Tuesday, January 31

// etsy shop spotlight //

i'm a collecter of random things. i always love the contrast of a quirky object in a classic color or finish... like our friend the gold cow, or my creepy hot pink rabbit lamp (which reminds me, i should share that in my office makeover reveal). so when i saw this shop, it was obsession love at first sight.

lady heads.. we have a few of those. pretty sure i need to find a place for that girl playing tennis too.
if your a lover of random objects, you should definitely check out ARTificial Lights on etsy, lots of fun ways to add color and light to your home.

Monday, January 30


somebody's special day is right around the corner.. and we're hosting a brunch.
these candles are just the start of the decor for our gathering!

Friday, January 27

{ rope chargers }

remember these from here? well, i felt like sprucing them up a bit for valentines day.
so here's a super easy diy (without much instruction, sorry... i think it's pretty self explanatory right?)
i used thick cotton rope, dipped one end in dark pink dye, the middle in a lighter shade, and left the other end untouched. if you let it soak long enough, you'll get a pretty good ombre effect. I was impatient and pulled mine out early... in which case you'll get a "distressed" look:) thank goodness for the rustic/distressed trend. makes so many projects much, much easier.

grab your hot glue gun, start at one end, and coil the rope around itself.

and add in the extras that make your table setting complete!

i'm off to run 4 hours of errands in 1 and a half hours. wish me luck. and have a fabulous weekend.

Wednesday, January 25

{ a birthday banner }

happy birthday sign sharon [cupcakes and cutlery] and i made for operation shower which took place yesterday in san diego.
i can't wait to see images of the entire event! but for now, you can see a few peeks over on sharons twitter feed. check it.

Monday, January 23

save. the. date.

drum roll.. our save the dates!

originally i had big plans for our save the dates. but then LIFE got in the way:) we ended up going the simple route. well, if you call 3 rounds of printing and 3 different paper qualities simple, ya, it was simple (and all because of my picky-ness, not the printer!) anyways, i think the liner and addressing the envelopes in gold added a little bit of fun to the black and white save the date.

if you're on a budget and planning a wedding, i think save the dates are the place to really budget!
we chose our original paper from paper source in the clearance section. i honestly have no idea why anyone would ever put gorgeous peach cardstock on clearance, but i went with it.
print a standard size and pick a standard color for envelopes (and invite less people so you only have to buy 50 envelopes:) ha).
line the envelopes yourself! it's so easy. i bought that fabulous embossed gold dot paper at our local craft store... and wait for a coupon... i bought each piece for about a quarter.

what do you think? are you into the simplicity? or do you like save the dates that use engagements shots? or straight up over the top save the dates with butterflies and music (and you may only understand this one if you have seen bridesmaids... maybe)

Friday, January 20

[ have a donut. it's friday ]

oh hey. it's friday already.
i always thought i wouldn't look forward to weekends as much after quitting my day job and working from home. wrong. i do.
weekends are for fun things and not being productive:)
so this un-productive weekend, i plan on decorating for valentines day, eating donuts, decorating my office, drinking wine, doing my nails, watching sunsets... and maybe a little yardwork (we're "that" neighbor with all the leaves on the lawn and the christmas wreath still up).
i hope you all have a fabulously unproductive weekend planned as well:) enjoy it.

Thursday, January 19

// color break //

random pairing of things today..

i found the image of the swiss dot dress and yellow shoes.. this instantly reminded me of an early morning brunch in the spring decorated with easy and bright decor.

Monday, January 16

just because..

it's too pretty not to share.
i came across this on etsy while browsing for our wedding.
check out holly stalder on etsy to see more.
enjoy your monday!

Friday, January 13

{ 2012 printable calendar }

2 things i realized this week
 that we were still looking at our december 2011 calendar.
and that i haven't rotated any of our pictures around the house in probably 2-3 years.
this project solved both in one.
i designed a quick calendar that i (and you) could easily add in some of our photos!

i added special touches for birthdays.

and if you're not into the pictures, create a little art!

if you're like me and still haven't found that perfect calendar, i made a blank copy for you to print and use too:)
there are 2 months per page. all you have to do is add your pictures, print on 8.5" x 11", cut in half length wise, add a hole punch to the top, and hang.
click on the link below to download 6 sheets for 2012.


