Wednesday, November 30

gifting on a dime || day three:: mini and travel candles

how are you liking the projects so far? doable... and affordable? good.
i heart candles. i think everyone does. so this ones a no brainer.

i like the idea of traveling with your favorite scents too. so how about finding some portable tins like the one above? this tin was actually from a memory stick ryan bought for me. and the tea cup, a garage sale find. i used candles that were pretty much done. down to the point where if you burn them any longer you might just catch your house on fire. and.. ok, you might have to go out and buy some wicks.

now treat those friends that compliment how good your place smells, to a chance to have that in their own:)

Tuesday, November 29

gifting on a dime || day two:: a streamer bracelet

remember those friendship bracelets you used to make in elementary school? well they're back. and they're cool.

all you need here is some embroidery thread and an old gold chain. don't know how to make a friendship bracelet? check this out. now you are officially hooked and will make thousands of these.
i could NOT figure out how to flatten this dumb thing out. hence, the "streamer" bracelet! i kind of like it like that, you know, with my love for parties and all.
attach your gold chains to the end of a shortened friendship bracelet. chic.

now package it up for that special someone with a few pieces of felt confetti and a safety pin.

Monday, November 28

gifting on a dime || day one:: cocktail stirrers

happy monday! did everyone have a fabulous turkey filled thanksgiving?
welcome to the first day of gifting on a dime. hope you enjoy all of the simple and thrifty projects i have lined up. first up... cocktail stirrers.

all you need for these little guys are bamboo skewers cut to your desired height, some wood beads and craft paint. i used a pink and added in white to get the ombre effect.

just add a dab of hot glue to the top and bottom beads to keep them secure on the skewer.

LOVE these! These are definitely becoming one of my party staples from now on.

Friday, November 25

|| gifting on a dime ||

in consideration of my new "situation" (semi-self employed) i've been racking my brain for thoughtful, useful, and pocket friendly gift ideas for friends and family. actually, i've always thought this way, but now i actually have to act on it as my holiday budget has been slashed.
so, i put together a few fun and easy ideas. all of these projects cost me ZERO dollars. yes. really.
and if your fairly crafty, i have a hunch you have some of these things around the house or wherever you may keep your crafty goods.
remember: you're being thoughtful by making these gifts, eco friendly by recycling your old stuff, and saving your entire fam a load of cash. don't think of it as re-gifting your old crap. because it's so much more:)

these are just a few peeks into the projects i'll be sharing with you next week. all very customizable to your lucky gift receiver and materials are easily interchangeable with what you have!
can you guess any of these yet?
come back monday for day 1 of the...
5 days of gifting on a dime.

Wednesday, November 23


i'll be headed back to this place for our second annual tropical thanksgiving extraveganza, today. i really hope we have a third, fourth, fifth, etc...
i plan on lounging, eating my weight in pineapple, drinking ryans weight in mai tai's, and spending much needed {uninterrupted by work and cell phones} quality time with my love and some close friends.
i've scheduled a fun little series while i'm away. more details to come on friday. enjoy the holiday weekend!

Sunday, November 20

[ holiday gift guide ]

well hello! who's ready to get their holiday shopping started? i know, me neither. where did this year go?
i know one thing though. i never have a hard time picking out things for people like myself... it's like shopping for yourself... easy. that is why i've put together a gift guide for the sparkly entertainer. we all know one!

let's start with what that glitter gal in your life wants in her closet on december 26th.

02. lip gloss
05. glasses

don't forget your hostess gifts! as party enthusiasts, i'm sure many of you know how much work goes into planning that anual christmas party, a dinner party, or even a casual night of wine and cheese. A LOT. so how about gracing the hostess with one of these lovely {affordable} treats to show your thanks for the mini turkey cocktail picks she stayed up hand painting until 3 am.

conversation pieces. we all love em. we're always on the search for them. they're those fabulous little touches that the entertainer cannot get enough of. let's be real. party city is easy to go to and grab a few things for your bash. but they're {usually just plain boring}. so get her something that she can adorn her party with that looks like a million bucks. but totally isn't.

