Friday, August 31

friday // current love..

happy friday friends! after i catch up on a little worky work, i'm super excited to hem some fabulous pants i got last weekend. check em here.
i'm pretty into having a little party on your legs.. you know, with leopard, floral, polka dots, whatever you're into. i really hope this "trend" lasts longer than most. i really like my t-shirt and jeans, so this is just an easy way to add some interest, but still be in your basics. 

what do you think? are you embracing this one or letting it go and sticking with your denim?
have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 30

color inspiration // desert pastels

after months of having photoshop and several failed attempts to install it, it FINALLY worked. all i had to do the whole time was read the instructions and insert disc #3 instead of disc #1. grrr.. it's always so simple! anyways, i've finally gotten back into the swing of making fun collages and editing fabulous photos. yes, this was a sketchy attempt at it, but give me a break, it's been 10 years since i learned how to do it;) can't wait to start giving all of the posts around here a little face lift. yay!

Wednesday, August 29

paint it // acrylic frame tray

cleanliness and organization have always been struggles for me. just ask my mom about my room in high school. it gives me anxiety just thinking about it. now that i work from home and run my own business, you aren't allowed to be messy any more. it's the first rule in the book of owning a biz. just kidding, but it should be! when your desk is a mess so is your head. so i've been a little obsessed with finding tiny trays to corral little things that easily get out of hand.
i'm loving the clean and modern look of lucite and acrylic lately [aka. hunting down anything clear and plastic in the craft stores]. when i spotted these box frames, i knew they would be perfect.

you'll need a clear box frame, like these
painters tape
paint, i used 2 colors of spray paint
[and if you want to be extra fancy, some of these rubber feet are perfect on the bottom to keep your tray from sliding]

tape of your pattern on the front of the frame. also tape off the sides completely.
spray your first color [one stripe], i did an off white

remove tape and you have your first stripe! you could leave it like this if that's what your going for.. but i needed to make mine a little more snazzy with some gold.

re-tape just the sides of the tray off and spray your second color, gold in this case.
let dry, add a final clear coat for protection and then your rubber feet. done!

now organize!
i have a few shindigs coming up that i'm designing. i'll be making a few of these in larger sizes for welcome cocktails and as bar trays. Will definitely share how those larger ones turn out!
i'm in love with these little frames. have you guys done anything else with them i need to know about?

Tuesday, August 28

.. sharing the wealth ..

well. i thought it was about time to start doing something extra with facebook rather than just post.. when i posted. i share some fun things on instagram, but there's usually a little more info behind those pics i can share with you. and usually that info is how i inexpensively made or found a great idea we could all use for entertaining, parties, or hey.. your wedding.
i can't give away all my secrets, but there are a ton of little nuggets of wealth i'd love to pass along to those of you that stop by daily. interested? pop on over to facebook and likey like me will ya? i'm sharing a free way i like to display mini bouquets around the house! [shown top left]

Monday, August 27

sometimes when your weekend is jam packed with plans and you are constantly on the go, monday is a surprising relief. i'm feeling that (just a little) this morning. i'm sure it'll only take a few hours to send me back thinking of kicking back by the pool on a sunday afternoon though.
hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Friday, August 24

enjoy // your weekend

this weekend has a nice little task list.. none of which have high importance, just some things i want to do. what a concept right? 
pretty sure i'll be testing out my new bar supplies. visiting a friend i haven't seen since our wedding! running/training for the next half marathon. tackling an important website update. pulling inspiration for some upcoming events (the best part!). and of course, wining and dining.
do you guys have anything fun planned?

[image via my instagram feed]

Thursday, August 23

diy // jewel cocktail stirrers

you know you've got one. a stash of gorgeous beads you bought with the intention of making a fabulous necklace for yourself. go get those and let's make something that will take way less time and you'll get a lot more use out of.. cocktail stirrers.

i love these faceted jewel beads for this project. adds a huge impact to an otherwise plain glass.
grab a bag of those, some bamboo skewers (the grocery stores typically offer 2 thicknesses, find the thinner skewers if you can) and a glue gun.

place a tiny dot of glue on the pointed side of the skewer and place through the hole one your bead. it should go in about a 1/4". repeat until you have a full set for entertaining.

these took maybe 2 or 3 minutes, so i made a handful for our next cocktail party.. or just this weekend, whatever comes first.

Wednesday, August 22

neutral // color break

neutral things. even though i love a good pop of color here and there, neutrals are really my go to. they last forever (have you ever heard of a neutral color going "out"?) and go with everything.
so there's no question why i've kept all of these things on my "please please please get me for christmas or my birthday" list.

Friday, August 17

swig & shindig // inspired decor and cocktails

hey there. happy friday!
so i had a little idea.. creating cocktails and party decor inspired by one object.
i have these placemats [the palm leaves] that have been in hiding for a few years. i pulled them out to bring a little summer into our table settings.
i thought this was a perfect starting point for some summer decor and a refreshing cocktail. and you know how we need a refreshing cocktail if you're enjoying this crazy hot weather in ca.

i'm venturing out from my usual 2 ingredient cocktails. i knew for this one i definitely needed something tropical, so the main ingredient was the delicious coconut syrup. here's what i mixed up along with it:
mix together 2 teaspoons coconut syrup, 1 oz. lime juice, 1 oz. simple syrup and 1-2 oz. vodka. top all of that with lots of crushed ice and add a little sparkling water on top as the final touch.

ryans dad was visiting the day i mixed these up.. he was my guinea pig and asked for a refill, so they had to be good. it wasn't just me being biased towards my mixology skills.

inspired by the ombre effect in the palm leaves i wanted to create an easy/relaxed garland.
i dyed some muslin 3 different shades of green and sewed them together accordingly. i left the raw edges as i thought it gave it that same relaxed island vibe... and i never finish edges on anything. takes way too much time ;)

hope you can enjoy either cocktailing or crafting this weekend!

