Friday, March 30

\\ two things //

have a great friday and weekend.
how cute are these little mermaid drink markers?

ps. until i take the time to learn how to make my own animated gifs, i used so fun!

Tuesday, March 27

[living neon]

if i ever moved to ny i would totally live..

neon building? yes please.

[image by me :: taken from the empire state building]

Monday, March 26

- ny -

well i'm back from new york. it's everything everybody said it would be. and they were right, i didn't really want to come back. i'm sure eventually i'd have wanted to, but a quick weekend was just not enough time. we packed in a lot. ate a lot. walked a lot. shopped a lot. these are just a few of the things we enjoyed... 

i told myself that i would not go into any store that we had here in ca. and i didn't. i found a fancy pink sparkly number at topshop. i'm lucky it's not a quick drive to one of those... i'd be broke. 
all of the lights were so glamorous and just like they make em out to be in the movies.

the views.
a sunset from our room. visiting the empire state building. from my flight.

i loved finding cool little cafe's to eat breakfast at each morning.

i love hotel chocolate. that had nothing to do w/ being in new york though:)
i couldn't get over the trees everywhere. they were all over the place in bloom with those white flowers. gorgeous.
it's back to real life today. no leisurely breakfast and coffee this morning!

Thursday, March 22

i'm off...

i'm off to new york!
my first time. ever.
i'm a total geek and all i can see is me dancing around in flowy dresses, drinking lattes and buying fresh flowers.. just like carrie bradshaw. i packed accordingly.
polka dot shorts and a pleated chiffon skirt are the closest i can get to living my sex and the city dream this weekend:) my goal is to try and get some actual shots of these elaborate outfits i plan.

ok, so the neon hoody isn't exactly the glamorous outfit I plan on trotting around in, but it sure will be comfy on the plane. anyways... a few details from what i packed.

Monday, March 19

finally. monday is here.

i can't tell you how happy i am to be done shooting the spring line for my etsy shop!
i had a blast, and really enjoyed preparing for it, but am totally ready to slow back down and focus on some other projects that have been pushed to the side. one important one being our wedding.
if you missed the storm of pics we were posting on twitter saturday, i added a few of my faves to facebook. check them out!

[image above by me, a new cocktail sign coming soon!]

Friday, March 16

[ moody ]

i've mentioned it a few times before. because i'm super duper excited.
tomorrow is the summer shoot i've been working on for weeks.
i have a double agenda tomorrow.
a. shoot new product for my shop
b. create a mini summer party atmosphere for my readers to enjoy.
of course the one day we pick is the same day that storm watch 2012 rolls through southern california. we will make it work though. it might all turn out better than we originally thought... let's just say i have a hot pink inflatable pool that will bring the pool party to us, indoors:)
here's a little mood board i put together for the shoot.

if you've been following me for a while. you know i'm a sneak peek freak. so hop on over to twitter and facebook to follow us through the day of our fabulous shoot!

flower shop | striped towels | caftan | shoes | umbrella | laying out | poms | coconuts | tube | cabanas

Thursday, March 15

// update //

it's a party supply hurricane over here at a fabulous fete headquarters... i'm so excited to be shooting a ton of new product for my shop on saturday!
here's a little peek of the progress.

Wednesday, March 14

.gettin organized.

this whole "running your own business and being your own boss" thing has been a tough lesson in keeping myself organized and on track. day to day events and tasks easily go forgotten if they're not written down in at least 3 places (ya, i have too many calendars).
how perfect is this tape to keep your days organized? stick it anywhere and make lists to stay on track.
love it.

[image via pretty tape on etsy]

Tuesday, March 13

Friday, March 9

Thursday, March 8

[ a rainbow fete ]

i admit. i've never been a huge fan of rainbow decor.
but there are so many people doing in very, very well these days.
more and more every day, i'm finding myself pinning and saving images like these that are inspiring me for future projects. maybe it's the recent heat here in southern california making me long for those bright colors we all love to use at our summer parties. dunno. don't care. i just can't wait to create something myself with this glorious rainbow palette.

eat this.. brides
hang this.. colorful homes
make these.. house of origin
decorate like this.. anthro
flower-ise your table like this.. the sweetest occasion
wear this.. green wedding shoes

[images clockwise from top left]

Tuesday, March 6

because inspiration is fun.

finding inspiration for parties or projects is one of the best part of the whole process right?
so here's some more.
inspiration for my mini march styled shoot!

can you guess what i'll be doing?

Friday, March 2

our table design // egypt to india

well. happy friday!
i had to ask friends this morning what day it was. the past 4 days have been a blur of sparkles, spray paint and sewing. we spent this week preparing for our table at the utterly engaged leap year party. the party was wednesday, so i'm just now trying to get things back to normal and catch up on my life that i put on hold!
anyways. it was totally worth it because
1. our table was outstanding (not to toot my own horn. but.. ok, i'm going to)
2. we got to attend an amazing party
3. now i have an entire box of newly craft party supplies

here are a few peeks at our table. i cannot wait to see images from the event! they will be featured in the next issue of utterly engaged. so don't miss it!

a few things i'd like to point out... 
those lanterns? hand painted. those are my pride and joy. they took the longest and most concentration out of any project on that table.
all of our pink-ness was hand dyed as well. i seriously want to dip dye everything i own now because it's so good looking.
florals were by joanna at floral sense and sharon of cupcakes and cutlery was my partner in creating this tablescape. so check them out!

if you follow me on facebook, you get to see lots more pictures from that day. so head over and LIKE me!