Friday, June 29

it is.

well. this is what i've been working on finishing up the past few days. not just this, but lots of other little details for a fabulous wedding this weekend.
this was a large platter that i hand painted for a client to use on the dessert table i designed.
i have some choice words i'd like to use about "painting calligraphy" onto ceramic. in the end, i absolutely love the result though, so it was worth it:)

i hope you all have some fantastic plans for the weekend. i'm taking the day off to enjoy this weather at the beach with ryan. yessss.

Monday, June 25

le honeymoon. part two.

how was everyones weekend? do anything fun and exciting?
i had a 50/50 weekend. work and relaxation. i finished up a few projects for a wedding i'm working on and was lucky enough to spend some hours next to (and in) a pool.. and of course, documented it all on instagram (obsessed). i need to remind myself that people don't want to see every single picture i take:)

today i'm sharing a few of my favorite shots from our second half of the honeymoon. after spending a week in moorea, we made our way over to bora bora.
prepare yourself, there's a lot to look at.

upon arrival, we were greeted with juice, made fresh from local fruit.

look at this view. this was from our deck.
this was a complimentary upgrade for the short wait we had when we arrived.
it's amazing how much a resort will pamper you when there's a little snafu with your room.
we had a 2 hour wait (i didn't share this w/ them, but i could care less, ryan and i spend our first few hours roaming the resort and visiting the bar!) because our room wasn't ready... so they gave us what they said was one of the best views on the island. fabulous.

a typical afternoon. sunning. wining. taking too many pictures of my drinks and the water.

on one of the snorkeling boats we went on, they took us to their private island to enjoy a little relaxation, some coconut cracking and fresh coconut bread.

we rented a boat. this was stressful. the water is about 4 feet deep around most parts of the island. there is coral everywhere that comes above the water, so it's practically an obstacle course trying to navigate. i opted for finding the private beaches, anchoring, and enjoying.

if you happen to be planning a trip and are debating on islands. i absolutely recommend bora bora.
don't ask me why. i enjoyed every second on both islands. food was great, drinks were great, water was great, but there was just something about this island.. maybe it was that the resorts were completely isolated on their own isles surrounding the main island. dunno, don't care, because it was amazing.

Friday, June 22

\\ on a tassel hunt \\

if you didn't already notice. i'm obsessed with tassels. i really hope this is one of those trends that sticks.
so when i saw this hermes keychain, i thought, awesome! Just what i need (i've been on the hunt for a new keychain). then i saw the price tag. $230 was not exactly in my budget for this little piece of leather. to etsy..

i found 3 fabulous competitors.. dare i say i actually like them more?
i kind of do.
top left is $32 from Blair Ritchey and comes in a huge selection of colors
the pretty little yellow number is only $19! you can get yours at sublime gems
not into color? grab this $30 option in the classic black and gold from dsgns

[hermes version spotted on mrs. lilien!]

have a great friday!

Thursday, June 21


i had an idea yesterday.
i had a craving for some lemonade and fresh strawberries sitting in the fridge.
i googled 'strawberry lemonade recipe'. basically, everything that came up was jumbo portioned and time consuming. can't a girl just make a fresh glass of lemonade for herself? no, not according to google. so.. i experimented and get to share a single serving strawberry lemonade (delish) recipe with you. get excited.

here's what i used:
3 fresh strawberries (with all the bad parts cut off and out)
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup water
2 packets splenda (i know it's bad, but it's good, don't judge)
oh, and my magic bullet (i think a blender will do just fine)

throw everything in your blender. turn it on. your done!

i put mine in the freezer for about 20 minutes to get it a bit icy.

you can't make a drink this fancy and not properly serve it.. so i pulled out my fabulous coasters and napkins. for your party provided these for our wedding last month. i was so glad when i unpacked all of our things that we had a nice stack of them left over.

they're perfect for entertaining in the summer. and are a fun reminder of our special day!
i requested a neutral palette for our customized coasters and napkins, but for your party has just about every color in the rainbow. which means any color that will perfectly coordinate with your wedding or event. i'm currently eyeballing their stir sticks and matchbooks, they would definitely look nice at the little bar i've been styling in our dining room.

enjoy your lemonade;)
[all images by me]
and a special thanks to for your party!

Wednesday, June 20

// treasures in the clearance aisle //

so i found this fantastic fabric in the clearance section at the fabric store. my first thought, did someone put this here to play a joke on me? right? :)
i'm in love and thinking it'll make the perfect summer maxi skirt with some red lining.
it's one of my goals this summer to try and make myself more clothes (or alter ones i already have and don't wear). i did go to school for fashion design after all. i think my mom would be very happy if i used those skills once in a while... that's probably why she gave me all of my high school prom dresses and told me to turn them into skirts and things i can wear now... clever.
anyways. i have 2 giant orders to finish up, so time to get productive.
have a great wednesday!

