Tuesday, June 7

[ our engagement invites! ]

they're finally done! sort of... i actually only finished a third of them. those were hand delivered to the few people who haven't heard by word of mouth. i'm running way behind on this, i know. so i figured, i'd put a place holder in peoples minds by telling them, then take my time on making these invites pretty:)
these were designed, printed, and made by me! i'm loving the new laser printer ryan gave me for my birthday! i printed these babies out in a flash and (i think) they look almost proffesional. gold ruffles sewn on as promised in this post. and this was my first attempt at kraft envelopes with my new white calligraphy ink. LOVE the contrast. i think i might use white on everything now... well except for on white, for obvious reasons. kraft envelopes are not the most friendly type of envelopes with pointy calligraphy pens (ie. lots and lots of snagging).

i will be displaying on of these beauties at my desk, just as soon as i can finish up the ones that guests actually need! friends that are reading this and haven't gotten one, yours is coming soon, promise!


  1. Ohh, these invitation cards are great! :) I especially love the golden ruffles!! :)

  2. These look SO good!!! I really love the invitations that you make. You should add that to your Etsy shop...you can't keep that talent hidden. :)

  3. LAUREN!

    You have to see my blog today! this is crazy- we are engagement party invite soulmates.


    I am soooo impressed with the sewn on ruffle. My original trial invite was a piece of fringed tissue sewn at the top a la Ashley Meaders, but it didnt work out. Yours look amazing. The little blue heart adds the perfect amount of color.

  4. LOVE the gold ruffles. nice touch! they look great.

  5. I love the gold ruffle! What a great touch!!


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