18. pitcher

all of these pieces are super affordable. the only way i would have it. i really do want to help people with their holiday gifting. not just give you a post of pretty things i only WISH i could afford for my friends and family. {i might be secretly wishing my friends and family get all of this for me as well:)}

i know i only touched on a small category that you are shopping for, but that is why i have sharon, natalie, amanda, and green4u ! 4 fabulous ladies with fabulous taste picking out some more fabulous goodies to put on your list. head on over to cupcakes and cutlery, mint love social club, i go you go and green4u!

oh, and email me if you need my shipping address for any of the above. just kidding... kind of

Friday, November 18

{ pretty }

i recently noticed that i tend to leave some of my favorite things just lying around.
all of these things have their place... the jewelry box, a drawer, my purse, etc. but instead i find places to display them. my new kate spade calendar is always in the kitchen or on the coffee table because it is just so darn good looking. my clip and fave little pieces of jewelry have a permanent spot on the bathroom counter. cocktail flags are waiting to be used... even during the week... sitting pretty in a vase in our kitchen. oh, and paper flowers i made as a test for our wedding are making their rounds around the house. maybe it looks like a mess to others a little more tidy than myself, but this stuff keeps me inspired and happy now that i spend a majority of my day working from home!
a few fashionable ladies and i decided to throw together some gift guides for you too! check back on monday to see mine and links to the others to get your holiday shopping started.
happy friday. enjoy your weekend

Thursday, November 17

{ easy pillow update }

now that things are finally leveling out around here... workload wise... i'm finally finding some time to do those little things around the house that have been on hold.
this one took about 5 minutes.

I had purchased a few pillows from walmart for an event. They cost about $7 each! For the event, i spruced them up with covers that tied in with the rest of the decor.
After bringing them home, I gave one a place on a chair in our living room (side note: chair also from ikea.. its was hideously red and on sale for a little over $10. better now right?). So boring.. Plain canvas pillow on a plain white chair.

I stitched on a little heart from a scrap piece of black fabric. I heart it now:)

Tuesday, November 15

|| pretty in pink shower ||

last weekend i made my way up to venice to turn a cozy patio into a sweet pink setting for a group of fabulous ladies celebrating the arrival of a friends baby girl.
here are a few shots of the handmade details i incorporated into the design::

each guest received their own individual succulent to take home

sparkling lemonade for the guest of honor... and a great little mimosa bar for the others

the sundae bar was adorned with a girly, glittery, fringe sign. hand dyed ombre bunting. custom calligraphy signs. embellished wood spoons. dipped cutlery and simple arrangements.

as always, it was a great time getting to create an all pink palette. my specialty:)

Monday, November 14

... featured! ...

this little cutie was featured on the nate berkus show today!

rachel hollis from chic events set a fabulous table and topped the mini gold cupcake stands with a mini pie!
such a cute idea for your thanksgiving dinner.

if you want to see the segment, click right here. or head over to my shop for more info on snagging a few of your own mini cupcake stands!

[wedding project peeks]

so i went missing for a bit. it got kind of crazy over here. i had a lot of project finishing up to do for a wedding last weekend. the above are just a few pictures i snapped quickly before rushing them off. the one thing i didn't take a picture of? oh, just the 450 pieces of silverware i painted. holy mac did i underestimate the time it would take to do that. it took many long days and nights, but i got them done and they looked fabulous. i cannot wait to see the gorgeous images to come from this wedding!

Thursday, November 3

[ fall table setting // part two ]

i always have a ton of this... wheat... stuff (not sure what exactly you would call the individual pieces) and, every year without fail, succeed in making some kind of awkward arrangement or garland with it. this year, i am finally satisfied with my use of the wheat. as cocktail stirrers!

i found it hard to mix a cocktail this morning, but i'll definitely share when these are in action. maybe this weekend;)

Wednesday, November 2

[ fall table setting // part one ]

usually.. i'm not the biggest fan of fall decor. the browns and oranges just don't get me excited to create and decorate. with my new personal goal of trying new things and not getting comfortable, i decided to give it a go this year. most years, right after halloween, my brain switches to christmas mode. not this week. i wanted to try mixing it up with bright whites and pops of fun colors. see that mint in there? pop.

part one of my fall table setting are these super simple and FREE name card holders. i gathered twigs from our back yard, broke them into pieces of the same length, rinsed, tied with scrap fabric and voila!

happy fall decorating!

Tuesday, November 1

// color inspiration //

meet our new house guest, goldie.
if he looks familiar, you may have seen him here.
anyways. next to those outstanding dahlias i picked up at trader joes, they instantly became my color inspiration this week. not the fall-ist of color choices... but still inspiring.