Tuesday, October 30

our halloween bash.

we had our halloween party last saturday. so fun. everybody was super creative with costumes. i wasn't late to my own party. and most importantly, R and i didn't want to kill each other by the time people got there (this usually happens because i wait until the last minute to decorate/cook/clean/get ready/etc.) but i'm finally starting to remind myself that no one is going to know about all of those little details you didn't finish or forgot to include. and man, how that has seriously improved our relationship around the holidays;) i went for easy. a small popcorn buffet. mini cupcakes (from the box). dipped pretzels and dipped donuts. honestly, i should've saved even more time by just lining my entire table with chocolate dipped donut holes. those babies were gone in about 5 minutes. i got the idea here from sharon, and adapted ours a bit with coconut.

printed out some new signs and worked in left overs from the diy i shared here!

and then the champagne bar of course. i placed a giant mirror on the table to serve as the menu, listed the simple syrups i made, what to do, and added the original champagne cocktail on there just for fun.
a few must haves if you want to have yourself a fancy little champagne bar...
homemade simple syrup. 1 part sugar to 1 part water, toss in your fruit or herbs, bring to a boil then simmer for 8 minutes. Chill and serve. SO easy and this seriously impresses people ;)
lemon peels. squeeze in any champagne cocktail because it's perfect in, like, all of them.
sugar cubes. they're pretty. oh, and they're one of the main ingredients in the original champagne cocktail.. sugar cube, bitters and champs. mmm.
i also threw some marcona almonds and olives on there for good measure. and so people had something to munch on while they tried to read my writing on the mirror (note to self. write MUCH thicker next time)

and i just had to try because natalie is such a fan (and from what i can tell, has some awesome taste), the famous mint love social club whiskey punch. first, let me tell you, as she says, people down this stuff and it is sure to be gone before your parties over... second, this stuff is sneaky... enough said.

and i couldn't share my halloween party without showing you my fabulous costume. R and i and a few friends were the scooby doo crew (obviously right?) red is definitely not my color, but it was fun for a night.

Friday, October 26

kick up your feet and enjoy yourself.
i'll be spending today and a good part of tomorrow preparing for our halloween bash. luckily i've gotten smart over the years and enlisted the help of some talented pals for snacks and treats. that's honestly the most stressful part. always. i wait until the afternoon to start preparing and end up late to my own party. not this time!
and then sunday.. all mine. it's the first weekend in a few that R is actually home and not coming or going for work related travel. i'm hoping to get a few things squared away with our wedding photos (above!) so i can finally share some here.. finally. i know. it's only been six months.
have a great weekend! what fun things (or relaxing) do you have planned?

[image from our wedding by up imagery, text added by me]

Thursday, October 25

free printables // halloween party garnish

here's an easy way to halloweeny up your cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. i whipped up some spooky little halloween printables for ya! stick on the appropriate size skewer or toothpick and you've instantly turned your pigs in a blanket into classy appetizers for your halloween shindig.

download a full sheet of 'eat. drink. and be scary' combined with the classic 'boo!'
trim, chop of the ends to your liking, and attach with, my absolute favorite party staple, glue dots.
(no, they didn't pay me to say that... i wish. they really just do come in handy for almost everything)

if you haven't heard, i'm completely bonkers over my new wacom tablet. mostly with being able to write on stuff so easily and quickly.. no waiting for ink to dry and then scanning AND THEN editing so i can change up colors. so i did a little hand lettering for you here. ('eat. drink. and be' font can be downloaded for free here). hope you enjoy using them as much as i did making them. 
if you use, be sure to share, you could even post a pic here on Facebook (and spread the love if you have a blog!!).

Tuesday, October 23

diy // make your pumpkins work for ya

what's more halloweeny than pumpkins? nothing. well, let's get to this pumpkin sign holder diy then so you can spruce up your halloween bash!

pick your pumpkys. if you have a trader joes nearby, go. they have an amazing selection. i mean, look at the stems on these babies. fabulous.
not to mention all of the "fairytale" pumpkins they've got. i will definitely be stocking up on those for our party this weekend. they transition well into thanksgiving/fall decor as well.. so let's call it a 2 for 1 deal! (aka, convincing your husband why you need to spend more money buying 10 additional pumpkins as decor). moving along..
you'll also need a few bamboo skewers, your signage (i whipped up a few and printed on card stock, then taped w/ clear shipping tape to the skewers), and a drill w/ bit around the size of the skewer. you may not all be handymen like me, so if you don't have a drill, if you can find something make of a sturdy material and is sharp, like an awl, it should work just as well.

drill your hold, place in the skewer, measure the height you'd like your sign and trim.

