Wednesday, September 12

falling.. for fall

i got a little excited yesterday over our gloomy weather. it was finally NOT a scorching temperature.. so i went ahead and made some coffee and pretended fall was here. and as usual, my excitement expresses itself in pins ;) really. how would we show our feelings without pinterest?
i'm looking forward to cozy throws around the house, the shift into warmer colors for decorating, parties and events, and of course, the clothes. that outfit from ascot friday is absolutely perfect for transitioning from summer to fall (and converse with a maxi skirt? i love).
and then there's pumpkin spice lattes, glowing candles and nights in next to the fireplace.
seriously.. can't wait.
do you look forward to the cooler weather (and holidays. woo!)? what's your favorite part?


  1. Really miss fall! jajaa here in Costa Rica, there is no fall temperature or season, not even winter, there winter is a lot of blowing air and rainy days, and is always humid hot. Wish i could use my mexico winter coats.
    Enjoy that season!

  2. Love this post! I LOVE Fall! I too have been pretending it is fall lately thanks to the temperature break!! I love pumpkin being back in season!


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