[yep, cocktailing is officially a word.]

Thursday, August 16

thrifty entertaining // grocery store blooms

so... i'm pretty obsessed over what happened yesterday. this.

i waltzed on in to trader joes to pick up some fresh flowers, snatched up all of the white they had, cashed out and handed the cashier less than twenty dollars.
i absolutely love that place and the quality of blooms they continually stock. i mean.. i'm no florist, and i've never been to the flower mart, but the fact that i can drive 3 minutes and brighten up my home with these beauties just makes me really happy.

picking up fresh flowers at your local store is such a great, and affordable, option for small celebrations like dinner parties or birthdays. you really don't need a ton of training to lay some tulips in a large vase like i did (started out as a lazy move, but i actually really love the relaxed feel of them). and 3 stems of hydrangeas instantly fill a vase and look super polished.

what do you think? would you try your hand at arranging store bought flowers for a party or do you leave it to the pros?

Wednesday, August 15

my picks // etsy

i spend majority of my days on etsy. answering emails and checking orders for my shop. so it's no surprise i find lots and lots of pretty things daily. it's the 'work from home gals' form of window shopping. here are some of my recent picks.

and paris IS always a good idea. love that.

Tuesday, August 14

[ color crush ]

you know when you look back through your pins and go, whoa, apparently i have a little crush on something? well, that's what happened with these colors.
so summery yet that orange can bring it right into fall.

... you can follow me here on pinterest too! ...

Friday, August 10

hello sweets // printable calligraphy favor tags

hello sweets. how are ya?
i'm sure if you're a reader.. you're probably an entertainer.. and in that case, you could find a million uses for these. i created a fun little favor tag while practicing up on my calligraphy this week.
you can tape, staple, hole punch and tie, paper clip, safety pin, or clothespin these sweet tags onto any favor you're presenting in a bag. i absolutely love my gold paper clips, so i used those and added a small tassel!

when you print out the sheet, you'll get 6 ombre tags, 2 in each color {lavender, peach, mint}
cut out a little inside of the black outline and voila! i even added a small dash where you can fold the tag over and still have your greeting centered on the front of the tag.

another great idea for using this is preparing a goodie bag for house guests. there are certain little necessities that your house guests might forget... or maybe you just want to give them a treat to enjoy while visiting. place one on their bed for a nice surprise when they arrive!


[click here to download the entire sheet, print on regular 8.5x11 paper]

Thursday, August 9

scheming // new series inspiration

you know how they say love always finds you when you're least expecting it? well i think that is true for a lot of different situations.. especially inspiration. ideas and inspiration always seem to hit when you aren't searching for it. just like the other day i was setting our dining room table with these fun palm  leaves. i was inspired for a fun new series to start on the blog! no, it really doesn't have anything to do with placemats or palm trees.. but the these guys had me daydreaming of something that spiraled into a post. yes.. i love when ideas are not forced, much more fun that way.

after inspiration struck. i ran out and began the hunt for supplies. and found these heavenly fellas.

so now that you are thoroughly confused, come back next week to find out what palms, cats dressed as audrey hepburn cocktail napkins, scrap fabric and green glasses all have to do with each other.
any guesses?

Wednesday, August 8

color inspiration // shades of grey

no. i am not reading the book.. i was just super inspired by those shorts. love the mix of grey, sparkle and neutrals. here are my picks of the week, currently inspired by shades of grey {and sparkle!}

have a fabulous day..

Friday, August 3

wait.. it's my birthday!

i knew that i chose the "today is the day" quote to post today for a reason..
it's a fabulous fete's third birthday! i can't believe i forgot. i always start thinking about it when summer comes around.. but today is different. i'm putting it on my calendar this time and we are having a proper celebration moving forward.

as a fabulous fete is now my full time gig, supporting my forever 21, glitter, wine and nail polish obsessions, it feels a bit more "real" to celebrate this year. i can't believe where i've come from (i'm definitely not linking to it, but my first post is accessible, and thoroughly embarrassing), where i've been and where i'm about to go. this company, blog, and brand is my dream.
so let's cheers to a fabulous fete! have an amazing weekend and thank you to everyone who has been there to support my journey.

// today is the day //

so get busy. get creative. get productive. or just get ready for the weekend!
does everyone have fabulous plans?

[calligraphy by moi]

Thursday, August 2

let's eat // lemon rosemary baked fries

welp, foiled by pinterest.. again.
i really wanted to try this delicious looking recipe. however, i had no desire to boil tubs of oil and risk burning my house down for some dang french fries. so, since i had baked fries before, i thought i would use the main ingredients, and dream up a little something safer and probably cleaner. enter, baked lemon rosemary fries!

this lil recipe will serve 2 people, or one really hungry person (usually me).
i used one baking potato chopped in skinny 1/4" pieces, 3 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and salt to taste.

mix olive oil and rosemary in a saucepan/pot (let's be honest, i really don't know the difference) and heat on med/high. cook about 4 minutes and set aside to cool.
once it has cooled down, dump it all in a large zip loc, add the lemon juice, mixy mixy, add the fries, shake em up and toss on a baking sheet.

this is where your house is taken over by the smell of heavenly rosemary, and at this time you might have to shoo away scavengers (cats, kids, etc.)

bake your fries at 400 for 35-40 minutes turning them halfway through.
serving in a paper bag is a nice way to sop up that extra oil and look like a chic entertainer.

if you {i really don't know how this would happen} don't eat the entire batch, i guess you can share, i only did because they weren't as good the second day. niko didn't mind one bit though.