Wednesday, January 26

- it's okay -

to decorate with babys breath

love fresh flowers and greenery around the house, hate the $ it takes to do it.
i made 4 different "arrangements" with 2 bunches. two large and two smaller like the one above. and the best part is they last FOREVER!
what is your favorite flower to keep around the house?

Monday, January 24

. inspired by .

a desert oasis

plate - bracelets - print - dress -

. making a light box... and a little v-day inspiration .

so this weekend ryan and i worked on a little project. a light box.
mine is still a work in progress, i need much brighter bulbs, but so far so good!

we bought pvc pipe and cut 8 pieces, 4 for the top (this will be the final size), and 4 for the legs.
you will need 4 of the "joint" pieces you see below w/ 3 holes to put at each corner. forgive me for not knowing what these are called:)
and last we used pieces at the top of the legs that allowed us to screw them into the top. this way we can adjust the leg height so that its level AND take it apart to store in flat.

i used white polyester fabric to line 3 sides.
i cut the fabric to the size of each side and glued velcro to the legs and the fabric so it is easily removed for storage

the final product.. not pretty, but pretty functional.
i had some $3 lights purchased at ikea that are just about the perfect size, just a little too dull, but that can be fixed. in the back i took a small lamp w/ the shade off, you can do that on all three sides.

all set up and turned on for a mini trial shoot!

love love love
i had so much fun taking things from around the office and arranging them for my mini shoot. i can't wait to do this for many more inspiration boards and share more with you!

Friday, January 21

[vintage ceramics with a modern touch]

this might just be my new fave

she takes vintage pieces and adds her gorgeous artwork. and as you might have noticed, i'm a sucker for vintage meeting modern.
have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, January 20

. . mini bedroom tour . .

so here are a few photos i took while practicing my photography.. in my bedroom:) hey, art is everywhere right?

{the lovely ikea chandelier ryan really hates, but installed in our closet anyways (he says the light's too dim and he feels like he's getting dressed in the dark, i say he's color blind so it wouldn't matter anyways)}


{fun shadow shot}

{lots and lots of jewelry that needs to be organized much more efficiently, do i hear a diy coming?}

{our comfy spot.. that never gets made. whats the point if you aren't in that room all day and your just going to get back in at the end of the day? waste of 5 minutes if you ask me}

that's it for the mini tour of our sleeping quarters! next up? i have plans to share some details from our office. have a happy friday!

Monday, January 17

[ a short recap ]

a few notes from the weekend
i practiced my photography one afternoon when the light was coming in just perfectly through our bedroom window. the image above was the same day, but in the closet.. i actually felt really awkward taking pictures in my closet. anyways, i'll share the others later this week.
it was my moms bday, so we celebrated yesterday with pizza and cupcakes! take that diet! 
then i found a shirt i bought a few weeks ago at the bottom of the laundry. score! i had forgotten about it so it's almost like brand new!
i purchased this jacket with some christmas money that's been burning a hole in my pocket. i'm seriously in love with this thing and want to wear it everyday. might even do a little outfit post with it!
then i ended that lovely weekend with a bang.. literally. i was in my first almost bad car accident today. boo. i'm fine, the cars a little banged up. i hope this isn't a sign of my week to come!
i'll also be attending snap.crackle.pop! put on by utterly engaged with sharon! if everything else in my week follows suit with the wreck, i know at least this will be a blast and definitely inspiring.

Wednesday, January 12

this lobster is free

can't wait to use it on everything.. especially for valentines day!
you can download it free here::

= want =

perfect for sugar, salt, butter.. whatever you need to set out at your next dinner party

Tuesday, January 11

Monday, January 10

i heart carving stamps

step one towards my resolution::
stamp making
i've been wanting to try this for months. it's been on my list for so long because my local craft store stopped carrying the supplies. so, a girl has to improvise when she's too cheap to pay for shipping:) all it took was some carving tools used for clay and an old eraser i had lying around. i drew out my shape, yes, an extremely easy shape, but you have to start somewhere! then just carved around the area i wanted raised. it was so simple and only took a few minutes.

yep, if you noticed, i attempted my initial in a circle... forgetting that stamps need to be reversed. duh. looks okay though otherwise!

i can't wait to make more and more for me, friends, fam, and maybe even carving some custom stamps to  incorporate into items in my shop!

has anyone been successful so far in their resolutions?
{xo, l}

Wednesday, January 5

. . . one last look . . .

have you had enough pink party prettiness yet? never right? well this is my last little bit of fun to share with you. i took a few shots of my own... while eating at the dinner table. usually that would be considered rude, but i think when you have lots of pretty girls sitting around lots of pretty desserts and drinks, it's a must.

we had overflowing jars of confetti everywhere! the perfect new years eve accessory, or the perfect accessory for any party. save your precious dollars for a fantastic party dress, skip the store bought confetti and make your own out of old mags, junk mail, even bits of ribbon and fabric!

candy + sparkles + bows = heaven

we did in fact make a point to have defined new years specific projects, so just bookmark this page and open it next december  when you need a little inspiration

everyone loves a good prop in a photo, especially one that you can include your thoughts on! sharon came up with the brilliant idea for these gorgeous little boards. each guest received one and had to write their resolution down when they arrived! obviously perfect for the new year, but what if you gave these to guests at a wedding to capture a greeting for the lucky couple? fun!
we also decided to stay away from chalkboards as they seem to be at every event.. not that they're a bad thing, they're adorable and way more practical if you have more that a few guests on your list.