Tuesday, June 19

[itty bitty pieces of pretty]

oh hey nineteen dollar, most adorable coin purse i've ever seen. i think i'll buy all three of you.

it's true.
blackbird and the owl on etsy makes these little guys.
what a fun gift or favor!

[animated gif made on]

Monday, June 18

{ le honeymoon. part one. }

in an attempt to not completely overwhelm you (or post way to many pictures of the ocean and ourselves that i'm sure only our mothers would enjoy). i've carefully narrowed down our trip from 800 moments, into 11, in part one at least. you're welcome.

the first island we visited was moorea. stayed in an overwater bungalow. ate way too many crepes. and enjoyed this view. it was heaven.

our first sunrise in moorea.

the hilton welcomed us with delicious iced tea. hermit crabs were abundant. and our attempt at a swimming self portrait. it only took 20 trys.

we did do things besides lounging on our deck.. we went on a little snorkeling tour where they demonstrated how to break a coconut and make coconut milk only after cooking us an amazing lunch of local eats to be enjoyed next to the crystal clear water.

the sting rays here were like little puppies. they would rub up on your feet to get a back rub. sure, this was terrifying at first, but i got used to it!

these guys are surfing out in the middle of the ocean. there is a large reef all the way around the island, so the water breaks about 1/4 mile out, not on the sand like is does here. so they load up their boards on their boats, paddle out and surf as normal. crazy.

shell chandelier at the crepe bar. my first thought.. diy?!

it did get a bit stormy one day. so ryan and i enjoyed it the only way we knew how. beer, wine and cheese balls on our deck. i didn't hate it.

after ryan figured out how to crack them coconuts, we had to stop every time he got thirsty (instead of just opening the bottled water we had, cuz this was way cooler).

and how we would end our day. watching the amazing sunsets.

next up, bora bora!

Thursday, June 14

color break // yellow

inspired while looking through some shots on our honeymoon, i chose an image from our first day in tahiti. welcome champagne and the most perfect yellow striped towels started our stay on the right foot.

when i think of enjoying a summer afternoon, these are objects that immediately come to mind to host a relaxing day.

french fries for snacking. an amazing sunset. perfectly polished nails. green glass water bottles. a yummy citrus cocktail. and a comfy blanket for beach picnics.
what are must haves for your summer days?

[inspiration image by me. champagne and striped towel]

Friday, June 8

..have a good one..

guess what i'm still doing. going through a bajillion pictures from tahiti. i guess i'm on a better roll than normal though, last trip to hawaii it took me about 4 months to get them uploaded. oops.

the image above was from a cute little shack we found on a bike ride. they served the tastiest fresh sorbet. eva. i could go for some right about now.

well have yourself a happy weekend. enjoy every single precious moment you have before monday morning rolls back around. i know i will.. ryan is on his way home as we speak from a quick trip to israel and spain (ya, that's where he travels for work, pretty amazing) and it'll be our first weekend home as newlyweds. yay!

Thursday, June 7

[ colorful summer bash ]

with june comes summer. so i couldn't think of a better time to share the summer shoot we put together for the launch of my updated etsy shop!
desi and tammy from dez & tam photography captured the faux pool party perfectly.

how do you celebrate in the summer? the pool, beautiful cakes and candy, fur, and champagne, right? ;)
that's how we did anyways. 2 girls, just eating cupcakes, drinking pink champagne and having a little girl talk, the usual..

cake stands, ribbon garland and calligraphy signs will all be available for sale in the shop soon!

no party is complete without cocktails. so a fabulous little bar was complete with a cocktail calligraphy sign, ombre drink stirrers, hand painted wood pennant signs and the perfect way to throw together an impromptu bash.. the rubber stamp invite.

candy buffets. let's switch it up and do something original shall we? this buffet was set up on a lawn chair surrounded with comfy pillows for guests to sit around, relax and chat while they file up their treat bags.

fabric signs, new favor bags, fabric ombre favor bags and garland all available soon!

and then there was candy rain. obviously.

this shoot was a blast (well when there's cake, candy, pink, and a little whiskey, what isn't). but i couldn't have done it without lots of generous help and talented friends!

photography - dez & tam photography
products- a fabulous fete
cakes- christie (who just does this for fun but should really quit her job and be a baker)
direction, styling, moral support, keeping me sane- sharon of cupcakes and cutlery 
my mom who let me use her crazy grass garage (i'd link to her, but you prob don't want to check out her Facebook page:)
and of course, the beautiful models who did this just because they wanted to help, my sis caitlyn and her friend heidi.

thanks you guys! this will definitely take my shop to the next level. i cannot say how much i appreciate everyones hard work!