoying "fall" while it lasts {because as you know if you're in ca... back to summer temps this weekend, grr!}

{xo, l}

Friday, October 1

{ friday goodness + tiklari jewelry }

a few good things::
it's friday, woo hoo!
i'm growing my bangs out, and today was the first day they actually looked decent without half a can of hairspray, it only took about a 1/4 can {petty, i know... but this makes my day so much smoother}
i have high hopes that i can get ryan to take me out to get dessert tomorrow. crow bar in corona del mar has THE best homemade s'more dessert... homemade marshamallows, ice cream, graham crackers w/ salt, all covered in chocolate, yum!
you guys! i LOVED reading your comments this week on my cake, kitty and everything else! you're all so sweet:) ps- update on kitty, he's finally not hiding ALL day, only like 20 hours of it, and he actually likes sitting on the couch with us finally, instead of taking off to hide under it.
and last, i was on my daily cruise of etsy and found this shop, tiklari... SUCH cute jewelry. love it, want it... hint hint fam, it's almost christmas:)

{all images via tiklari}

have a fabulous weekend!

{xo, l}