Wednesday, August 29

paint it // acrylic frame tray

cleanliness and organization have always been struggles for me. just ask my mom about my room in high school. it gives me anxiety just thinking about it. now that i work from home and run my own business, you aren't allowed to be messy any more. it's the first rule in the book of owning a biz. just kidding, but it should be! when your desk is a mess so is your head. so i've been a little obsessed with finding tiny trays to corral little things that easily get out of hand.
i'm loving the clean and modern look of lucite and acrylic lately [aka. hunting down anything clear and plastic in the craft stores]. when i spotted these box frames, i knew they would be perfect.

you'll need a clear box frame, like these
painters tape
paint, i used 2 colors of spray paint
[and if you want to be extra fancy, some of these rubber feet are perfect on the bottom to keep your tray from sliding]

tape of your pattern on the front of the frame. also tape off the sides completely.
spray your first color [one stripe], i did an off white

remove tape and you have your first stripe! you could leave it like this if that's what your going for.. but i needed to make mine a little more snazzy with some gold.

re-tape just the sides of the tray off and spray your second color, gold in this case.
let dry, add a final clear coat for protection and then your rubber feet. done!

now organize!
i have a few shindigs coming up that i'm designing. i'll be making a few of these in larger sizes for welcome cocktails and as bar trays. Will definitely share how those larger ones turn out!
i'm in love with these little frames. have you guys done anything else with them i need to know about?


  1. This is great!! I need to make one of these! (Love those earrings too.)

  2. I have already ordered the frames, thanks for the great idea!!

  3. This is a great idea! Can't wait to try it, thanks!

  4. This is SO SMART! I have been looking everywhere for a plain acrylic tray to DIY and nobody has one. A frame! Who knew!

  5. brilliant! for the last several weeks i had been hemming and hawing about buying some acrylic trays to doctor up, but they can be a little pricey for a quicky DIY project! would never have thought to use those box frames! love!

  6. what a great and easy idea. thanks for sharing! just discovered your blog- so fun :) pinning this project right now...

  7. did you ever make the larger trays? how did they turn out?

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