Friday, April 27

[sack lunch]

those days are long gone of taking your lunch to school in a brown paper bag. that was fun though right?
i don't need to take my lunch many places any more, working from home and all. but there's plenty of situations i can see this little guy coming in handy. so let's get to it and make a really cool lunch sack;)

what you'll need:
- thicker, canvas like material
- hem tape
- paint
- wine cork
- sew-on snap

- iron
- scissors
- needle & thread

cut 3 pieces from your fabric.
- one piece that is the front, bottom gusset, and back of bag (24" long x 7" wide)
- two pieces that will be the sides of your bag (10.5" tall x 4"wide)

The finished measurements of my bag were 
6" wide x 10.5" tall with a 3" gusset (sides and bottom)

ok. listen closely.
i color coded the lines in the image above to show where all these pieces come together
the red: cut in 1/2" here
orange: fold both pieces in 1/2" and attach face to face (you are looking at the INSIDE of the bag above)
green: fold in and attach face to face

Place hem tape in between the two pieces you are attaching on the face (outside), press with your iron and create the seams

here is what it will look like when you attach the 2 sides marked above in orange.

and below is both of the bottom seams attached along with one of the side seams.

iron all sides together with your tape and you'll have a fancy little bag like this.

now we'll sew on the snap.
Fold the top of your bag down twice to determine where you want your bag to be when it is closed.

Roll the top of the bag up once and sew on your snap to corresponding spots on your bag.

Now the fun. EASY part.

pour a little paint on some wax or parchment paper, dip your cork and polka dot to your liking.

voila. a lovely lunch sack for road trips, running errands, or to use to contain junk you need a pretty hiding place for;)

Thursday, April 26

an important decision. kind of.

i believe it's been about 2 or 3 years since i've actually purchased a new pair of sunglasses. sad.
it took browsing through pictures of ryan and i. every single shot of us outside... same glasses. same glasses i've been wearing for about 5 years, even more sad.
with my recent obsession over fashion bloggers, i'm becoming more and more jealous of their fanciful shades.
pretty sure i need all of these for a. our upcoming honeymoon and b. summer.
what do you think of em though?

they're all very affordable.. so i'm not too worried about choosing. more worried about how these will look on my face. the one downside to online shopping.

02. fiona
03. uo

Wednesday, April 25

color // break

have you guys seen this fancy little garland by everlylane?
if her tassel garland wasn't great enough she added this beauty to her shop.
the colors are perfect for a summer bash and here are just a few things you could add to host your own.

mint denim [i'm gonna get me some of those]
settings embellished with fresh florals
whimsical little headband to dress up a perfect summer bun

Monday, April 23

[ le bridal shower ]

just popping in to share a bit of my weekend.
this saturday sharon threw me the most fabulous bridal shower.
she hit it right on the head. there was fringe, garland, polka dots and donuts.
so basically it was a perfect day of my closest friends, champagne, plenty of sweets and cheese (ya, cheese, we have a love/hate relationship).
obviously there are better shots coming from our friends dez + tam, but for now... instagram should do it.

the day wouldn't have been complete without a bridal inspiration string, paper straw garland (GENIUS right?!), fabulous friends, handmade polka dot plates, suckers to flavor your champagne (!!!), and mini krispy kreme, obvi.

Thursday, April 19

[ vignettes ]

i go through phases. let the crap in my home pile up. clean. re-decorate. crap piles up again. so i clean/re-decorate. each time it gets better i tell myself "not this time lauren, you're going to keep this up". ha.
with the wedding coming up, we've had lots of visitors around here which means i'm constantly shoving clothes, bills, crafts, etc. in closets and guest rooms. well, it's exhausting, so this week i'm committed to getting this house under control and beautified.

cleaning is underway, but i need some inspiration to keep going.
in a home, it's all in the details (like a party... which is probably why i like both so much). i love collecting random little trinkets and displaying as much as i can.
these spaces below are so inspiring. they look effortless and thrown together, but still not like you're hoarding things on your table tops and too lazy to put them away.

love. love. love all of the random/mix-matched items, found containers, and live plants in these. 

this chalkboard is such a great idea for a way to change up your backdrop.. 

ok. more cleaning. less blogging.
have a great thursday!

Monday, April 16

cake stands and stamps and signs. oh my.

im am SO excited to be listing these pretties in my shop this week!
these are just a few of the products we shot last month. i have lots of new party goods to share with ya.

soon you can add this trio of minis, custom calligraphy signs, or custom stamps to your party supply closet (i know you have one).
and of course there will be another update when they're available!

[fabulous product shots by dez and tam photography]

Thursday, April 12

diy \ wrapped flatware

it's been a while. i know.
i think that all of my creativity was just sucked out of me for all of the other projects i have been working on. well, i'm back. one day a slew of project ideas hit me. i'm definitely excited to share them with you!

today i have an easy way to add a little color to your spring table. if you do it right, you can even do this as a temporary project and remove after you're done!

all you need is some flatware, embroidery floss, and a glue gun

start with a dab of glue at the top, wait for it to dry and wrap your way on down to the bottom.

another little dot of glue at the bottom and you're done! i recommend adding small dots on your way down just to keep it in place. but it's definitely not necessary.
i created an ombre effect by using slightly different shades of embroidery floss, you could even get creative and create a striped pattern on your handles?

easy enough, yes? enjoy!

Wednesday, April 11


there was only one reason i really wanted an iphone. instagram.
it FINALLY came out for android. so of course, i downloaded right away.

i feel so behind.. i mean, 7 pictures? me?
don't worry, i will catch up soon.
follow me here if you're a instagram-er as well!

Tuesday, April 10

// pop //

kind of obsessed with the bright options at this shop.
this is the perfect way to add a pop to any outfit!

[image via eclu on etsy]

Friday, April 6

coming soon.

i don't know how you do it.. photographers.
you just make everything look fabulous. even my insanely unorganized photo shoot messes. (this is how i like to work, and it works for me, no judging:)
as i mentioned, desi and tammy shot my spring/summer collection for the shop, along with a little styled shoot to go showcasing all of the summery product.
we had a blast. ate cookies. drank whisky. made candy rain. you know, the usual.
anyways, they sent me this behind the scenes sneaky peek.
i can't wait to see the rest of their gorgeous work.
check out if you just can't wait.
ps. sharon was also there to help me stay on track and give her valued opinion. so she deserves a gigantic thank you, hug, pat on the back.. 
and my sis and her friend for being models, wearing sparkles and putting up with random pose requests.
thanks guys. you rock.

Thursday, April 5

.. roll it out ..

how great is this roll of printed paper runners? kind of like the roll of party heaven i found at home depot... but way cuter.

and.. because i think i can make a diy project out of everything i see. you could definitely use a kraft paper roll and customize w/ paint, stamps, etc. and save for future parties, or give as a hostess gift? maybe i'll have to try that out;)

images via the paris market

Tuesday, April 3

// craft night //

i can't believe it's april. it being april just gives me a mini heart attack.
Only 46 days until i'm a mrs.
all of this is VERY exciting, except for the fact that i'm planning the entire thing and haven't really started any of the wedding crafts i have planned for the big day.
so i've recruited a few girls to come over tonight and help me get started. we'll mostly be doing easy crafting that can be done over wine and snacks:) but it's a step in the right direction right?
these are some of the materials i've been collecting for tonight. putting them all together makes me so happy! i cannot wait to see all of this prettiness up at our wedding venue.