Friday, October 28

{ enjoy }

weekend agenda::
finally work on some simple diy projects for ya! make myself a flower.. just for fun.. and because i have extra fabric. try a cocktail from this book. work on a new garland collection for my shop  {this stuff is fab. get excited}. order crepe paper and start making 500 paper flowers for our wedding. start training for a half marathon... slowly.
i should get started if i plan on accomplishing all of this. enjoy your weekend!

[image by me for from my bday]

Wednesday, October 26

Tuesday, October 25

:: weekend snaps ::

a few pics from our weekend.
i really need to start using my [real] camera again. my phone is just so darn handy though.

finally had a chance to start organizing things like jewelry... still a work in progress, but it's definitely not "displayed" all over our bathroom counter anymore. put to use some easy little stands made with vintage plates and candlesticks. found a fabulous bust and horse sculpture. and started the weekend off right with champagne to celebrate my recent leap into self employment!

put out some of our halloween decor that's been waiting for weeks! better late than never? ryan and i made sushi! ok, ryan made sushi. i watched and tested. it was our first time trying it and it turned out better than we both expected. i think this needs to become a new weekend tradition for us. and lastly i had a great sunday afternoon organized by sharon taking head shots with desi! they looked stunning on the camera, cannot wait to see the real thing!
for the first time in a long time. this weekend did not fly by. i think this new state of mind i'm in... not stressing about making it to work on time monday, or dreading spending another day in my cubicle... i think this has allowed me to appreciate all the good things we have going on. it's an amazing feeling! how was your weekend? xo

Monday, October 24

{ pretty faces and a deal }

look what i did yesterday... professional head shots... finally
Sharon helped to get together a fabulous group of bloggers for shots taken by Desi Mendoza.
I don't think Sharon could have picked a more beautiful day or spot for these. Look at that light. I mean... perfection. Desi was wonderful to work with. I am the most awkward, nervous person when it comes to taking pictures by myself. Usually individual shots of me consist of crossed eyes and my tongue. Classy, right? Plus we had Sharon there to tap dance behind the camera... what do you think Kristin is laughing at.

So. There's a little perk for you too. Desi is offering a smoking deal on a holiday session for you and your fam. If you need some shots for your holiday cards, I suggest you take him up on this. For $150 Desi will work with you at a 30 minute session. You will receive 5-10 images (digital downloads) within a few weeks to show of to your friends and family. Up to 5 family members are included in the price.
If you're interested, check out, follow him on twitter, or send him a quick note via email.

Big thank you to Sharon and Desi for an amazing day yesterday, to Kristin for the scrumptious red velvet cupcake that Ryan and I scarfed down as soon as I got home, and it was great meeting Wendy:) xo

// for your party giveaway winner //

Congrats Natalie! Shoot me an email to claim your prize.

Thanks for all of your entries and great ideas!

\\ image via geronimo balloons \\

Friday, October 21

... and have a happy friday

happy friday y'all
today is a good day.
the house is clean. i'm caught up on work. i made rice krispy treats. and ryan gets home.
i've been holding down the fort for 2 weeks now on my own and can't wait to have another human with me here! it's been me and 3 [messy] pets. it get's a bit old telling them about my day with no response:)
i have some yummy treats lined up! i made r's favorite... the rice krispy treats. and planned a fabulous breakfast for tomorrow of baked eggs, homemade cinnamon buns, and mimosa's of course.
enjoy your weekend!
oh, and if you have any tips on the cinnamon buns, feel free to chime in. i've never made them before and can imagine they're not too easy.

{image by me}
{book: the cocktail by jane rocca gifted by sharon!}

Thursday, October 20

[ homemade favors ]

Favors are a simple way for you to get super creative and give your guests something with a personal touch. I love when couples or hosts can pass one something that they enjoy.
Ryan and I are very into [ok, it maybe a little more of me loving it] creating our own pieces of recipes from our garden or from scratch. So for our engagement party, we infused vodka with fresh rosemary, bottled, and customized a yummy recipe to hang from the bottle top. It was our way of sharing something we like with our friends and family.

The simple syrup I made earlier this week, it was just too good looking to keep in a bottle in our refrigerator... so I created an easy DIY favor idea.

These fancy little bottles were about $1 at my local craft store. I created some simple labels and attached with twine! You could even add a tag that included a recipe to a drink you recommend using your homemade simple syrup with.

If you're having a holiday party, there are plenty of simple fall and winter inspired mixes out there you could easily bottle up and impress your guests with!

And there's still 3 more days to enter the giveaway! Click here and check it out. All you have to do is tell us your favorite party theme... EASY!

Tuesday, October 18

// this weekend i tried... //

I'm a sucker for champagne cocktails, so I'm always looking for different recipes to spruce up my usual mixtures. Usually it's a matter of mixing a sweet flavor with your favorite champs. Which made me think... simple syrup! It's sweet... so i'll just add some flavor.

