Wednesday, August 31

[our weekend] belated

i know. mondays are the times for weekend posts. but i had other fun stuff i was a bit more excited to share. as i said. most of the weekend was spent lounging...

that's all:)
just a few phone pics that turned out better than most i take!
and why are pictures of feet so fun?

Tuesday, August 30

// ramos house //

my friend and i visited the most adorable little cafe in san juan capistrano a few weekends ago, ramos house. i couldn't stop gushing over how much i loved all of the little touches. so of course i had to capture a few pics!
lavender in tiny little vases... ferns and candles covering the weathered wood walls... and fabulous mimosas served in mason jars. my kind of joint.
oh and the food didn't suck either.
if you're in southern ca. i definitely recommend a visit!

Monday, August 29

{ finally! c o n f e t t i l a b }

happy monday friends!
how was everyones weekend? we were lucky enough to spend ours [that was ALMOST in the triple digits by the way] lounging most of our days in a neighbors pool:) oh, the perks that come along with dog sitting while they were away! it was also the first weekend in a long... LONG time that i've actually had to myself. I had a few orders to finish up, but other than that, my weekend was work free. besides being poolside, i got a lot of projects done around the house that were long over due. it feels like i'm finally caught up on, life i guess.

so, to start off the week, i thought i would finally share our pictures from confetti lab! i know i already gave you the low down, so i will just let you enjoy the details that ed from up imagery captured beautifully for us that day.

streamers and lights created a fluttering canopy for day, and a twinkling ceiling for our outdoor venue at night.

several lounge areas were placed around the party for guests to mingle, sip and eat. i displayed the treats that were generously donated, bouganvilla "borrowed" from an overgrown tree of a neighbor [i considered it a favor as i trimmed a spot for them], vintage frames, and various bell jars and apothecary jars displaying air plants.

whats a summer bash without a refreshing cocktail? tres sietes was the perfect match for the margarita recipes i had gathered. 

i thought we'd give our guests a little activity to
1. keep them occupied for a bit [i know, because margaritas, tacos, cupcakes, churros, and shopping is not enough]
and 2. teach them a new skill they could take home and use at their own shindig
masking tape garland and streamer cocktail stirrers [made with glue dots] were a nice match for summer entertaining ideas.

shopping! who can resist some hand crafted goodness?
we had lauren elise crafted, blair britt events, dolly's cotton candy, me: a fabulous fete, and stella & dot! it was a girls dream... sweets, pretty decor, and jewels, all in one place.

the party ended with our fabulous gift bags. here were just a few of the goodies guests got to take home.
a confetti favor by a fabulous fete. s'mores kit by lauren elise. and the very handy, individual cupcake containers by the posh box.

and the ladies that made it happen!

you still have a little summer left to put these ideas to use!
i hope you enjoyed all of the details from confetti lab. we sure had a blast creating it.

// event design // a fabulous fete
// venue // the wedding pantry
// pr // spruce pr
// photography // up imagery
// tacos // soho taco
// dj // mahjestik
// tequila // tres sietes
// diy station donations // glue dots

Monday, August 22

{food & wine flatware feature}

a few months ago i was contacted by food & wine to work on a little project for their september issue. and here are the {very exciting} spreads that were published! food & wine's style editor had seen the dipped flatware i had at my wine and cheese tasting birthday bash {i know, right? my birthday party}.

i'm currently whipping up some fun flatware sets to put in my etsy shop! the first of many to come is a pretty pink set of dessert forks perfect for a girls night celebration. i feel like i might just have to have a dessert party to properly shoot the pieces in action.

i hope not to be so mia moving forward. work, projects, and cake stands orders got the best of me. my head is above water now though and i plan on keeping it that way! there's been some fun stuff going on like a glue dots diy photo/video shoot, an adorable garden party for a friends company's grand opening, and a baby shower styling. i'll be sharing soon.
have a great week! and pick up your copy of food & wine!

Thursday, August 4

enjoy yourself // and a recap

oh, hello. i need this crown
throw your man a bash with inspiration from here
i wish i had an extra wad of cash for these beauties
currently wishing i was as talented as her. instead i'm using her tutorial. amazing
need some color inspiration for you august projects? check this out.
in other news.
i'm building a website. finally! i hope to have it up soon.
i will have my new biz cards next week. so excited. this also means a new look for a fabulous fete!
[everythings gotta match right?]
i'm working on new garlands for ya this weekend. and they're SO pretty.
watercolor... might be setting up shop, in my shop
oh, and i'm working on a very creative/pretty/exciting/fun project with glue dots this weekend!

wow, listing that all out makes it seem like a lot more...
hopefully these little recaps keep me accountable for the tasks i aim to complete over my weekend!
we. will. see.
enjoy your weekend

Wednesday, August 3

[ a birthday for him ]

Last weekend we celebrated a friends birthday, which i decorated, as usual. I had showed you a little of my inspiration here, and definitely think we achieved a "manly" vibe. Maybe it was the mustaches, i don't know...

People can say what they want about ross. personally, i always find amazing things for amazing prices. these gorgeous "crystal" decanters were one of them. they really brought the bar to a whole new level. i heart them and will use them over and over {i'm not a crystal connoisseur by any means, these could very well be real, i have no idea, nor any idea what real crystal costs... so, let's call them real}
and whats a bar without some signature cocktails. the birthday boys wife and i met up the night before to  test out some recipes. it was horrible... but we did what we had to do to make his night special;)
we ended up with two fabulously {and unexpectedly} yummy cocktails. one we appropriately named "be a ginger" and the other with the main ingredient being pink lemonade. yum.

distressed silver and succulent accents

and lots of books... because manly men read novels, right?

my masterpiece. a bowl of chips {secured with glue dots} placed on a candlestick made potato chips a little more fancy than your everyday backyard bbq display.

the photo area was a hit. mustaches do that to people. you aren't any fun if you don't take a picture with a mustache. for the word board above the backdrop, we made lots of letters to hang. people could choose a phrase to write out, rather than the typical speech bubble chalk board. i must say, you get a few of those ginger cocktails in people and it gets interesting.
backdrop was made from tissue paper fringe and a large succulent looking tree-ish thing i found in their backyard. love surprises like that!

the end.
need a manly man party for the guy in your life?
email me and I can design an event just for you!

Monday, August 1

{ our engagement photos. just a peek }

our engagement photos are here!
When i finally pick my favorites {hard when your photographer takes gorgeous photos 100% of the time} i will definitely share more. For now, give Up Imagery a visit and check out our photos along with many other beautiful couples.
Thanks Eddie! We love them!

{ august color inspiration }

i did some end of summer cleaning. that lead to re-discovering lots of fun materials buried deep in old boxes. and that lead to a color inspiration shoot for august!
you always find it where you least expect it. junk boxes in my case.