free standing signs are always a great idea. you don't have to figure out where to tie or tape your sign when you have a little buffet going on. plus these fab little pumpkins were going on my table anyways, so why not make them work for it?

halloween prepping.

i can't believe i am already getting ready for a halloween party. kind of ridiculous. where did october go? so how many of your are throwing a bash this weekend?
i knew you were.. that's why i am dedicating this week to halloween decor and entertaining. woo hoo! excited? check back later for a fabulous way to display drink and food signage!

image via life magazine, found here

Friday, October 19

organized home = organized mind

well hello. happy friday!
i'm not sure about you, but the suggestion that an organized home = an organized mind, which in turn = an easier time being creative and getting things done, is very true in my case.
i've known this, but it's just easier to let the laundry pile up and the receipts act as confetti on my desk.
so when i read this article, i was like, ok lauren, let's do this. not only have i been intensely organizing my home, i've been organizing and cleaning up things that just give me anxiety or don't leave me inspired... example? instagram/twitter/facebook... specifically. i have an easy time falling into the comparison trap, so i finally did something about it and i can't even tell you what kind of weight has been lifted off of my shoulders this week. i spend less time watching what others are doing and being jealous, and more time coming up with my own unique ideas.
i know people write about this all the time, and i'm not giving any advice. just stating a fact and telling you IT WORKS. DO IT! So if you're like me, go clean out your junk drawer and see what happens;) and have an awesome weekend!! here are a few reads that have provided great info for me this week if you're looking for a little reading material:

i don't have sponsors, but this will be helpful when it happens. this made me feel a little better about the fact that there are a million things i enjoy doing and maybe i haven't settled into the right one yet, or that maybe i don't need to. if you have a ton of scrap paper, read this and get to printing!

enjoy. xo.

Tuesday, October 16

say it with a sweater // wanted

dang. there are just so many great sweaters out there right now. how do we choose?

these are every where and i am absolutely in love with them. i think i'm waiting for the perfect one to come along though because, let's be honest, you cannot wear these every day. you'd be that girl that always has a saying or an animal on your chest.
what do you think? are you into this graphic trend? which is your fave?

Friday, October 12

necessities // fall weekend

happy friday. who's ready for the weekend?
i've been waiting for the fall weather to kick in, and it did this week. before we return to the unseasonably hot weather on sunday, i'm going to soak it up as much as i can.
there are a few things that immediately come to mind when i think of fall weekends.. so a little round up.

01. totes for farmers markets and mornings spent shopping
02. cozy sweatshirts for lounging and coffee sipping
03. coffee and donuts. enough said
04. cameras for capturing little bits of your day

what are your weekend necessities? have a good one!

Wednesday, October 10


this is what i've been up to.

a custom contract for an upcoming wedding ceremony. the creativity of brides never fails to inspire. when i was approached to take on this project, all i could think was... why didn't i think of that for my wedding?! oh, and that i was super excited to do such a large piece;)

it was, however, one of those projects where i sighed a huge, gigantic, enormous sigh of relief once it was sent off. sometimes i wonder how i make it working on events and wedding with my extreme dislike for that kind of anxiety. must be the reward once something is complete and you see or hear how it made your client feel, right?

Tuesday, October 9


sometimes i do things.. that don't really make sense

like starting a tumblr. you know, because i didn't have enough channels to post on already.
i had good reason though (if only JUST for me), i "like" stuff and "pin" stuff all the time, but there are some images that i extra "like" :) and often those get lost in the shuffle. so i started this, i can pull my favorites from twitter, pinterest, blogs, Facebook, instagram, etc. and for the first time, i'm starting this purely for my inspiration and not to gain followers or seek comments. and somehow that makes it so much easier to post on.

moving onto other news.. it was a little quiet around here last week, right? well i was prepping for a fabulous couples engagement party! here's a little peek until i share the entire event with ya.

there are a ton of handmade elements that you could incorporate into any of your upcoming parties too. like customized coasters, a giant note board, tassel chandelier and a crepe paper photo backdrop to name a few. so i'll definitely be sharing a diy or 2 that you can use too!
how did you spend your weekend?

Monday, October 1

recap // the weekend

lately we've beens squeezing all we can get out of our weekends. with ryans work and travel schedule, it's pretty much our only uninterrupted quality time to spend more than a few hours with each other.
most of this weekend was spent relaxing at a few of our favorite, and a few new spots around the beach. we finally took the pooch down there early one morning to try out some body surfing;) tried a pretty good little restaurant with its own market.. this place had lots of little goodies including specialty champagnes and sodas, love at first sight. the garlic fries weren't that bad either. and of course, enjoyed a sunset or two. how did you all spend your weekend?