Wednesday, February 29

[ nordstrom rack tweet up ]

last night i met up with some new, some old, blog and twitter friends at the nordstrom rack tweet up.
we were invited to preview the new store they are opening in orange to shop, eat, drink, mingle, and shop some more. it was a fun night and i came home with a few new rainbow pieces to add to my closet!

so they served cucumbers filled with ceviche. heaven. i'm totally making these.
sharon and i wore our leopard shopping shoes. obviously
emily, amanda, sharon and i taking a break from shopping.
and my new finds that i can't wait to wear!

fun, fun night! if you're local, check out the new rack right here! there grand opening is tomorrow, march first. don't miss it!

[pic of the girls by sharon. all others by me]

Tuesday, February 28

{ stamped }

one frequently overlooked details at parties and weddings?
napkins. cocktail napkins.
even i, as obsessed as i am with every single little detail at my events, forget that these can add so much to your cocktail hour.
i love these diy options. inexpensive napkins can easily be hand stamped with a custom stamp you've created, something generic you found at the craft store, or letter stamps spelling out a phrase or name of the guest of honor.

fun. easy. cheap.
my kind of party decor.

Monday, February 27

// egypt to india //

if you follow me on twitter or facebook, i'm sure you've already heard lots about this. so feel free to just scroll on down:)

on wednesday sharon and i will be competing in the design challenge at the leap year remix party hosted by utterly engaged! for our inspiration, we had to remix 2 countries and create a table for two.
our table will be a mix of egypt and india. look at all of the gorgeousness that comes from these countries. cannot wait to display our interpretation of it this week!

if you're local. you should definitely consider coming to this little bash! there will be lots of talented people competing, so plenty of eye candy for ya. food. drinks. music. totally worth it.
see you there?

Friday, February 24

[ your party's best friend ]

literally. you can use this stuff for everything. i found this masking paper at the hardware store and figured it wouldn't hurt to have it for $2.50. i know right? $2.50? 180 feet of kraft paper goodness for less than a latte. there are really endless possibilities for this stuff, but here are just a few that i plan on (or already have) used my roll for.

a quick and easy menu.
i did this for our brunch w/ a colored pencil. cute and functional. i didn't have to tell each guest what we had cooking for them in the kitchen.

a labeled runner.
this is perfect for when you have a bar set up and you need to label things quickly. i also used this for our mimosa bar.
below was a quick vodka (or whatever you like) tasting you could set up in about 5 minutes.
label each container w/ a number and have your guests vote on which they like best!

last minute gift wrapping!
add some pretty tape and a bow. you're set.

the best part is that you can just throw all of this away and create something new for your next shin dig. i especially enjoyed using this as our bar runner. spilled mixers did not ruin any fabric runners and there was no cleaning sticky messes off the tables.

what would you do with a roll of this paper?

Thursday, February 23

.. ikea sprucing. diy ...

hey there. did you see the brunch we hosted last weekend? if you were thinking, wow, that's a pretty nice looking donut stand she has there, then lucky you. I'm showing you how to customize your own!

the stand is from ikea and was originally an accessories stand. i found it in the bathroom organizational area.

start by taping off the inside of the bowls and leaving a good part of the tape above the rim. remember to tape of the center circle as well. you don't want your paint creeping in there.

prime the BOTTOM of the bowls. if you have a continuous line of tape on the inside, it will block any over spray from making it's way in. i let my primer dry for one day. then sprayed with orange fluorescent spray paint. you could use any color here to match your event!

assemble. and fill with treats...

enjoy! do you have any ikea items you've recently spruced up?

Tuesday, February 21

// birthday brunch //

this weekend we celebrated ryans bday [my fiance if you haven't caught on yet;)].
we had a few close friends over for a little sunday brunch with mimosas and bloody marys.
if you recall. i found my inspiration a few weeks ago while cruising the grocery store. the orange story was carried from decor all the way to the cake stands and cupcakes.
i think it was a nice choice for a dudes bday.

i tried my hand at the oh so popular confetti system garland. it was surprisingly fast and easy! i left it up until last night and probably would've left it longer if anyone over 5'4" could actually get through it without hitting there head. an easy menu outlined the treats we were serving. i'll be sharing a few projects using this paper, where i got it, and why i love it, later this week.

i hand dyed the table cloth and added succulents and herbs rather than flowers. trying to save some money, succulents and herbs are a great alternative (usually around $3-$6 each, even for those big succulents!) and you get to enjoy them much much longer. or as long as you can keep them alive. usually my problem.

triangle garland was strung across our hedges and i spruced up an ikea stand with some neon paint (which i will also be showing you how to make!) we picked up some donuts that morning, which obviously went over very well. they were gone. fast. i mean... who doesn't like donuts?

eggs and fixins were set out for guests to serve and bake themselves. the last thing anyone wants to do at a party is slave over the stove. so this was the perfect. guests had hot and fresh breakfast with minimal work by the host.
all signs were also pinned onto cork boards held up by easels. a great supply to have on hand for all of your party labeling needs!

and of course, no brunch is complete without mimosas and bloody marys. ryan mixed up a special bloody mary mix, and i prepared some yummy champagne mixers. we served the basic oj, strawberry simple syrup (i highly recommend this. and make lots. this was gone in the first hour), and some peach puree... i think people were scared of it's baby food like appearance, but were pleasantly surprised!

it was the perfect way to spend a sunday with friends!