champagne- a must

i love banners. you never really NEED them. it's obvious to people why they're at a party... you invited them right? duh. but they're just so darn cute. you can easily adapt this hand cut banner for any of your party needs.

i hope you enjoyed all of our posts, projects and pictures. we had a blast and cannot wait to work together on another shoot. check back soon ladies, there's much more to come!

oh, and of course i need to give one last thank you to everyone who helped us pull this together.
up imagery - amazing photos, and SO patient with us asking for every little detail to be shot!
meringue bake shop - yummiest desserts EVER. call her and place an order for the salted rice krispie treats, to die for
glue dots - you saved me hours of cutting double stick tape or waiting for glue to dry. if you are a crafter, these are a must!
and of course... SHARON of cupcakes and cutlery! she's one inspired lady. she had (and has) so many great ideas. i really would have never been able to do something like this without her!  head over to check out her blog next, she's doing a little wrap up as well!

{xo, l}

Tuesday, January 4

[ details . details ]

details! they're what will make your event... every time.
and that is just what sharon and i focused on to be sure our guests attending our little party left with a big impression! we had a blast working on all of these projects and wanted to share how it all came together. so if you have an old mag, and want to recreate anything you've seen, keep reading!

{ calendar favor }

what better to give guests at a new years party than a great way to start off that new year? an adorable little pocket calendar to keep them on track with their new years resolutions...

to make the envelopes, a large doily was placed in the center of a full page from the mag, then spray painted gold to leave a fun doily image.

find 12 pages with as much white space as possible and use those for the main calendar sheets. find 12 more pages with fun colors and patterns to use as the background to your calendar sheets and cut those 1/2" to 1" bigger around the edges.

i used the glue dots glue lines for fast and simple assembly of calendar pages to the background

11 more and voila!

calendar favors for your guests...

{ bow jars }

our glass jars needed a little jazzing up, so sharon whipped up these adorable bows, clustered them around some vases and jars, then filled with things that all parties need.. candy, toys, confetti.. and more candy!

one. grab one page from your mag, a paper cutter.. or scissors if you have a steady hand:) and a piece of wire
two. cut 3 long strips, cut one of those strips in half
three. thread all pieces onto the wire, fold the two longer strips in half to create the loops in the bow
four. twist a little knot in the front of the bow to secure

finally wrap the rest of the wire around your jar to secure

repeat, repeat, repeat, and you'll have a fun display like ours below!

{ backdrop }

you can't have a party without pictures. so drape your prettiest sheet or curtain, grab some paper, and make a hanging HOORAY sign like ours!

you'll need your letters:

cut letters with an exacto knife (carefully people! i don't want to be responsible for anyone hurting themselves)

once your letters are cut, you'll need your fanned wheel as a backdrop

cut 2 sheets in half length wise
tape them into one long strip
and start folding your heart out

you'll end up with a fan like the image above on the left
pinch the ends together and secure with tape or glue to create the circle... i put a dot of hot glue in the center of the circle to keep that secure as well.

top your wheel with a letter and repeat!
[side note- find contrasting colors for your letters and wheels. it'll be so much easier to read!]

{ noisemakers }

what we did here was buy the cheesy noise makers you can get at any party store, ripped off the ugly metallic paper [i don't HATE metallic, i actually love it, just not when it comes from a big box party store] cut strips of paper, made fringe, then rolled it back up onto the noise maker part and secured with a glue dot! so cute and these seriously took 1 minute each.

oh, and if you're glittertastic (sharon) you can dip the ends lightly in glue then glitter to add a little glitz to your blower

{ accessories }

we couldn't skimp on the girls.. so everyone got a little paper accessory!

paper rectangles folded, bundled, then cinched in the center turned into a lovely little bow tie necklace

handcut hearts that got a little crumble were attached to a piece of twisted paper to make a headband

love love loved our accessories and so did our guests!

{ chandelier }

i have mixed feelings about this.. which i will wait to express later after you fall for how awesome this gem is.  basically you need to hire your little ones (if you have them) to punch little circles and tear little squares. you will need loads. or, this is a perfect task to complete while watching the real housewives marathon... not that i did that though.

after you have your circles and squares. break out the sewing machine and sew miles of circle-square-circle-square garland. go out and get yourself a circle made of sturdy/thick wire. i used something i believe is made with the intention of being used with floral wreaths? not completely sure, but after a coat of silver spray paint it was perfect. anyways... cut your miles into strings of garland that you will tie at one end to your circle.

make it as full or as skimpy as you'd like, hang, and admire
but don't, please don't, stick those hooks that they advertise on tv (the ones with the sticky back that supposedly don't leave marks on your walls? and SUPPOSEDLY hold like 15 pounds?!!) to the ceiling and string your chandelier from it... because it will fall before your photo shoot is over or your party has begun, then you will kind of cry a little. and it'll suck. but if you have an awesome photographer that catches a few amazing shots before the poor thing falls and every little strand gets tangled to its neighbor, then you'll kind of be okay with it... just my disclaimer:)

happy crafting! sharon and i really hope you enjoyed browsing through our projects and hope that you will get to try one, or a few, for yourself!
oh, and we'll be posting one last time tomorrow with a few more of our own shots, what was going through our crazy crafty heads when we were planning, and whatever else we want to say about our new years eve gone girls night out... bash. can you tell we're proud?
{xo, l}

ps- most images are again from up imagery!