Tuesday, November 29

gifting on a dime || day two:: a streamer bracelet

remember those friendship bracelets you used to make in elementary school? well they're back. and they're cool.

all you need here is some embroidery thread and an old gold chain. don't know how to make a friendship bracelet? check this out. now you are officially hooked and will make thousands of these.
i could NOT figure out how to flatten this dumb thing out. hence, the "streamer" bracelet! i kind of like it like that, you know, with my love for parties and all.
attach your gold chains to the end of a shortened friendship bracelet. chic.

now package it up for that special someone with a few pieces of felt confetti and a safety pin.


  1. Nice job. Yes, don't I remember those friendship bracelet.


  2. I love it! It looks so much more elegant than a plain one. I used to buy friendship bracelets out of those candy machines that they had at grocery stores and shopping malls. It makes it seem like I had no friends, but I think I really just had lazy friends!

  3. To flatten out the friendship bracelets you just need to do each knot twice. Such a cute bracelet!!


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