Monday, February 28

. wishful thinking .

lists are always fun, especially when it's a long list of things you wish you had. so here's mine. my birthday (sunday!) wishlist... it might even serve it's purpose and assist some family and friends that always say it's so hard to buy for me. really? i'll take anything from colored pencils to a cat shirt... it can't be that hard;)

i've basically had my eye on all of this stuff for weeks. no other reason than it's all just stinkin cute.

there is actually something i semi sort of need. that camera. ryan got a boat load of film for me for christmas... with a polaroid camera, that unfortunately did not take that film:( we can only find the camera on ebay, and i always forget to bid, so... i STILL have not managed to get a camera and use my film.

{necklaces by edor}[ring by macha]{mini purse by red ruby rose}

i'll take one of each please, thanks:)
next up, birthday party inspiration board. expect hot pink, stripes, wine and mini cakes!

Wednesday, February 23

{shop at:: from soul}

i've had her shop marked in my favorites for a while.
from soul has the most fantastic little pieces to fuel my office and craft supply obsessions.
i don't really have to explain much, just take a look


Monday, February 21

[ le birthday party at a glance ]

we had a little get together last saturday to celebrate ryans birthday.
it was the easiest birthday so far.
i ran to the bakery, grabbed some yummy desserts. passed through trader joes for some pretzels and dip. grabbed some fresh flowers and hung a happy birthday garland i had made months ago [just incase!]
we met at the house, went out for some delicious japanese and came back to dig into the buffet of treats.
here are just a few photos i got before guests arrived::

ps: i was so excited to finally find red bull cola! i've only every had it in europe and could never track it down here. weird, because i HATE red bull... have you tried it? you should:)


working today = fail
finding cute party supplies = pass
typical monday, xo

Friday, February 18

something mini for your weekend

yesterday was ryan's birthday and i was browsing the aisles of the craft store for fun ways to package his presents. i spotted these adorable little guys.
um, these are erasers. erasers i will never be able to bring myself to use. could you?
they're currently being used to test the new lights for the lightbox [which still stinks... how bright of a bulk do you need, jeez!], next they will be recruited to my desk and used as little trinkets to brighten my day, and once ryan finishes fixing my display box for my obsessive collection of miniature things, they will probably be retired to their respective squares.

how great would these be as favors? i mean, even as an adult.. i wouldn't mind getting these as a favor:)
another useless craft store purchase? horse decals i will be turning into stencils. stencils that will be used to adorn a cool oversized sweatshirt i picked up at old navy on sale. ya! horse sweatshirt = awesome
have a fabulous weekend! xo

Wednesday, February 16

fundraiser details [love is in the hair]

saturday sharon and i packed up and headed over to tek salon to set up for love is in the hair, the fundraiser i mentioned here. our mission was simple. add a little love inspired flair to go along with the valentines day theme of the event.. okay, maybe just easy for me because i love anything pink, and with hearts.

we lined the windows with these fun heart balloons sharon picked up. YES, we like to stray away from things bought at party city, BUT, it's all in the presentation. these balloons went from a bad valentines bouquet, to a fabulous display when lined up, 8 in a row, welcoming guests in from the front window.

raffle ticket signs were a last minute add. note to self. always always always bring extra material, you never know what someone might ask you to whip up at the last second! and the love is in the hair confetti? a quick scan of a handwritten logo, copied and printed, turned into an easy and fun way to give the all of the empty spaces a reminder of why you were there:)

and of course, my pride and joy, the piece that gave me arthritis from cutting fringe by hand for days... the lovely fringe heart made for the photo back drop! i'm in love and might hang it in my house.

here's a bellini bar we set up. i took inspiration from the heart and applied it here to these mixer labels.

above sharon set up an amazing little candy bar with old bottles she removed the labels from. i then added a quick heart to some paper bags using this stamp i carved by hand!
yummy sweets were also provided by nothing bundt cakes and sensitive sweets.
i had also been experimenting with clay and had made some heart dessert picks we added to the cupcakes.

and lastly, a little more signage. most of the inspiration came from conversation hearts. signs were displayed all over the salon with phrases like "sweet talk", "call me" and "kiss me". i really don't think valentines day is valentines day without conversation hearts.

there are SO many more photos of the event here and here, all of the amazing people who participated and helped raise money, and all of the fabulous people that volunteered their time to make this event all it was. big thank you sharon who recruited me! i had a blast putting some of these details together!

heart, candy buffet, and lemon bar photos by lindsey garrett from the mod chik
balloons, raffle tickets, candy corn, 3 fringe signs, and cupcake photos by kathleen enge from sugar and spice
remaining were taken myself

[hang em up]

one more thing i think i need

found here .. buy them here

Tuesday, February 15

{bits of our valentines day}

homemade dinner + champagne + cupcakes + being able to wear my pj's through all of it = a fantastic valentines day.

Wednesday, February 9

.i heart this.

this piece by esra roise is appropriately named .the birthday party.
it was love at first site because::
1. my current obsession is kelly green + pink
2. i'm getting bangs in 14 days
3. it's my bday in less than a month and i'm gettin excited
i hope to look half as cool on my day:)
[image via]

Tuesday, February 8

[a whole lotta fringe]

what i've been doing for the past couple of days::

i can't show you what all of this fringe makes up yet.. but i'll be sure to share next week.
sharon asked me to help with some of the decor for this fundraiser to benefit the pediatric cancer research fund. it's a valentines day themed event where tiny oranges team member, tera rae stephens, has gathered an amazing team of hairdressers to offer blowouts for your fabulous valentines day celebration. all proceeds benefit the pcrf, so if you're local, join us!
can't wait to share all of the fun valentines day inspired decor we've put together!

Friday, February 4

+ spotted +

funny story
as i was browsing etsy for some fun new party supplies, i came across the fabulous chalkboard horses you see below by houndstooth design & mercantile. wanting to know more, i checked out their profile, followed all the links and ended up on this wedding featured on once wed. first let me say, fabulous wedding, check out all the posts.. my favorite? the vegetable centerpieces. moving on to my point. look at her cake stand!!! is that a mini cupcake stand from a fabulous fete? yep!
so now i can say i was semi, sort of, almost on once wed, ha:)

[photo by nancy neil]

moving on to these little guys. maybe you've seen them, but i just had to share them again.
1. because they led me to my cupcake stand
2. because they're so darling and clever
i love using found objects to set the table for dinner parties. it makes everything look a little less serious. and at the least, provides a conversation starter.

thanks houndstooth design for a great friday surprise!
.have an awesome weekend.

Wednesday, February 2

.a quick visit to palm springs.

a few highlights from sharon and my, er, my and sharon's [anyone? clearly i'm better with a camera than grammer] trip to ace.

some bubbly to get the ideas flowing.. we might just be working on a new project together. the fantastic van and sign right outside of our room, and a pool that i fully intend on visiting this summer. the list of things you could eat, drink, or steal from our room.. i was just in love with the coyote, so adorable. and last, our looks for hitched. the plan was to jump on the bed.. but we decided not to break our ankles [heels are hard to balance on in a soft bed] and attend the hitched event instead.
it was a fun little getaway, can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, February 1

[triangular inspiration]

went to hitched (amazing), and came back with a little desert/tribal/retro-ness obsession.
so here ya go. triangle inspiration. 

| paintings by focuslineart | salt and pepper shakers by roudesigns | bangle by voz clothing & art | print by polymorphia | tea towel by leah duncan | necklace by lepidoptery | garland by kate greiner |