Tuesday, May 31

judy kaufmann :: i l l u s t r a t o r

judy kaufmann... fabulous illustrator i just couldn't help but sharing. she's a super sweet gal from barcelona who was kind enough to share a piece of her story with me, and a little gift for you. it was so hard for me to pick what i wanted to showcase here... her simple style grabs me. i've been determined to grow my art collection, and she will surely be my next addition.

this is definitely my fave, because...

mondays truly would be way more awesome if this were true (one day!)

ok, so i wanted to share a little more about judy. getting to know people makes their work even more interesting::

[ tell us a little about yourself outside of your illustration business ]
I really like to wake up and go to swim, it is something that relaxes me for the entire day. I also go one or two times a week to the cinema and this last time I've been reading a lot of graphic novel. Also, these days, I'm listening the last PJ Harvey LP, Let England Shake.
I also try to travel a lot, my next trip would be an almost two month trip to Chile, Perú and Bolivia, so now I'm trying to get everything organized.

[ how did you get started? ]

I've started working on a newspaper in Chile, eight or nine years ago. I was very inspired by the illustrator of this place and he was the one who assured me that this was exactly what I wanted to do. Then I came to Barcelona, one of the best places for designers and illustrators. And here I am, very happy with how things went.
[ what inspires you? ]
As I always say, I get the inspiration from what I don't understand, what I don't know, what I don't know how to do, what I am not. From the interest that I feel about all things that are outside of my life. That's where my imagination picks the inspiration. On the other hand, I have a bizarre and explosive inspiration when I go to museums and galleries and I get involved with different colors and formats, whether I like or not what I'm seeing

now... more of my picks from judy's etsy shop

AND judy was kind enough to offer a fabulous fete readers 15% off! Visit her shop, mention you are stopping by from a fabulous fete, and enter coupon code AFABULOUSFETE

a big thanks to judy for her time and generous offer!

Monday, May 23

{ couldn't resist }

a few things i found on etsy last week.
those pink pants... just because they're amazing
and that dress. perfect for our engagement photos!

| pants from brown bag vintage |
| dress from mix's |

Tuesday, May 17


check it out! here is the first half of the update in a fabulous fete!
there are TONS of new cakestand options and a few more on their way... new items with custom calligraphy... and lots of fun drink stirrers.
i expect all of that to be in my shop by this weekend. so check back if you are looking for a little something to add a special touch to your summer party.

Thursday, May 12

{favor bag diy with glue dots}

[image by me]

hope everyone has enjoyed all of the different projects we have been sharing!
today i will be showing you how to whip up some favor bags for your next bash.
here is what you will need::

| cardstock in 2 colors | small strip of fabric | glue dots glue lines | scissors | ruler | pencil |

remember, all of these measurements are easily adaptable to the size you want for your bag!

cut the paper for your bag:: 5" wide x 9" tall

draw in measurements for the sides and bottom of bag::
mark lines 1" in from each side length wise
mark lines 4 inches in from each end

fold up sides length wise, these will be the side walls of your bag
cut on the lines you drew width wise ONLY in 1", not all the way across to the other side, this will create the base size of your bag

apply the glue lines to the outside edges of the sides you folded in the create the side walls of the bag
keeping the short tabs in the center on the inside of the bag, fold up the sides, over lapping the sides of the bag, press down securing the glue, and voila, you have your bag.

cut your fabric strip as long as you'd like, i'd recommend about 5 inches::
and attach on on each side of the bag to create your handle

cut your triangle in the contrast color paper and attach

enjoy your new favor bag... and repeat!

sharon and i cannot wait to share all of the other fun projects we worked on for glue dots!
we will get to share soon... stay tuned

[ all images by sharon of cupcakes and cutlery unless otherwise noted ]

Wednesday, May 11

Tuesday, May 10

... fabric flower tutorial with glue dots ...

[image above by me]

if you visited cupcakes and cutlery yesterday for the straw tutorial, you got a little run down on what these projects are for. if you didn't... here's a quick recap. ok, well i guess there isn't that much to recap since the majority of what we did is still in the works and will be published soon! basically, glue dots approached sharon asking if she'd like to help out with a project for their company. sharon recruited me because she likes my craft skills and is awesome at bringing opportunities like this to me. sharon and i brainstormed. glue dots sent us a box jam packed with glue dots goodness. sharon and i made lots of messes with fabric and paper. now we bring to you, fun diy projects you can make with a box of glue dots and a few inexpensive craft supplies your probably already have in your stash.

one of the glue dots projects i worked on were these bright blooms made out of fabric.
pretty sure i will be creating these again, in masses. i think a gigantic bunch of them in different shades of one color would look great as a spring centerpiece on our table! i also love that you can use the wire to make these flowers move and stand exactly where you want them.

here's what you need::

| fabric | micro glue dots | wire, available at any craft store | scissors |

for each flower, you will need to cut out 5 circles in different sizes

on each circle i used 2 of the micro glue dots to create a fold as seen in the image above

use a sharp object to create a small hole in the center of each circle that now have folds

thread each circle onto a long piece of wire, largest first to smallest on top [length of wire depends how long you would like your stem]
bend the wire in a "v" shape and crimp all of the circles together

great flowers that cost less than real ones and will last forever:)

[all images by sharon of cupcakes and cutlery unless otherwise noted]

that's not all folks. head back on over to cupcakes and cutlery tomorrow for a tutorial on some napkin rings, then back over here on thursday for a great customizable gift bag diy!

Monday, May 9

[straw fringe diy on cupcakes and cutlery]

today sharon is sharing how she made this great straw fringe garnish with glue dots for a project we worked on together. head over and check it out!
tomorrow i will be sharing a fun flower tutorial. so get your fabric, glue dots and wire ready!

Friday, May 6

happy friday friends
i'm off to the desert for some sun and to celebrate my mom being awesome:)
hope you all have a gorgeous weekend. stop by on monday, sharon and i will be sharing some fun diy projects that you can adapt for any of your own parties! the best part? they're made with glue dots which equals SIMPLE.

Thursday, May 5

have yourself...

a margarita

oh, and a happy cinco de mayo!
need a yummy recipe? check out this strawberry basil marg over at cupcakes and cutlery. i will DEFINITELY be having one of these tonight... unfortunately while i do laundry and pack for our trip to the desert. margaritas make everything better though right?

Wednesday, May 4

. leaning .

all of the pictures i have saved, tagged, pinned and torn recently have been leaning towards this fresh shade of mint. i think that means something..

mint + gold = party colors

Tuesday, May 3

{ invitation inspiration }

next up on the wedding planning agenda.. the engagement party! now, i know that this is traditionally taken care of by family, but how could i pass up an opportunity to plan another bash? i can't. i will happily let my mom host this party, and happily (maybe forcefully) pass over party ideas... ok, not ideas, how it's gonna be.

it all has to start somewhere. the invitation.
i can't tell you how excited i am about getting to send REAL invitations for our wedding. if i sent out paper invitations... in THE MAIL, for any other occasion other than this, i would never hear the end of it from our friends. they already feel obligated to ask about the "dress code" when they come to our house for a bbq (only because i make a huge deal out of every get together.. it's my passion!). an actual invite would only lead to more jokes on my behalf (i might sound annoyed, but i really take the martha stewart jokes as compliments:)

moving on. my inspiration... all i see for these engagement party invites is GOLD. shiny gold ruffles to be exact.

i'm planning on sewing gold ruffles onto the invites (and also plan on having a small wedding, ha)
we will see how that plays out. i'll share the outcome soon!