I tried 2 flavors. Strawberry basil and Blackberry lemon. Both, equally tasty. But if I had to choose one, try the strawberry basil.

It was so simple. Boil 1 cup of water, add 1 cup of sugar. After the sugar dissolves, add your chopped fruit, bring back to a boil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool [with fruit]
Strain, and serve!

For my combos, I used:
2 lemons + 20 blackberries
5 strawberries + 10 basil leaves

I was disappointed to learn that this only keeps about a week refrigerated... but I think will be a great addition to our next party at a champagne bar!

[all images are mine]

Monday, October 17

GIVEAWAY for your fall BASH!

It's fall! And that means the holiday party marathon is upon us!
We've got halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas to name a few... not to mention those impromptu get togethers for game night, movies, or just drinking kahlua and coffee next the the fire.
You're in luck. Let A Fabulous Fete and For Your Party help prepare you for your next shindig with a spectacular giveaway that'll go to one lucky hostess.

For Your Party is an absolute genius idea. With a few clicks, they help you make entertaining effortless. You know when you attend a cocktail party at your friends house [whom you've all dubbed "martha"] and she has those special touches that make you think, why didn't I think of that at my last dinner party? Well, get ready to steal the title... take your pick from cocktail napkins, straws, stirrers, ribbons, tags, coasters, and so much more. Not to mention these things all come in every color you could imagine.

Look at that... you can even add art. Perfect for a themed wedding, bridal, or baby shower!

So how does this sound. 
YOU tell ME a fabulous party theme you've been dreaming up, are planning, or maybe have even hosted! I pick the most creative out of the bunch and send you on your way to For Your Party to design your very own collection of party goods! If you win, you'll receive:

{ 50 oval stir sticks }
{ 50 beverage napkins }
{ 50 coasters: square, round, scalloped, or stem wraps }

YOU get to choose exactly what you want down to the color, font, shape and special message.

This is a perfect time to prep for any of your upcoming holiday parties! So think up a creative party theme and leave a comment below before SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23rd.
I will pick the winner and announce Monday, October 24th!


[images and giveaway goodies all courtesy of For Your Party]

Monday, October 10

// this weekend i tried... //

more like... embellished chocolate.
if you have 15 minutes, but want to make something that'll impress your guests, this is a perfect treat to end your next dinner party.
i bought a bar of dark chocolate. the rest of the ingredients were things we had in our pantry.
sea salt.
dried bananas.

first i coated the insides of a mini cupcake baking pan with oil. added a few squares of the chocolate. and popped in the oven at about 170 for 10 minutes... until melted.

added my chopped and crushed ingredients to the top of the melted chocolate...


and served [to myself]

i played it safe this time. i think next time i'll get a little more courageous and try some exciting ingredients. herbs and spices?

[ i love you daily candy ]

Hey there. Daily Candy was kind enough to recommend me to a few of their readers today!
If you're a bride, and looking for more info you can do a few things...
{or learn all about A Fabulous Fete at}

xo. have a great monday!

Wednesday, October 5

{ mid week color break }

.. emerald and fuchsia ..

/ table runner via white dog vintage // flower arrangements via martha stewart // sequin heart via on glitter guide // dress and necklaces via the wonder girl /

Tuesday, October 4

// this weekend i tried... //

gluten free // dairy free brownies... kind of

my intentions were there. to be honest, i really didn't care much about them being gluten free. i was focused more on the dairy part. which was good because I had ryan run to the store... i asked him for coconut oil, almond meal and dark chocolate. i got coconut extract and cocoa powder:) [i appreciate that he DID try though. he was only trying to help me test my baking skills] so. i subbed in vegetable oil, wheat flour and made "chocolate" out of the powder. they were ok at best. i think the chocolate would have made a HUGE difference.
so, for the second week in a row. recipe FAIL.
i still ate 3 after work yesterday though. they weren't THAT bad.
i'm trying something easier next time:)

if you ARE looking for a gluten and dairy free recipe. i used this one from gluten free goddess.
i trust this would be spectacular with the correct ingredients

Monday, October 3

[painters tape for oktoberfest]

hey there. happy october!
i cannot believe how fast september flew by. but here we are. getting out halloween decorations and searching for the best pumpkin spice candles. at least thats what i do when october first rolls around:)
what a better way to celebrate october than with a little diy dedicated to okterberfest!

when i think oktoberfest. i see blue and orange. not the most flattering color combo... but i guess it works for a time dedicated to beer and sausage. anyways. i thought i'd spice up my mans beer with some pretty little flags:)
all you need are a few bamboo skewers and blue painters tape!

flags. fringe and streamers were the obvious choice to decorate a frosty glass.

add a little class your oktoberfest shindig by trying one of these fun flags in your fall cocktails!