Tuesday, November 15

|| pretty in pink shower ||

last weekend i made my way up to venice to turn a cozy patio into a sweet pink setting for a group of fabulous ladies celebrating the arrival of a friends baby girl.
here are a few shots of the handmade details i incorporated into the design::

each guest received their own individual succulent to take home

sparkling lemonade for the guest of honor... and a great little mimosa bar for the others

the sundae bar was adorned with a girly, glittery, fringe sign. hand dyed ombre bunting. custom calligraphy signs. embellished wood spoons. dipped cutlery and simple arrangements.

as always, it was a great time getting to create an all pink palette. my specialty:)


  1. Super cute!!! I love the succulents, spoons and the pink feet on the animals.... Too cute! Great job!

  2. Amazing! That came out really cute. Great job Lauren!


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