Thursday, July 28

{ playing dress up }

with summer being here, all i want to do is wear pretty flowy dresses. So you can imagine what a large percentage of my favorites are on etsy...

I want them all (including those legs), but should really get one {if my wallet had a choice}. Which would you pick?

|| 01. buttertoastboutique // 02. hallecat // 03. 04. & 05. persephonevintage ||

Wednesday, July 27

|| le cookie organizer ||

i went to visit another one of my new mommy friends today. a few of us girls decided to split up a meal and each bring part for all of us to enjoy while visiting. of course mine was desserts because... desserts the best part of a meal, right?

i found a set of 3 of these little white baskets at staples yesterday while shopping for a shipping box [same situation i mentioned here. i need to learn how to focus]. the set of 3 was only 99 cents! 

i spruced it up with some gold spray paint and baked some fabulously easy cookies to fill it with.

yep. sugar cookies + frosting + sprinkles = fancy dessert that doesn't take fancy dessert time.
i added a few flags to customize it for our gathering..

and left [well... what was left after we all chowed down] the cookies for the new fam to enjoy. not sure they'll last long. they were really good if i say so myself:)

i plan to paint the other 2 in some fun colors. maybe hot pink and gold. i'll keep those 2 in my office for organization. talk about versatile... cookie tray/office organizer all wrapped into one!

Tuesday, July 26

oh look // i used succulents again

per the usual situation when running errands. i failed to have self control during my trip to lowes for spray paint i needed for a clients project [which by the way is shaping up to be pretty rad]. i'm a bit of a geek when it comes to plants. i actually just like to troll around the garden department and WISH i could keep some of those beauties alive in my yard. baby steps. for some reason i can keep things in pots alive better than when they're in the ground.

we have a little patio set ryans parents gave us. it's been sitting outside our back door for a year or two now, sadly staring back at me asking to be prettied up. that was how i justified buying more succulents.. to give the outdoor table some decor!

it took about 5 minutes and only cost around $10.
round up your succulents

i found this great planter at the dollar store!

stuff (nicely) your succulents in.


pretty decor that can withstand the sun, heat, rain, cold (just not frost) and can also afford to go a few days without watering. i also came up with some weather proof bunting for my new succulent garden:) of course! will share soon!

Monday, July 25

r's and l's and s's oh my

One of the project ideas I had for our wedding uses lots of vintage letters. I’m having a hard time deciding on whether I used “R”s and “&”s and “L”s, or just stick with “S”s {r and l being our initials, s being the initial of our, soon to be my, new last name}. I notice a lot of brides like to incorporate first name initials, but one letter seems so much, um, cleaner? Simpler? I know the day is about the 2 of us, which would warrant using the first names, but it’s also about uniting… which would make using the S a great option. Please help me with this battle going on inside my head:) Whether you’re looking at it in the bride’s perspective, or the guests perspective, or even the grooms, what do you think? Of course I’ll take the grooms thoughts into consideration as well. But to be honest, I might be lucky to get a grunt of approval and shoulder shrug… men.

Tuesday, July 19

m a n l y // m a n

in celebration of our friends 43rd year of life [i'm tired of saying the b-word], his wife and i have teamed up to throw him a bash, a manly man bash.
when christie asked for my help, i happily agreed. i'll never turn down a chance to craft up a shindig for a good friend, throw together an inspiring board, and then see it all come to life. it's what i do.
i've actually never planned anything for a guy/man/boy/male before. we've had little get togethers at home for ryan, but nothing too decked out. so i went straight to the manliest thing i could think of.


i was inspired by it's colors, sophistication, but simplicity of it's label, and it's all american "reputation".
we'll have accents of dark, worn in wood, sturdy antique silver, succulents (simply because i've yet to come up with a manly flower arrangement), mustaches, mason jars, and a hint of garland... because it's not a party without garland. we'll be serving peanuts, potato chips and corn nuts:) and at the moment, i am searching for some yummy vodka cocktails, guest of honors fave.
we have a little over a week and are sticking with budget friendly projects, so there will be lots of diy inspiration for you when we're through!

Thursday, July 14

{sweets for the teats}

party, bake, win a pink prize for the kitchen... AND support an amazing cause?
do it.
go over to cupcakes and cutlery and enter sharon's contest now!

[graphic logo by me, click here for more details]

Tuesday, July 12

[ homemade lemonade ]

i heart lemonade. but not the calories that come along with it... 
so i thought i'd give my mixing skills a shot.
this one definitely still has calories, that's what sugar does, BUT, i know it's {fairly} healthy as you use honey rather than pure sugar, i have the satisfaction of enjoying something i made myself, and if anyone asks... they'll probably be really impressed:)

here's my recipe. i read many different ones, tried them, and in the end took the main ingredients, but tweaked them to my taste.

lemons // water // honey // sweetener {i used splenda}
i know, i know.. splenda is bad. i'm aware. i still love it

mix them all together, chill, pour in a pretty glass and serve!

perfect for these hot days we've been having!

// a fabulous fete on urban scarlet \\

tuesdays are hard. but this prettiness made it much better

justine from urban scarlet asked if i wanted to help with a little piece of her summer lovin shoot. local business with a gorgeous blog? yes, i'll support that... so a solid gold cake stand was sent right over... okay, solid wood, painted a pretty gold. head over to see the beautiful job they did. there are also tons of diy ideas that you can use at your own party or wedding. she's just that generous:)
what is that you say? you want your very own gold cake stand? well, then just click right on over to the shop:)

Thursday, July 7

{a mini celebration is in order}

so i have this friend.
she just had a baby.
i think she needs some adult time with mimosas.
so my friend lindsey and i are putting together a surprise mini party for her. she knows we're visiting this weekend, but not that we're coming ready to set up a mini party at her house.. cake balls, garland, confetti and all.
lindsey is the cake ball master and always asks me for an inspiration board to make them.. so here it is. a mini board for our mini party. can't wait! [for cake balls mostly]
and i'm pretty confident the new mommy is consumed with baby things and will not see this. if you were wondering:)
will share the a few shots next week!

yellow bags by lauren elise \\ neon heart stickers by weheartpaper \\ dress image in harpers bazaar via bloginity

Friday, July 1

a little advice

i always like to add some kind of fun activity to our parties.. no, not like a pin the tail on the donkey, something fun that will get guests talking, but they can do at their leisure.
so at our engagement party we set up and "advice" area. i pinned lots of little cards to a bulletin board, made a sign explaining what to do [i even gave examples, like "dear lauren, here is what to do when ryan is playing with his cars while you're up all night stuffing envelopes for your save the dates"]. it was basically a place for guests to write a little note, nice, funny, or to give some advice they can recommend after a few years in their own marriage.
we're posting them slowly, one a day, over on our wedding blog. i think it's a fun way for us to have a memory of our guests, rather than just having a photo album.
here is one of my favorites::


have a fabulous holiday weekend, happy fourth of july!