Friday, July 27

freebie // menu card printable

every monday i do the shopping for the week, which means i plan most of our dinners before hand.
i always like to make a little menu so it's easy to remember what all of those ingredients in the fridge were intended for. these easily printable and disposable menus are the perfect solution! if you don't plan your week like we do, they're also handy to have in your stash for dinner parties, barbecues or even just a night of friends and cocktails.

i created a little freebie for ya to get your weekend started of right!
all you need is some colorful paper and your choice of hanging accessories. i ended up using the classic mini clothespins and twine for my backyard bbq menu.

once you download the menu pdf, you'll get exactly what you see above, one page that can be cut into 4 small menu cards. They're perfectly placed so all you have to do is cut your paper in half both ways. no measuring!

print. cut. fill out. and hang. voila.

so this was a win win. you get something handy and free, i actually did a little practice.
enjoy and have a fabulous weekend. if you use these guys, i'd love to see!

[please give credit if you share these, thanks!]

Thursday, July 26

do it // neon note cards

neon. i'm still head over heels for it. especially when it comes in the form of an unexpected pop.
i've seen little note cards floating around out there. you know the ones. super chic with a colorful border and your monogram. perfect for sending a quick greeting, or taking down your grocery list.
do yourself a favor and whip up a batch of these blinding beauties to make your everyday just a little more pretty!
are you a budget bride? how about stacking these up, tying with something sparkly, and presenting to your bridesmaids as thank you's? well, whatever you decide, you're in luck because you probably have all of this stuff in your house already. that means.. free!!

here's what you'll need.
- i cut a plain piece of white card stock into 4 equal pieces -
- painters tape {use the delicate kind so it doesn't stick to your paper} -
- neon paint -
- stamps and stamp pads -

tape of strips at the top and bottom of your cards first, paint about 2 coats letting each dry.
remove tape carefully and do the same on the sides.

these cards are pretty awesome without an embellishment. i WILL be prepping a stack just like this.

if you like a little something extra though, this is where your stamping skills come in.

add your name. add your initial. even add a fun little greeting.
can't find the perfect stamp? i have lots here you can customize:)

there is also a large stack in my office with some neon pink edges and custom calligraphy initials. i'll be passing them on to a friend who deserves them.. just because:) i will share those later!
one more day to the weekend. have a fabulous day.

Wednesday, July 25

color break // paper edition

 this weeks color inspiration is dedicated to one of my most favorite materials to create with.. paper.
in mint + purple.
it's so versatile, comes in every color you can imagine, is inexpensive, so, i love it.

Tuesday, July 24

party souvenir // mini bowl favors

as anything mini does, these little bowls immediately caught my attention and spurred a brainstorm of all the little things i could put in them.
these adorable bowls are dipped in a rainbow of colors. and this set is sold specifically as favors.
how super would these be as favors?! i am pro giving favors that are useful and things people are actually going to keep.. i mean, while very cute, who is actually going to take that monogrammed box of jordan almonds home and display it? (ps. i'm not hating on those candies, i could eat a 5 lb. bag in one sitting.. just saying).
these, on the other hand, are something people could actually put to use.
just the suggestions in the styling shown in wind and willow are fantastic.
plant a succulent
fill with sprinkles (then attach to a little jar of cupcake mix)
to hold your jewels
the list could go on. enjoy your tuesday party people.

[image via wind & willow home]

Monday, July 23

the weekend // recap

it all started friday... cleaned the house, made a few grocery store flower arrangements, happy hour at the beach, lots of sunsets, ran a little, walked a little, then made a delicious protein shake which i proceeded to drop on the floor (see above), made some scratch paper out of save the dates we didn't end up using, took too many pictures of niko (the pooch), packed up orders, wore some polka dots shorts and my diy tassel necklace to sunday dinner... and all of the sudden it was monday.
whew. how was your weekend?

Friday, July 20

practice makes perfect // be you

 sorry about the selective scanning my machine decided to provide. apparently it has an issue with gold ink.

moving along. happy friday! this week i decided to work on creating something that i'll save as a reminder.. to stop comparing.
i know many creative people struggle with this. there are just so many venues to compare yourselves to others these days. blogging ['they' receive more comments than me], twitter ['they' have more followers than me], etsy ['they' have more sales than me], even instagram ['they're' life is much more glamorous than mine]. but there's nothing you can do about it. no matter how great your are at what you do, there will most likely always be someone out there that is "better". so let's focus on you, and doing the best you can, improving whatever your skill is everyday. 
hopefully this serves as a pretty reminder in my office, to stop wasting my time comparing myself, it definitely doesn't get you anywhere and is a guaranteed motivation killer. 
have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, July 19

etsy fave // scout & catalogue

i saw this bag, which led me to this shop, then i died (not really).

all of the product looks effortless and comfortable, but with unique details.
i could easily find a place in my closet for each and every piece in that shop.
and to top it off they find their inspiration through travels in one of my favorite places. mexico.
enough gushing. pop on over and check it out yourself.

