Thursday, March 31

{ sparkler }

the kumquat sparkler

funny name. yummy cocktail

i picked all that fruit and thought some of it should go to good use, so i found this recipe and whipped up a champagne cocktail..

enjoy your weekend, and maybe a little cocktail to go with it:)

Monday, March 28

-f r o m the y a r d-

having a fruit tree in the yard makes for a quick and pretty decoration in the house. for the longest time i had no idea what these little guys were, then my neighbor told me they were kumquats. i laughed, then she said, no really, that's what they are:) not only are they cute in a bowl, they make a yummy cocktail that i'll share later this week!

Thursday, March 24

[c i t r o n . v i n t a g e]

wow. did this week fly by or what? every time i looked up at the clock it was time for sleep. and i like my sleep. and miss blog suffered. back to normal next week, i promise! 
i think my party was, uh, 2 weeks ago now? but i have yet to put normal decor back in it's place. everytime i went to do it, i kept thinking how spring is here and i need to brighten things up a bit (even if the rainy days have said different). i had a thing for yellow last year, and i think citron would be close, but a great update to that! not just in the house, but for my spring wardrobe.
here are a few fun vintage finds in citron to brighten up your spring::

vase via the gingham owl | glasses via prance and swagger | necklace via the brighton emporium

can't wait to track down some more finds for my home, and maybe even a spring bash?

Thursday, March 17

[plans for the weekend]

let's just say i'm going to have lots of time on my hands this weekend. no plans. bf will be working.
this is a good thing since i have many many projects that have just been sitting in my head, waiting to actually be done. here is my biggest. the bedroom

this is our current situation:: i bought that bedding (in december and have yet to actually put it on the bed). bought the striped fabric from ikea to make pillows (also, not done...). and have some lovely... let's call them "vintage" wood nightstands that desperately need an update.

bedding:: easy. done in an hour saturday morning
night stands:: little more tricky. i have some blue/teal-ish paint like the color below. the stands have drawers so i'm thinking paint the base the teal and leave the drawers the natural wood color? i know it's hard to visualize, but i'd like to hear what you think on color!

what do you think?

Wednesday, March 16

- twenty.six -

[straw and silverware images by sharon]

what started out as a photo shoot sharon and i had been planning, ended up turning into my birthday bash! we have been playing around with the idea of dipping silverware for a while now. so it became the centerpiece of this wine and cheese tasting. spoons, forks and knifes we're lined up by color and little bits of cheese placed on each one. each color represented one of the four cheeses we tasted that night, and each cheese was labeled on the adorable cows.
remember all of these i prepared?  they turned into a backdrop of garland you can see peeking out in some of photos.

[cow and label images by sharon]

cows told guests what they were eating, there was a name tag and handmade tassel adorning each glass and plenty of fruit and sweets to accompany the cheese!

[silverware image by sharon]

i painted up some fun cocktail napkins. sharons awesome dad made fancy little wood cake blocks. i practiced my calligraphy on labels for spreads and sides. mini cakes were served and succulents added a touch of green to the scenery.

[silverware image by sharon, happy birthday garland image by caitlyn goodman]
.all other images by me.

there are plenty more photos here and here.

i'm so glad i got to use all of our great ideas for this day! we had a blast designing, styling, creating and shooting to share with you.. get ready for more from the two of us.. lots more!

Tuesday, March 15

.l e f t o v e r s.

the best part about parties is all the pretty things you can actually reuse around the house after... like these succulents. sometimes these pretties even make up for the cleaning you have to do the next day. sometimes...

Monday, March 14

yellow + wood

happy monday...

i bought these for my party friday and completely forgot about them.. so now they are cheering up my living room with a little color. and that amazing stand they're on? sharons dad made that, and like a million more. he's a genious:) you can see how sharon and i used them at my bday party later this week!

Thursday, March 10

birthday bash:: exhibit e

yep, they're still coming... we'll have lots of these at the shindig tomorrow as well.

> striped shirt via urban outfitters <
[ tassles via tassle depot ]
> silverware photo by jennifer davick via southern living <

Monday, March 7

birthday bash:: exhibit a

so many ideas running through my head for what i want to do at my birthday bash on friday, i thought i would dedicate this whole week to sharing them one by one. enjoy

[photo via the purl bee]

there will definitely be lots and lots of garland like this little party on the purl bee (mine in hot pink of course). love this image, you can click on over and get the diy instructions here...

Tuesday, March 1


i know i'm way way way way way behind and this image has probably been around the block. BUT i have a little window next to the door at our house and think this would be so perfectly adorable for my birthday party! and i might just leave it up after that.. that is up to the cat, who might just tear it down. we'll see.