Thursday, September 29

{ cozy polka dots }

doesn't this pillow just make you want to cozy up on the couch with a cup of coffee, cinnamon candle burning, watching the rain outside, listening to adele on the record player?
ya, me too:)

image via suken on etsy

Wednesday, September 28

life and your bag

this was the state of my bag

{trust me. you definitely don't want to see this in color}

i spy oatmeal... really? out of control.

and don't they say your life mimics your home/organization etc? Something like that? I think so. Well.. i felt a lot like that purse. a whole lot going on. jumbled in a mess. unorganized. and i had an anxiety attack every time i had to look for my stupid keys.
i decided, i need a bag for every "category" of things in my bag. stationary-ish things like pencils, pens, paper, camera, washi tape (you never know when you'll need it). personal type things like gum, chapstick,   bobby pins, and rubber bands. coupons! (i'm cheap) etc. My mom used to call me a bag lady when i was a kid. I really still don't know what this is, but i think i'm definitely living up to the name now. (it may have had something to do with the fact that i NEVER threw anything away, it would go in a bag, in my closet, "just in case". the case never arose:)) This time it's pretty little leather and canvas bags... not grocery bags.
Moving along... here is my round up. Some purchase (yay!), some i want to purchase. Here's to getting organized!

when looking at my options, i realized their might be some colors i'm leaning towards? i'm okay with that. mint was definitely my summer color obsession, but i think it's going to transition well when mixed with some mustard and forest (one of my october inspiration colors!).
i can't wait to get my bag (and maybe my head) straightened out.

as usual. my faves are from etsy.
mint awesomeness via renneslechateau
mustard coin purse (that comes with a ring pillow! perfect!) via thezakka
tassle-ey canvas perfection via vellepurse
suede beauty via marketa

Monday, September 26

[ a relaxing weekend ]

my weekend in some bad phone pictures

it was too short. as usual.
i assisted at a wedding on saturday. so my weekend consisted mostly of sunday, which we made the most of. i started out the day listening to so awesome new records we picked up. ryan had a collection of records. like legit classic records. anyways, i got him a record player for christmas because records are absolutely no good without one. we haven't used it much. until now. the only downside is we bought 3 new records... which are currently on repeat. i need a good source for record shopping. this is foreign to me! in addition to record playing, coffee drinking and craft making took place. perfect weekend morning if you ask me.
louis cuddled. but only long enough for the picture. he has cat add.
we made pizzas on the grill. amazing. except for the fact that eating that delicious pizza confirmed i am in fact intolerant to the lactose. see that pile of cheese? so good last night. today, my enemy. i'm bummed, but finally glad to know WHY i felt the way i did, pretty much daily. ryan and i will definitely not stop our wine and cheese dates. i'll just have to deal with it. it's worth it. once in a while at least.

And lastly. "this weekend i tried" was a BIG.FAT.FAIL.
cookies with the 2 main ingredients being a stick of almond paste and a little sugar. NOT good. I think that not having a food processor played a big part in them not turning out well... maybe. i promise the fail was not due to my gigantic glass of red wine ;)

Tuesday, September 20

[a new collection]

i'm starting a plate collection.
beginning with...

i've featured celinda.ceramics before. i fall for just about every piece in the shop.
i'm planning on collecting vintage cake plates for our wedding. if i could, i would gladly buy each and every one from celinda.ceramics. unfortunately, my budget for each plate is about 1/24 of each of these beauties:) i CAN however buy this one and dedicate a wall to my new collection.

Monday, September 19

// this weekend i tried... //

a glazed popcorn.
my inspiration came from this popcorn recipe on designlovefest. looks so good.
I never even thought of changing up popcorn. adding salt, or parm? ya.. but nothing like this

it reminded me a bit of kettle corn because of the sugar in the recipe, but the lemon and poppy seed gave it a deliciously... different kick.

it was super easy to make.
i whipped up an egg white, sugar, lemon extract, salt, poppy seeds and lemon zest. tossed my popped popcorn in the mixture [which by the way was just plain old popcorn from a bag in the microwave]. baked for 20 minutes. and enjoyed.

can you just imagine all of the ingredients you can pair together with the simple base of an egg white, salt and sugar? there are so many possibilities.. i will definitely be exploring some on our next movie night! have you ever made anything like this?

[all images by me]
ps. in the recipe, it did not specify what to do with the poppy seeds and lemon zest... common sense told me to throw it in the egg white mixture and it seemed to work just fine! i also pulled our popcorn out at about 16 minutes. i didn't want it to be as caramelized on the outside. hope these tips help a bit!

Wednesday, September 14


i'm working with some similar porcelain hands for a wedding. they just arrived today and i love them even more now that i've seen them in person. it makes me want to buy these, like real bad, and put pretty things in them on one of our tables that has been begging for something a little more interesting than our typical lamp and candle.

[via amradio on etsy]

Tuesday, September 13

// the weekend //

a few highlights from our weekend

lounging by the lake. baking and trying new recipes. some delicious wine. and fishing with my mini pole [my only catch of the day was a leaf. darn]

oh, and our excellent sunset.

Monday, September 12

// this weekend i tried... //

recently, i've been stuck in a rut.
cooking the same thing, wearing the same thing, eating out at the same places... basically, getting comfortable. now comfortable is definitely not a bad thing, but sometimes, you just need to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. i definitely wasn't doing that. so last week, i decided to take a few days off and re-think, re-plan, even re-decorate. i needed to get organized and updated. i organized my office, redecorated the downstairs of our house, started new projects, finished long over due projects and made a promise to myself to try something new as often as i could.
i even came up with a way to incorporate my blog into this new "way of life" :)
every weekend (let's be real, i may take a weekend or two off), i'm going to try a new food and/or drink recipe.  drum roll...

this weekend i tried a sweet salsa. my intake of fruit usually consists of (possibly) a banana when i'm running late for work. not good. so i was truly hoping this would be a magical recipe that made me want to eat my fruit. and... it did. this stuff was amazing. and easy. i chopped up bananas, mangos and kiwis, blended some strawberries, mixed, and had a bowl of fruit salsa. served with equally as easy cinnamon chips made with flour tortillas, this was one recipe i will be using again.
the only downside is that i found this right at the end of summer. i would've made this for every backyard bbq, pool party, and afternoon snack. there's always next summer

i found the sweet salsa and cinnamon chip recipe on, you can get all of the details here.
all images were taken by me.

try it and let me know what you think!

oh... and i tried a basil margarita. a word of advise. don't.
if you have and have a magical recipe like the one above, send it over:)

Friday, September 9

[for you and me]

planning a wedding means endless searches for adorable touches like these. now i just need a place to use them all. easy.
happy friday!

Thursday, September 8

. makes me want to bake .

customers photos are the best. especially when they're a fabulous cake maker.
thanks alanna:)

Tuesday, September 6

[some weekend pics]

hope everyones long weekend was great! i decided to take an extra long holiday weekend and take off thurs/fri. i think it just made it extra hard to come back to reality today.
we visited our wedding venue, finished projects around the house, had a little dinner party with friends, and my fave... spent a day at the spa. ryan had given me a gift certificate to the montage in laguna beach for my bday, 2 years ago i think, and we FINALLY used it. we found out that once you check in for your treatment you have access to the spa the entire day... which happens to include a pool with views i captured in the pics above. amazing right? i'm already planning future weekends and researching the most "affordable" option there to get us into that magnificent pool for the day;)