Wednesday, June 29

- the engagement -

our engagement party was saturday. the event we appropriately called meet the fockers. and strangely, both sets of parents tugged at the chance of being the "fockers". i mean.. i guess in the movie, both sides are equally strange in their own ways, so i'm not sure i'd want to be either:)
i had to switch gears quickly for this one. moving from a southwestern shindig to a classy cocktail party. it was a challenge planning two events at once {i like to put my focus on ONE thing only, i'm not the greatest multitasker} especially since they were only 2 days apart.
i think our party turned out great though after a stressful morning and set up. i didn't get to execute every single detail i had planned, but no one but me knows {i have to constantly remind myself of this}. and i think when you look at it in anothers point of view, it was pretty snazzy:)

and as ryan points out to me, every single time we have a party, i shouldn't stress over the details because the whole puprose of that day is to celebrate with friends and family. the details are just icing on the cake.

my custom "chandelier"

i put out a few signs, this one was in case people were wondering why i picked such an array of treats... because they're our fave! and not because they matched the color scheme {trust me, i had a very hard time accepting that our favorite candies were not green}

ya, my mom has a popcorn machine, so i figured we MUST put it to use. we're planning on hosting an outdoor movie night at our house this summer... pretty sure this gem will be in attendance again.

churros, again. because they were so darn good last thursday:)

the happy couple:)

the girls

and of course the shoes... can you guess which are mine?

ryan and i had a great time celebrating with family and friends and can't wait to do it again on the big day!

Monday, June 27

[ rosemary lemon margarita ]

recipe 02.
rosemary lemon margarita
found here on
i'm actually stepping out of my comfort zone and experimenting with ingredients that i may have labeled "gross" or "nasty" in the past. you see, i used to be a chicken and broccoli girl. i literally ate chicken and broccoli every night for months after i moved out of my parents house. rosemary would have never made it into a recipe, and would have never even come close to my cocktail glass. oh what a difference a few years makes {and not to mention a boyfriend fiance that makes me try EVERYTHING because he said i grew up in a bubble:)}. i now have a garden in which i'm growing veggies and some yummy herbs to cook and make cocktails with. 
ok moving on. not sure what my garden has to do with this marg recipe... anyways, this one is tasty. i actually think people may have been a bit scared of rosemary in their marg, so it didn't go as quickly. but have an open mind! my suggestion on this one? i'd definitely want to try and infuse the tequila for a few days with the rosemary. the rosemary flavor didn't come through much by just adding it in the glass after you mixed the drink. i think letting it sit for at least a little bit would bring out the flavor.
try it and let me know.. or i might just try it again this holiday weekend!

. pomegranate margarita .

recipe 01.
pomegranate margarita
i found it here on food network
all you need is pomegranate juice, tequila, triple sec and lime juice.
i'm a fan of these quick recipes that don't involve many steps. here you mix and serve. i like to keep it simple with cocktails {and cooking or baking for that matter} 4-5 ingredients tops. otherwise by the time it's ready, it was too much work and i don't want it any more. and if i do, and like it, i'm bummed because i'm usually to lazy to make another:)
my advice? cut a bit of the pom juice and add a dash of club soda to make it less sugary.
this was the first one gone at confetti lab, so i think if the guests could vote, they would give it 5 stars, two thumbs up... or just ask for seconds.

oh.. hey!

friends:: i'm back!
confetti lab.. check
engagement party.. check
i can't believe how much of my time was consumed with planning these events last week. i guess since they were super important {to me at least} i didn't even notice the lack of attention i gave to everything else going on around me. that includes laundry, vacuuming, etc. ryan and i got home yesterday from my parents house, and it was like a bomb went off in the house. packages everywhere, confetti everywhere, cakestands on the floor, you name it, it was out of it's place and cluttering our home.
i'm so glad to be back to normal. i feel a new wave of inspiration for blog and project ideas. now i can't wait to get started! 
thanks for being patient! i'll be back today with some yummy recipes we used at confetti lab last week!

