Friday, August 31

friday // current love..

happy friday friends! after i catch up on a little worky work, i'm super excited to hem some fabulous pants i got last weekend. check em here.
i'm pretty into having a little party on your legs.. you know, with leopard, floral, polka dots, whatever you're into. i really hope this "trend" lasts longer than most. i really like my t-shirt and jeans, so this is just an easy way to add some interest, but still be in your basics. 

what do you think? are you embracing this one or letting it go and sticking with your denim?
have a great weekend!


  1. I just need to do about 1000 more burpees and then my legs will look ok in these crazy prints. Did I ever tell you about my favorite pants from college? They were bright pink with pictures of bright yellow chicks (as in baby chickens) ALL over them. I'm not afraid of a lot going on on my pants. :)

  2. Embrace it for sure!!! Give me a bigger budget and more courage that this trend will last please!


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