Thursday, January 5

[ a cozy winter date ]

happy friday!
welcome to the first in my new series of mini shoots i'll be featuring on the blog each month.
if you're on the west coast like me, it may be hard to get in the spirit of a hot meal enjoyed in a cozy setting... with the heat and all. but, i have hopes it'll cool down again and we can go back to our
normal winter activities. like eating chili while curled up in blankets.

my inspiration was a date that you could go on right in your living room.
just set your coffee table, put out some blankets and floor pillows, and your set.

i used a mexican blanket we brought home from our last trip there. the navy reminded me of winter, so this was the perfect option. black kraft paper was a nice contrast as well as the cement block i've been dying to use. if you didn't know, i'm kind of obsessed with hardware stores. things like cement
blocks inspire me. strange... but as you can see, it made a nice pedestal for our chili condiments.

branches were placed down the center of the table and babys breath was attached to give them a little life.

silverware was wrapped with string and chargers for the individual cast iron bowls were made from rope.

the candles at night were just gorgeous. they provided all the light necessary for a nice dinner for two.

valentines day is coming up. how about staging this for your someone special?
or even adding a few more settings, inviting a few friends over and hosting a game night.
hope you enjoy! have a fabulous weekend... i'm off to the desert for some r & r.
i'm looking forward to some hiking, hopefully lounging by the pool, good food, good wine, and time alone with ryan:)

.. a new feature ..

did i tell you?
i'm starting a new monthly feature over here on a fabulous fete.
so basically i have about 400 ideas running through my head every day, give or take a few.
not only is it hard to get them down on paper, it's hard to actually use all of them.
i thought, why do you have to wait for an actual wedding, event, or party to use them?
how about setting up your own little mini shoots?
(this is me talking to myself about it in my head)
so that's what i did!
each month i'll share an inspirational shoot with all of you.
it may be based on a holiday in that month, or just some inspiration i've been gathering.
but either way, i hope to inspire all of YOU out there with some party and entertaining ideas.
and lucky for you, i'm not a big spender on these types of things.
oh, i can spend it, i just want to be able to feed ryan and myself next week;)
so lot's of the decor and ideas will be done with things that I (and probably you) have
lying around. that's always music to my ears when planning an event.
that being said. I hope you enjoy my new little series.
i'll be kicking off 2012 with a cozy winter date tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 4

|| velvet ||

ok i lied. it's not velvet. but it's the closest thing i could find in the peach color i wanted.
we'll be covering our guestbook in this gorgeous stuff.
will share the how to soon!

Monday, January 2

drum roll...

after weeks of hard work [plus lots and lots of frustrating moments]
i've finally finished my website!

i'm proud to say that i built and designed it all myself.
i think that this new look reflects me much better.
you really know you're proud of something when you look at it 400 times a day:)

in addition to my new site, i'm also working on a winter line for my etsy shop!
super excited for this and a few new products.
i hope to have everything updated by next week.
of course i'll let you know when you can check out my new designs as well!
yahoo! so far so good 2012.

i simplified this year.
rather than giving myself a list of 20 goals that i new were never going to happen. i gave myself 1 action that i truly believe i can use and will help me improve in multiple areas. try harder. that's it.
it's funny how you know there are things you can do to say, improve your business, your personal relationships, your health, etc. but you just don't. because it's easy not to.
SO. i'm going to push myself to take those extra steps.
i'm going to shut off the computer and brainstorm new ideas for my business.
i'm going to make those phone calls to family and friends just to say hi, even though i absolutely hate talking on the phone.
i'm going to throw away that junk in the pantry and have fruit for a snack instead of candy.
i'm going to wake up a half hour earlier and get that run in before i'm too "busy" to fit it into my day.
this list can go on forever. but you get the idea:)
it's the little steps that are going to make the difference. and if you think about them as they are, easy, small steps, it makes those goals you have seem a lot more attainable.
here's to a happy, and productive 2012!

[ giveaway winner ]

And the winner of the sierra mist giveaway is... Shel!
congratulations and happy new year!

Thank you to everyone that entered. You had some fabulous cocktail ideas.
Can't wait to try some of them:)