Friday, September 28

friday is here!

happy friday! what do you all have planned this weekend?
there are lots and lots of projects and crafts i'm completing for an upcoming event. yarn tassels, watercolor and garland making.
check in on instagram.. because i share EVERYTHING;)
have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 27

pretty planning.

this little tip from cupcakes and cutlery has been stuck in my head ever since she shared it. not sure if it's because i know i really need to get organized, or because i just want an excuse to buy more washi tape. either way i think it's a win win. don't you?

sharon color codes her calendar with different colored tape for blog posts, meetings and various personal to dos. then she writes the details on those pretty little pieces of tape.
and because i must give this a try, i needed to shop around for some new colors. the drawer in my office full of this stuff just wasn't cutting it.

how do you stay organized fashionably?

Wednesday, September 26

+ mix and match +

currently loving the mix of floral prints and dalmatian spots.. and also planning on implementing a little of this combo into our home soon!

Friday, September 21

the weekend // smile

i saw it on a license plate frame yesterday, yep.. and usually i'm not a huge fan of them (license plate frames, not smiles). but this one, i was like, hey.. so true! and it's something i've given serious effort. i spend majority of my days alone, working alone, running errands alone, etc. i noticed since no one is by my side chatting with me, i have a "get out of my way i need to buy that fabric and get out of here before the post office closes" look on my face. when really that's not the vibe i'd like to throw out to perfect strangers (most of the time). so slapping on a smile once in a while isn't such a bad idea. it really does cheer you up, and people around you react completely different. i get far more hello's and smiles back. it's a pleasant break from the running to do list in my head.
so this weekend. try it, you might like it;)

Wednesday, September 19

great source // alt blog

recently i came to a realization. this is happening.
what i worked for and wanted for years and years is finally happening. i am working for myself, doing what i love, and sharing it with people that are interested in hearing and seeing all of that. I've gotten here by not only working my butt off, but scouring as many sources as i can for guidance and advice. the internet being #1 on that source list. but it's the internet, and there are only so many secrets people are willing to give away. and i think i've gotten to a point and plateaued. i need to learn more and get better at doing what i do. there is always room for improvement.
so to say i was super duper extra excited when i found that alt had a blog would be an understatement. i pretty much read through every single article that morning and now check back daily to see what's new. if you're in the biz and looking for blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog (especially if you're kicking yourself like me for not having a ticket to the conference!).
one of the articles that really stuck with me was the little chatty chat they had with joy cho. i mean, she's kind of a blogging genius right? it was quick and to the point, but she said, you have to find a niche. there are so many of us out here blogging every day and trying to grow our readership, the only way to stand out in the crowd is be REALLY good at that thing you do, whatever it may be.
[this may be completely random (but so am i so it fits), but think about in-n-out. their burgers are friggin amazing. way better than any other out there (in my opinion). but that is ALL THEY DO. and they do it well.]
moving along.. so what i am really looking for is to create even better content for you. can't wait to learn more every day! i hope this helps out those other bloggers reading too:)
have you guys visited or have your own awesome sources?

Monday, September 17

repurpose // necklace to garland

like most ladies, i'm sure, i have drawers and boxes and bags overflowing with jewelry. jewelry you bought, wore once, saved it "just in case", but just haven't met the day or outfit it goes with perfectly. i decided to finally do something with all of that.. make party decor or course! it took almost no effort and i created some fabulous garland for our next black and white bash (halloween or new years?)

i remember exactly what i bought this necklace for. it was new years eve.. and i still lived at my parents house. this necklace has made several moves but has not been worn once in all those years. in the back of my mind i knew it had a purpose though;)
yes, this necklace was extra super long, so if yours are short, find a few in the same color family and connect them! all i did was unhook one of the links and voila, instant decor.

the links were also perfect places to add something extra. i think air plants, flowers or even feathers would be a fabulous touch to garland.

now go decorate your house with your jewelry. it wasn't doing any good in that drawer anyways.

