Friday, January 13

{ 2012 printable calendar }

2 things i realized this week
 that we were still looking at our december 2011 calendar.
and that i haven't rotated any of our pictures around the house in probably 2-3 years.
this project solved both in one.
i designed a quick calendar that i (and you) could easily add in some of our photos!

i added special touches for birthdays.

and if you're not into the pictures, create a little art!

if you're like me and still haven't found that perfect calendar, i made a blank copy for you to print and use too:)
there are 2 months per page. all you have to do is add your pictures, print on 8.5" x 11", cut in half length wise, add a hole punch to the top, and hang.
click on the link below to download 6 sheets for 2012.



  1. This calender fond design very quit. I like this model and it's source color. I like this site.

  2. Well.. it's the middle of Feb, and I still don't have one. I can still use it!! Haha.

  3. I know this was a while ago, but I gave these to some friends as a party favor and just blogged about it (I'm a little behind ;) You can see it here....
    They were a hit! THANKS!!!

  4. Any chance you are planning to edit these for 2013?


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