[all images via scout & catalogue]
layout by me

Wednesday, July 18

color inspiration // white + pop

summer whites + a pop

currently a little obsessed over summer whites paired with a pop. white feels clean, new, crisp and very elegant. i love adding a little edge by infusing a pretty yellow or pink.

hope everyones week is going well! i feel like i've been reading a lot this week about staying inspired and organized.. instead of actually doing so. easier said than done right? especially when your are hearing about it via ladies with pretty blogs with pretty pictures.. mucho distracting.
i found a column that i specifically liked yesterday called, get shit done.
so great. to the point. get off your bum and get er done [ha:)] anyways, that's what i need to do.
tackle those pretty to do lists i jot down in my kate spade planner!

Friday, July 13

the weekend // practice + plans

well, what did i say? i needed to practice my callig...
i thought it would be a good start if i try to put something up every friday for ya.
keeps me accountable and you entertained ;) maybe.
it is summer, and if you read my blog, you're probably aware of my lack of focus for a weekly column. put those 2 things together and.. let's just see what happens.

anyways. this is what i whipped up yesterday while procrastinating eh, i mean practicing. a little list of things i had running through my head. things i've been wanting to do all week. i finally feel like, as of tomorrow (when i ship out about 15 orders), i will be, for the first time in months, "caught up". this means no assembling cake stands, no packing calligraphy orders, no work, just play. i'm excited.

i think i might bake some mini cakes.. or just plain cupcakes. doesn't really matter. i'll eat them all before sunday anyways. i ordered like 10 packs of film for my instax mini, so i need to get to it. ryan and i need a date night, just because we do... and of course, a weekend staple, i'll be drinking my vino. relaxation step number one. [which reminds me, i need to throw some chard in the fridge so it's cold by five.. maybe 3, we'll see how the day goes]

there you have it. some practice and a look into my eventful weekend.
i hope you have some equally fabulous plans and enjoy them!

Thursday, July 12

inspiration // lettering

oh man. this is pretty.

i have a few [realistic] summer goals.. and one of them is practicing my calligraphy.
one thing i haven't mastered is those fabulous swirls.
and as in anything i do, it all starts with research and inspiration.. check. now i'm going to my office to put it to use.

Wednesday, July 11

color inspiration // gold + ivory

currently inspired by.. gold and ivory

a classic color combo that can easily be adapted from summer, to fall, to winter.

Tuesday, July 10

a fabulous fete // shop update!

put your party shoes on friends. you're gonna need a reason to wear them!
i spent the better part of my day listing lots of new items in my shop just in time for your summer soiree.
here are a few of my faves. you like? just click on the link below and you'll be on your way to starting an insane collection of party goods...

and there's plenty more colors, sizes and customizable options you can browse through.
which is your favorite?

all images by dez & tam photography

Friday, July 6

weekend // and some marg pops

hope everyone had a great holiday and will be extending the festivities into the weekend!
we're relaxing at the lake and i am definitely planning on trying out some of these fantastic sounding margarita popsicles while i'm here.
you can get the recipe here. yum yum yum.
[image via matkonation]

Wednesday, July 4

diy // tassel necklace

have i said i'm in love with tassels? oh yes, i think i have..
what better way to show my love than to wear one around my neck.
i had these tassels left from the wedding. yes, they are home decor curtain tie backs. and yes, they are huge. which is why it made a perfect over the top accessory.

here's what you'll need:
one tie back, desired length in metal chain and some jump rings.

cut the length you'd like for the chain and join the ends with a ring

chop off the rope part at the top of the tassel

and attach to the ring that you joined the ends of the chain with
the top of my tassel had little loops, so i attached a jump ring to those, which i attached to the chain. depending on how the top of yours might be constructed, you may have to get out a needle and thread to attach, or maybe just the glue gun (so much work, i know, but totally worth it)

now style and wear.

Monday, July 2

diy // thank you cards

yes. it's been about 6 weeks and i'm just getting to our thank you's... i like to say, better late than never (i say it far too much). i don't buy stuff like this. ever.
it must be personal and hand crafted. it's what i do (or maybe my excuse for being "thrifty").
i haven't exactly gotten far on these. shooting them for this post was much more exciting and motivating than filling them out for each guest. so sorry to my friends that are reading this. i'm spoiling it on the blog!

here's what i used. large manilla tags, a strip of tulle left over from wedding projects to embellish the edge, polka dots stamped with the eraser from a pencil, and of course, the (free to me) calligraphy thank you. on the back there are some washi tape strips, also left over from our guest book. this is where the heart felt, sentimental notes will be written.. or more likely, 'thanks for the wine glasses and partying hard at the wedding':)

super easy and thrifty and can be sent in a standard envelope.
do you get crafty for your thank you notes or opt for the store bought option?