Friday, September 14

enjoy the weekend!

happy weekend people! it's a good day.. one, because it's friday. two, sharon and i are finally getting to enjoy the first of many many breakfasts together, sans kiddos:) basically our goal is to try every yummy breakfast joint in orange county.. and maybe even share a few with you. and three, it's friday and the weekend is here... did i already say that?
so have yourselves a relaxing weekend ok?

Thursday, September 13

easy decor // a birthday celebration

hey party people. as i mentioned, we celebrated a super friend turning 30 this past weekend.
her sis and hubs wanted to surprise her down by the beach with a few cocktails followed by a tour (and by tour i mean us walking and picking out where to go next, not guided at all) of as many places our feet could take us to, to eat, sip and socialize. my part in all of this (besides obviously being a friend!) was to make their hotel room, and pre-party cocktail pad, as fabulous as i could.
i knew that things had to be easily portable, easy to put up and take down (aka, no nails) and they shouldn't draw attention to the staff.. i'm pretty sure they frown against this sort of thing;)

garland was an obvious choice. it takes up tons of visual space and can practically be put up anywhere by draping, tying or taping.

these fun flags were randomly placed in flower arrangements, snacks, and used as photo props. i'll share later on fb (as a follower perk i mentioned!) how i made these in about 5 minutes.

i hate paper and plastic cups. if there is one thing i always have at my parties, it's glassware. i don't care how many people we have over (mix and match people!), we have glasses. ya, it's a lot of dishwashing after, but i love it. i found these on etsy from an awesome vintage shop. i feel a lot of use coming from these in the future.

more things on skewers! these were great for the same purposes i mentioned for the flags. i also attached some string to these so we could hang them as well. paper is seriously the best decor. it's cheap and can make a huge impact.. and you can throw it away after your done without feeling bad.

when you don't know what you are working with until you get there, you've gotta be flexible. i brought a few vases and containers that could be placed where we needed them with snacks and flowers. the garland also worked wonders for (almost) covering the horrible tv that ruined my masterpiece of a table:)
we chose a large area in the main part of the room to display all of our goodies, it was our bar/dessert table/snack area! to fill the rest of the room, i used extra garland over windows and we (ok, not we, just the bday girl's sis, thanks jen) blew up a ton of balloons for the floor.

and believe it our not this all fit in one plastic crate. the end:)
do you guys have any easy decorating and entertaining tips?

Wednesday, September 12

falling.. for fall

i got a little excited yesterday over our gloomy weather. it was finally NOT a scorching temperature.. so i went ahead and made some coffee and pretended fall was here. and as usual, my excitement expresses itself in pins ;) really. how would we show our feelings without pinterest?
i'm looking forward to cozy throws around the house, the shift into warmer colors for decorating, parties and events, and of course, the clothes. that outfit from ascot friday is absolutely perfect for transitioning from summer to fall (and converse with a maxi skirt? i love).
and then there's pumpkin spice lattes, glowing candles and nights in next to the fireplace.
seriously.. can't wait.
do you look forward to the cooler weather (and holidays. woo!)? what's your favorite part?

Monday, September 10

party decor peek // fun flags

hey there. hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! i wanted to share a little peek of some party decor i made for a friends birthday this weekend..

we surprised her with a night out at the beach and a fabulously decorated hotel room to celebrate in before and after our restaurant/bar tour. i have lots of pics and tips on how to create easy decor for a celebration on the go. will share soon!

Thursday, September 6

// my long weekend //

i'm off today for a quick road trip to good old vegas. i figured between being sick and working most of last weekend, i could take the 'long weekend' i mostly missed out on and enjoy it starting today. one of the perks of being your own boss. i'll be making the 4 hour trek solo.. r will be flying in from a work trip and meeting me there. i'm ok with this since there will most likely be iced coffee, ice cream and hamburger pit stops.. plus lots of alone time to brainstorm.
oh. and when i get there, my goal is to try every one of these.. in case you were wondering what i had planned;)
xo. have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 4

le simplicity

i don't know if it's the approach of fall and winter, but i've been drawn to simple things and clean lines. colder weather usually means [most] of the brights get packed away and things get a little more neutral around here.

just a few things i've archived for my own inspiration::