Thursday, August 16

thrifty entertaining // grocery store blooms

so... i'm pretty obsessed over what happened yesterday. this.

i waltzed on in to trader joes to pick up some fresh flowers, snatched up all of the white they had, cashed out and handed the cashier less than twenty dollars.
i absolutely love that place and the quality of blooms they continually stock. i mean.. i'm no florist, and i've never been to the flower mart, but the fact that i can drive 3 minutes and brighten up my home with these beauties just makes me really happy.

picking up fresh flowers at your local store is such a great, and affordable, option for small celebrations like dinner parties or birthdays. you really don't need a ton of training to lay some tulips in a large vase like i did (started out as a lazy move, but i actually really love the relaxed feel of them). and 3 stems of hydrangeas instantly fill a vase and look super polished.

what do you think? would you try your hand at arranging store bought flowers for a party or do you leave it to the pros?


  1. I love arranging much fun!
    These are all wonderful, I adore white flowers! Beautiful xxx

  2. trader joe's does have a great selection for a great price! i love hydrangea, tulips and peonies! and i think it looks better to have a loose, relaxed arrangement!


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