Friday, June 24

[confetti lab | quick recap]

marathon party weekend prep is almost complete... but i thought i needed to pop in a give you all a little peek of last night! Confetti Lab turned out amazing! So many people came out to support, food was delicious, cocktails were yummy, and i had a blast getting to be a part of it.
i left all of the picture taking to up imagery, since... he's awesome at it, so why not:) i did take a few though

and then it lit up...

diy masking tape garland craft table

one of the tables that made up a little lounge area for guests

and a shot at the marg bar::

i created the custom calligraphy signs and straws for the 3 margarita flavors we were offering.

we had so many people that supported and offered product and/or service to make this event happen... so   here's a flyer i designed to give everyone the credit they deserved

i cannot wait to see all of the images from up imagery!
i'll also be sharing some recipes we used for our rosemary lemon margaritas and pomegranate.. yum.

oh, and did you see that new button at the top? yep, event design... currently it's a work in progress. I'll be updating it in the next few days and will do an official launch and post:)
i'm off for a tiny bit of me time, shopping for jewelry and a quick stop at the nail salon before our engagement party tomorrow. I'll be back next week to share all of those details as well!
Have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, June 16

{ pretty in tulle }

i am absolutely in love with these bags.
they're perfectly functional and girly.

i think they would be perfect filled with fun little items for your bridesmaids, a girls night party favor, or even just your lunch.
you can get your own here from bankeladen on etsy

oh, and pardon me in advance for my abscense... i'll be busy the next few days working on all of the amazing details we have planned for CONFETTI LAB!!! (ARE YOU COMING?!) AND my engagment party that will be taking place only 2 days after. okay, that just stressed me out... off to cut streamers.

and get excited, tomorrow is friday:)

Monday, June 13

. wedding pantry window details .

a few of the details from the window display i created for the wedding pantry.

windows are a camera's enemy.. so these are just a few of the shots i got without a massive amount of picture ruining glare

i pulled together some mexican/southwestern inspired items like cacti, tequila, and one of our mexican blankets. my amazing cake making amigo, christie, whipped up a few faux cakes for me, strips of fabric were dyed to achieve an ombre look for the backdrop, and my favorite part... my "let's party" sign! i was very pleased how that turned out. so pleased it might just be offered in my shop soon as a customizeable banner!

Thursday, June 9

[ procrastinator ]

i have a ton of decor and favors to prepare, a caterer to choose, and many other details to manage, yet i find this my priority.. picking out my party dress for the engagement bash.
it is super cute though right? (check the back out. AMAZING)
i'm raising my glass as we speak to tomorrow being friday.. thank. goodness. it. is. here.

[dress via nasty gal]

Tuesday, June 7

[ our engagement invites! ]

they're finally done! sort of... i actually only finished a third of them. those were hand delivered to the few people who haven't heard by word of mouth. i'm running way behind on this, i know. so i figured, i'd put a place holder in peoples minds by telling them, then take my time on making these invites pretty:)
these were designed, printed, and made by me! i'm loving the new laser printer ryan gave me for my birthday! i printed these babies out in a flash and (i think) they look almost proffesional. gold ruffles sewn on as promised in this post. and this was my first attempt at kraft envelopes with my new white calligraphy ink. LOVE the contrast. i think i might use white on everything now... well except for on white, for obvious reasons. kraft envelopes are not the most friendly type of envelopes with pointy calligraphy pens (ie. lots and lots of snagging).

i will be displaying on of these beauties at my desk, just as soon as i can finish up the ones that guests actually need! friends that are reading this and haven't gotten one, yours is coming soon, promise!

Friday, June 3

announcing... confetti lab!

local and love parties? well, i have teamed up with eva from the wedding pantry, brittany from spruce pr, and many other fantastic party people to throw a summer bash! there will be party supply shopping, taco and cupcake eating, a little crafting, margarita drinking, and a ton of inspiration for the taking.
don't miss it! there is no cost for you to attend and we have a lot of goodies to give out to the gals that love parties just as much as we do!

join us on june 23rd, 6pm - 9pm at the wedding pantry
138 w. main street, tustin ca 92780

questions, comments, concerns, or just plain excited and want to tell me about it? email me!
see you there!