Friday, January 27

{ rope chargers }

remember these from here? well, i felt like sprucing them up a bit for valentines day.
so here's a super easy diy (without much instruction, sorry... i think it's pretty self explanatory right?)
i used thick cotton rope, dipped one end in dark pink dye, the middle in a lighter shade, and left the other end untouched. if you let it soak long enough, you'll get a pretty good ombre effect. I was impatient and pulled mine out early... in which case you'll get a "distressed" look:) thank goodness for the rustic/distressed trend. makes so many projects much, much easier.

grab your hot glue gun, start at one end, and coil the rope around itself.

and add in the extras that make your table setting complete!

i'm off to run 4 hours of errands in 1 and a half hours. wish me luck. and have a fabulous weekend.


  1. This is so clever. I love them. I might have to make these in a different color for non-Valentine's events.

  2. Hi,

    Definitely a nice way to add a personal touch to V-day as well as make it a tad fancier. If you'd like to explore other cool ideas using rope, please visit or follow @GJRopes on Twitter.

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    Feel free to touch base if you need anything or would like to know more. Thank you & happy DIYing!

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