Wednesday, November 28

color inspiration // christmas palette #1

color inspiration posts are back. woo hoo:)
and since christmas is in full swing for most of us, i thought it would be fun to share some christmas palettes. 

mint and red are a great way to take your holidays outside of the box, but not stray too far from traditional. 

outfit // collection // cupcakes // word garland the happy home

how about you, have you started your decorating or holiday shopping? most of our neighbors have lights and wreaths up... maybe a little early for my taste, i mean.. it's still november. but i'll admit, i bought some wreaths at trader joes monday and the smell of them is driving me to climb in the attic to get our decorations down.


  1. I love this color combo. I've been noticing the mint a lot lately, so whimsical! I have yet to start holiday shopping, but like you said... it's only November. We've got plenty of time ;]

  2. I love mint and red together! beautiful set of photos. It gives me hope that I can still use my pastels in the dead of winter.

  3. I love all of that mint! So very beautiful!


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