Friday, February 17

[ a birthday brunch ]

today is ryans bday. yay:) so this weekend we have a little brunch planned for a few friends.
i've pulled together some orange decor and added in succulents since the birthday boy probably isn't fond of floral arrangements... and it is his day after all. mimosas and bloody marys will be set out at serve yourself bars. and of course, i have lots of yummy breakfast treats being prepped.

and because no party is complete without inspiration...

have a spectacular weekend!

Thursday, February 16

. something blue .

i purchased this little guy for my wedding bouquet. i was having a hard time with the thought of integrating something blue into my wardrobe on our wedding day. but this subtle piece will probably blend nicely with the wild and organic bouquet. plus it fits with our "theme" (i kind of hate that word, theme. let's think of a new one).. a take on one of my favorite movies as a kid, alice in wonderland. you remember the rabbit right?
ok. back to work on ryans birthday plans! it's tomorrow and we're hosting a brunch on sunday. i think for most people, this isn't too much work. but i really can't entertain for a special occasion with the same old decor, using the same old dishes, on the same old linens. so back to garland making and menu planning! have a fabulous day.

[image via not one sparrow on etsy]

Wednesday, February 15

// inspired by //

it's been a while since i planned a little party. in my head. just for my blog.
i guess it's because i have one gigantic party to plan that's kind of important and taking up most of that creative space in my brain. our wedding:)
so. it was a nice break to step away from our color scheme and pull together some inspiration based on one of my new favorites found recently on etsy. that black tourmaline necklace by nautical wheeler. love it.
mix up the classic black and gold with a pop of neon!

| wear this necklace | eat off this cake stand | make a gold candle holder | drink out of these tea cups | hang this banner | send invites with pretty gold calligraphy | serve out of this dish | wear this fabulous dress | display balloons like this | display confetti in these handmade bowls | light up your space with these candle holders |

Friday, February 10

{ mini heart pin }

only four more shopping days before valentines day! or you can go the easy route and diy something special for your valentine. i made these pins originally as favors for my valentines brunch and they were quickly given homes in my and sharon's closets.

what you will need:: small pack of oven bake clay, pin back, knife, oh... and an oven
[roll out your clay to 1/8" - 1/4" thick and lay your pink back in the middle. i take an extra piece of clay and lay it over to pin back to insure it stays in place. i would be so sad if my little pink heart fell off and i was left with nothing but a pin on my shirt]

cut... and bake per the directions on the package! most are about 275 degrees for 15 minutes.

and wear. or gift.
i mixed mine with some over pretty pins i already had. how would you style yours?

have a splendid weekend;)

Wednesday, February 8

// color inspiration //

maybe it's me wishing it were more like winter around here... but i've had my eye on everything muted recently. i still love my pop of color, this is just so pretty though right?

Monday, February 6

// weekend //

weekend recap. we ate some mexican food. i made some cake stands. then we ate some sushi.
oh, and i ran a half marathon. i beat my best time by like... 6 or 7 minutes, which if you run and understand, is pretty special:) but after that i spent the rest of the day recovering on the couch and enjoying superbowl commercials (the parts in between the commercials are just boring filler).
how did you all spend your weekend?

Friday, February 3

{ valentines brunch }

valentines day. some people love it, some think it's an unnecessary hallmark holiday, me... if there's a holiday that combines pink, red, chocolate and champagne... i'm in.
for this mini shoot i planned a brunch for four with paper flowers, all the pancakes you can eat and a touch a glitter.

each guest received their own personal bottle of champagne kept cold in a gold dipped mason jar.

stuffed hearts graced each plate and glitter framed chalkboards lead the guests to their seats.

what's valentines day without cupid's arrows?

each guest also left with a handmade hot pink heart pin! (and i really can't wait to wear mine. maybe today. i think hot pink is the perfect friday accessory)

the end. now i have lots of cookies and champagne to enjoy this weekend:)
have a fabulous friday!

Thursday, February 2

Wednesday, February 1

[ vegas ]

a few pictures i took this last weekend on our trip to vegas. i love this new app. it can make any picture look good;)